Let’s Chat About The Aspinal Of London Madison Bag *review*

Aspinal Of London Madison Tote Bag navy blue handbag review

Let’s Chat About The Aspinal Of London Madison Bag

My friends! I thought it was time we chatted about the Aspinal Of London Madison Bag, this bag has been in my collection for a good few years now and I’m a little embarrassed to say I’ve used it and loved it, but I haven’t had quite as much wear out of it as I would have liked. Not because it’s not beautiful, more because my go-to winter coats are black and I tend not to wear black and navy blue together. Instead I LOVE to wear this bag in Autumn and Spring when it’s trench coat season – it’s super cute with a classic trench!

As for summer, I tend to put it away for the summer season, because it does feel more like a ‘colder season’ bag. Anyway! Today we are going to chat about the Aspinal of London Madison bag, we’ll dive deep into price, quality, design option, personalisation and anything else I can think of… Are you ready!?!

Aspinal Of London Madison Tote Bag detail

Is Aspinal of  a luxury brand?

Yes! Aspinal of london is a luxury British brand. They are not an old brand like Burberry or Mulberry, so they do lack the heritage status. Instead they are are a modern luxury brand with a heritage feel. They use leathers which are Beautiful but wear well for a modern lifestyle and many of their bags come with built in tech like iPhone chargers.

Their limited edition bags are collectible, whilst their classics are adored by their fans. Their bags are loved by celebrities and influencers.

Aspinal Of London Personalisation

First of all, let’s chat personalisation, the Aspinal of London Madison bag can be personalised with up to 4 letters (which could be your initials or a short name) with either blind (black) embossing or gold embossing. The personalisation is £15, however, they do occasionally do in-store offers for free personalisation with every purchase, so do look out for that.

Alternatively, you can always buy your item and get it personalised at a later date in store. I’ve done that before and it’s really nice as you don’t have to rush into it if you can’t quite decide on your initials or the colour. OR if you are like me and you are engaged, you can wait until you finally get married to get your new initials done. Which is where I am right now, I don’t want to get my current initials embossed, but it feels weird to ask for my new initials until after the deed is done!  The personalisation is done on the strap, so if you do ever change you mind, you can just buy a new strap. Personally I think the strap is the perfect place to personalise your bag, it’s far more chic and if you ever decide you don’t like it or you change your name, you could always just buy a new strap.

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Madison Design Options

The Aspinal of London Madison bag comes in two different sizes, a midi Madison, which is 8.5 inches tall and 10.2 inches wide. As well as a larger size, which I have, which measures 10 inches tall and 14 inches wide. The smaller (midi) sized Madison bag comes in black, Warm Grey and navy pebble leather, as well as a smooth tan leather and a brown croc effect patent leather style.

Personally, I LOVE the pebble leather. As for the classic size Aspinal of London Madison, this also comes in a Black, Warm Grey and Navy pebble leather as well as the tan smooth leather and the calfskin croc effect patent leather bag comes in both brown and black.

Whilst the Madison Silhouette never changes, from season to season, new colours are added into the collection and taken out. In past season summer collections, we have seen a blush pink, powder blue and lilac colour ways of the Madison bag, so if these colours aren’t your style, do look out for seasonal options. Also, I know I’m biased, but I’m all about the classic sized Madison rather than the midi Madison.

Aspinal Of London Madison Tote Bag pebble leather review

Two Ways To Wear

The Madison bag can be worn as a top handle bag or as a shoulder bag / crossbody bag. Personally, I think it’s best as a top handle bag, but it’s nice to have options. Also the shoulder strap is adjustable and if the plain style straps aren’t your thing, then there are coloured webbing bags which are available on the Aspinal of London website, which can be attached to the bag instead. They are priced at £75 each and can be added onto most Aspinal of London handbags to switch up the look. It’s a great way to make a formal bag feel a little more casual.

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Storage & Compartments

The Aspinal of London Madison bag comes stored in a large soft felt-style dustbag, in an Aspinal of London Box. Personally, when I’m not using my bag, I try to keep it stored in this way, just to keep it looking good for longer.

The bag is made up of one large, main compartment, which is perfect for everything from your camera, purse, phone, keys, laptop, charger etc. and it is secured with a magnetic fastening. There is also two large slip pockets which are amazing for storing an iPad, tablet or just generally any notebooks, valuables etc. I use these sections less, but they are handy to have. There’s also a zip section in the main pocket of the bag which is really handy for keys and anything you need to keep safe. It’s a brilliant bag if you carry a laptop around with you as it’s study enough to keep it safe, but slim enough for it to not feel oversized.

Aspinal Of London Madison Tote Bag navy blue review

Aspinal Of London Quality Review

Finally and most importantly, let’s talk about the Aspinal Of London Madison bag quality! So, first up, I do want to mention that the classic sized Madison bag is at the upper end of the Aspinal of London prices at £695. It feels like it has been created for a slightly more mature woman, perhaps working in a director level role, it’s what I think of as a ‘Take Me Seriously’ bag, which if I’m honest, is when I find myself using mine… when I mean business!!

The classic sized Madison bag comes in uber-chic leather finishes like pebble, smooth calfskin and patent croc style calfskin. All very elegant. The smaller sized madison comes in the saffiano, which is very practical, but in my opinion, far less chic and far less beautiful than the pebble, croc and calfskin of the larger size.

Personally, I LOVE the pebble leather, I’m a big fan of pebble leather in general as it polishes beautifully and it ages so well. All Aspinal Of London bags are well made, but if I’m honest, there is something about the classic Madison Tote which sets it apart from the rest of the collection. Maybe it’s the thick barely treated leather and simple detailing, but it oozes class and quality. From the high-shine hardware to the chunky zip and perfect stitching, it’s just a really high quality handbag and the pebble leather is especially lovely. I always appreciate a good piece of leather and the Madison bag really has ‘It’!

Finally, Aspinal of London worth the money? I say yes, their bags are perfect for the office and ideal for laptops, commuting and it will last for years and always protect your tech. If you can find them on sale, brilliant, but if not, go for a leather which will age well, like the pebble leather and give it a polish once in a while. As for the midi Madison, it’s not really my style, it’s all about the classic size madison or the Mayfair bag. The Mayfair bag is a stunning midsize bag!

Go Shopping!

I hope this post is of help and if you have any questions for me about the Aspinal Of London Madison bag, please do let me know, also this post contains affiliate links.

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Aspinal Of London Madison Tote Bag navy blue handbag review luxury navy blue midi