Let’s Chat About The Hill & Friends Happy Tweency Bag!

hill and friends happy tweency shoulder bag mini handbag hologram

Hill & Friends Happy Tweency Bag! Let’s Discuss…

For anyone not familiar with Hill & Friends, I want to start with a little background. They are a luxury British brand who make handbags and small leather goods with a friendly twist. They were founded in 2015 by Emma Hill and Georgia Fendley, who are, quite frankly, much loved and highly influential Queens of the London fashion scene. They created their brand because they wanted to make fun fashion items, which are fabulous quality, sold at a fair price and just. done. right. They make fashion a little friendlier and their brand never fails to put a smile on my face. I’ve owned the Hill & Friends Happy Tweency bag for about four years now and I really think it’s time we discussed it fully… strap in! We are going to deep dive!

hill and friends happy tweency shoulder bag mini handbag silver hardwear

Ways To Wear & How To Wear

As you might have noticed from the photos, the Hill & Friends Tweency bag has two ways to wear. Firstly, the strap can be worn long and over the shoulder (or crossbody, depending on your height) or you can double the chain over and wear the bag as a short shoulder strap (which has a drop of 33cm). Personally I always wear it with just a single strap so it sits as a longer shoulder strapped bag. And as for how to style it, I generally wear it with something a little but more fancy, when I’m feeling a little more frou-frou! Alternatively, you could use it for a night out with a sequinned dress or you could keep things simple and wear it with jeans and white blouse to jazz things up a little!

hill and friends happy tweency shoulder bag mini handbag irridecent

Design Options

The Hill & Friends Happy Tweency Bag comes in many different colours and finishes. Personally, I’m ALL about the fabulous metallic and shimmer leathers. The bag I have is iridescent and seems to constantly change colour and reflect light with it’s finish. There’s also been a foil version over the years which is more of a dark blue, brighter petrol effect leather, as well as a lavender iridescent and a straight up silver foil version. Personally I am all about the irridecent, foils, metallics and glitters, I just LOVE how fun they are. There’s also soft coloured leathers and metallic suede and this incredibly metallic spotty suede bag which I’m obsessed with. It’s currently on sale and I’m VERY tempted. IF you find the Happy Tweency too small, then check out the classic sized Happy bag, which is great, you can see it here. On the inside of the bag, it’s suede lined with an internal slip pocket and the clasp featured their iconic winky twist lock which is fastened by turning the ‘eye’.

hill and friends happy tweency shoulder bag mini handbag

Size & What Fits Inside

I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, the Hill & Friends Happy Tweency Bag is little. Like really little! It’s 16cm wide, 12cm tall and has a depth of 7.5cm. So it’s pretty mini, and because it’s really well made with thick chunky leather and suede lining, the interior space isn’t massive. It’s main saving grace is the depth, so you can fit a little more in thanks to it’s depth. Personally, I can get my phone, card holder, lipstick, small portable phone charge and cable inside and enough space for a tampon or two if I need. So when I think of it that way… it’s not so bad!! Like I said, if you like this bag but you need something a bit bigger, then you should check out the classic sized Happy Bag and there are also some of these on sale too!

hill and friends happy tweency shoulder bag mini handbag small


One of the reasons I love Hill & Friends is because their designs are SO MUCH FUN! But I also love them because their quality is STUNNING! I mean, these bags are Made in England, they are leather with suede lining, perfectly finished and generally just sturdy, high quality and flawlessly finished. I would go as far to say, Hill & Friends bags are underpriced. That’s not to say they are cheap, but their quality is on a par with brands who sell their bags for double or triple the money… and if you can score one on sale, they are incredible value!! In fact there’s one high fashion brand who sell a bag for double the money and their craftsmanship and materials are junk compared to Hill & Friends. If you are thinking about buying Hill & Friends, but you’ve never seen them in real life… then trust me. These bags are flawless and super high quality. Also, shout out to their metallic leathers which still look amazing after 4 years of wear. A lot of bags with a metallic or iridescent finish wear really badly and kind of rub off, this is still perfect!

hill and friends happy tweency shoulder bag mini handbag hologram silver hardware shimmer

Made In England

I probably didn’t need to write a whole paragraph on the fact that this Hill & Friends bag is made in England, but honestly, I think it’s an important piece of information to flag up because it’s amazing! So few luxury items (or anything for that matter!) is made in England these days and it’s really nice to see! Well done ladies, well done!!!

hill and friends happy tweency shoulder bag mini handbag hologram shimmer leather irridencent review


Confession time, my exact bag isn’t online right now, I’m not sure if it’s just out of stock or has been retired for now, but there are other metallic leather options to choose from, as well as non-metallic styles too. There’s currently a sale on so you can get your Hill & Friends Mini Happy Tweency bag anywhere from around £250 on sale, to around £395 not on sale. Even though this is a small size handbag, I honestly think for the quality, design and luxury-ness of this bag, that’s a REALLY fair price and if you can find one on sale that you love for £250, it’s a flippin’ steal! Across the board, Hill & Friends bags are really fairly priced especially for the amazing quality.

hill and friends happy tweency shoulder bag mini handbag hologram silver hardware shimmer

And there we have it! I hope you like my Hill & Friends Happy Tweency bag, I love it and I’m SO happy to share it with you! Also this post contains affiliate links.