Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Yourself The Chanel Boy Bag! (Review)

Chanel Boy Bag Review

Hello Friends! Today I’m back with a little nudge – should you need it – to buy yourself the Chanel Boy Bag. Now this is a bag I have had for nearly 4 years and honestly, I love it for so many reasons! I think the Chanel Boy Bag is a Chanel bag that people love, but often don’t consider it as a serious contender when it comes to purchasing a Chanel bag. So today my friends, I’m going to give you five reasons why you should buy yourself a Chanel Boy bag and even a couple of reason why you should buy it in favour of the Classic flap Chanel bag… are you ready, this is my Chanel Boy Bag review!

It’s A Less Obvious Choice 

One of the reasons I love the Chanel Boy Bag is because it’s a less obvious choice than the Classic Flap Bag. Whilst I adore the classic flap bag, is is arguably the most famous bag on the planet, which in some ways adds to it’s appeal and in other ways takes away from it. Where as the Boy Bag is still an iconic bag and instantly recognisable as Chanel, but it’s a less obvious choice.Meaning you are far less likely to find yourself matching with your friend, work colleague or the woman sat next to you at the opera. Anywhere that you can wear a classic flap bag, you can wear the boy bag, but if you’re wearing the boy bag, you’ll probably feel a little bit cooler! 

It’s Really Comfortable To Wear 

Here’s something people rarely mention when they talk about the Chanel boy bag; first of all, it’s way more comfortable to wear, Second of all… it’s lighter. I love the strap on the Chanel boy bag because the chunky chain looks super cool, but when you carry it, the leather part of the strap sits over your shoulder which is so much more comfortable because it sits snugly to your skin and it distributes the weight of the bag far better than any chain strap could. Also, the leather part of the strap has an adjustable feature on it, so you can make it longer or shorter, depending on your Personal preference, which is nice as the Classic flap bag is non-adjustable and can be worn two ways, but doesn’t vary in length aside from that. Also because the Boy bag has fabric lining and just one flap; it’s a way lighter bag and does not feel excessively heavy, even when it’s filled to the brim, where as the Classic flap bag can get pretty weighty. Also you might want to read this post on Which Chanel Bags you can wear crossbody

It’s A Bit More Rock ‘n’ Roll 

It’s true. It’s cooler, edgier and way more rock n roll than pretty much any of the other Chanel bags. It’s cool AF and looks just as great worn to a hipster cafe as it does worn to the opera. It’s the cooler sister of the Classic flap bag. It’s still luxe, but it’s got a bit more edge! 

It’s More Affordable Than The Classic Flap Bag AND You Can Get a Secret Discount 

Ok, so don’t give me shade for saying this as clearly, both bags aren’t cheap: I don’t think anyone can classify either bag as being ‘affordable’. However there is a pretty hefty price difference between the Chanel classic flap and the Chanel about bag. The Chanel classic flap is around £4,600, where as the equivalent size of the Boy bag is around £4000. Sure, they are both a lot of money, but I know I’d be pretty thrilled to save £600!  PLUS if you buy it at the airport, you can save 20% as part of tax free shopping. Also if we are talking money, you might want to read this post on paying for your Chanel Bag in instalments

You Can Fit More Inside Than You Might Expect! 

The thing that surprised me the most with the Classic flap bag is how small the interior space is. The inside flap really limits the space and that leather lining is chunky. Where as the Boy Bag has fabric lining and no interior flap, so compared to the classic flap bag, you can fit a lot more Inside than you might expect! Between this and the leather detailing on the shoulder strap and the lighter weight of the bag, it’s generally just a really practical and usable handbag. What more can I say; j’adore Le Boy Bag! 

Finally… Chanel Boy Bag Review

SO! There we have it, my Chanel Boy Bag review! I love mine and I adore the chevron quilting. I do think it’s cool, practical and I love the fact it’s a little lighter weight than the classic flap bag! As always, if you have any questions, please do let me know and thank you SO much for reading! Also, this post contains affiliate links. 

Go Shopping!

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