Jo Malone ‘Vetiver & Golden Vanilla’ Review

Jo Malone 'Vetiver & Golden Vanilla' Review

Jo Malone ‘Vetiver & Golden Vanilla’ Review

My friends, I’m so excited to share this Jo Malone ‘Vetiver & Golden Vanilla’ Review with you all! The new fragrance for the season! Let’s GO!

“The bounty of an island’s two prized ingredients, entwined along Madagascar’s vanilla-swept coastline. This deliciously sensual scent opens with a dash of cardamom and the freshness of grapefruit tea, ushering in the earthy depths of native vetiver. Precious vanilla bourbon warms and envelops, hand-picked from the orchid-sown jungle.” 


Vetiver, Vanilla, Cardamom, Grapefruit

Jo Malone London 'Vetiver & Golden Vanilla' Cologne perfume Intense Review 50ml

In Review…

So, here’s the thing… I get VERY excited when I hear the words ‘Jo Malone London New Release’,  but I get very nervous when a fragrance has the word ‘Vanilla’ in the title. As much as I love vanilla in my cakes, in my fragrances I generally find it a slightly sickly and overbearing accord. However, I LOVE vetiver and Jo Malone, so I was excited to see what this new Cologne Intense had in store for us!

Of course, I had absolutely no reason to be nervous, Jo Malone London ‘Vetiver & Golden Vanilla’ Cologne Intense is wonderful. The vetiver is warm, dry and grassy, the vanilla is subtle but luminous, as promised and the cardamom adds a touch of spice, which is perfectly warm and beautifully compliments the vetiver. As for the grapefruit, Personally, I find it hard to detect as a specific accord, instead it gives a touch of freshness to the fragrance.

To me, ‘Vetiver & Golden Vanilla’ Cologne Intense feels like a very unisex fragrance; it’s warm, dry, earthy and unusual, the touch of vanilla gives the traditionally masculine vetiver a softness and a sweetness which makes it perfect for a woman, but the vetiver with the spice and grapefruit makes it wonderful for a man. It’s not as rich and heavy as other fragrances in the Cologne Intense collection, which isn’t to say it’s weak, it’s actually the perfect weight on the skin, but if you generally find the Cologne Intense fragrances too much, then this might be one for you.

As for other fragrances in the collection it reminds me of, I’d say it’s somewhere between Myrrh & Tonka and Cardamom & Mimosa, which are both wonderful fragrances. Another wonderful fragrance from the iconic London perfumery, make sure you pop in store to try it soon! It’s really very special! Anyway! I hope you liked my Jo Malone ‘Vetiver & Golden Vanilla’ Review, it’s a really beautiful perfume! It’s in my top 10 of the collection… if not top 5!

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Jo Malone London ‘Vetiver & Golden Vanilla’ Cologne Intense is out now and available from Jo Malone London in-store and online. It’s priced at £78 for a 50ml bottle (like mine) and £122 for a 100ml bottle. This product has been sent to me as a press sample. Also, it might be worth reading this post on the longest lasting Jo Malone perfumes.

Go Shopping!

Jo Malone London 'Vetiver & Golden Vanilla' perfume Cologne Intense Review



  1. January 7, 2020 / 10:51 pm

    I love vanilla and I love Jo Malone so this is bound to be a winner!

    • fashionforlunch
      January 7, 2020 / 11:57 pm

      It’s really good! Not sickly sweet, just warm golden vanilla and beautiful vetiver! Xxxx