Which Chanel Bag Is The Cheapest & Tips For Saving Money On Chanel Bags

chanel wallet on chanel handbag black caviar leather fashion for lunch blog chanel WOC lambskin

Which Chanel Bag Is The Cheapest & Tips For Saving Money On Chanel Bags

Hello friends! Today I want to have a quick chat about buying Chanel bags and which Chanel bag is the cheapest and also some great tips on how to save money when buying your next Chanel bag. I have a fair few Chanel bags in my collection, around eight I think (isn’t that wild? I thought I would be lucky if I ever got one!!!!) anyway, I’m a thrifty-miss and I’m always keen to save cash, so today, we are going to have a chat about which is the cheapest Chanel bag and how to save some moneyyyyyy!!!! 

chanel wallet on chanel handbag black caviar leather fashion for lunch blog chanel WOC lambskin

Which Chanel Bag Is The Cheapest? 

Ok, so if you go into a Chanel shop, there is some tiny Chanel bags like phone holders with chains, or tiny pouches with chain straps, but I’m gonna be honest here, none of them are actually cheap, nor are they worth buying IMO!!!! Every Chanel bag is expensive, hell, even card holders are expensive and some of the teeny weeny pouches and phone holders are honestly so small and so pointless you won’t enjoy it and it will still cost you a lot, PLUS it won’t retain its value if you ever decide to sell it on. So in my opinion, the cheapest Chanel bag is the Chanel Wallet on chain. Technically it isn’t the cheapest bag, but it’s the cheapest bag worth buying and honestly, it’s a BRILLIANT bag! The aforementioned phone cases on chains and tiny pouches on chains are only around £100 less and quite frankly, if you are spending around £1,700 on a teeny weeny Chanel bag, you might as well spend £100 more and get the iconic wallet on chain. Not only will you love using this bag, but it’s a beautiful classic design, it fits more in than you might expect, you can wear it crossbody and if you do ever sell it on, it will retain its value way better than any of the other small Chanel bags. 

Tips for buying your Chanel bag for less 

First of all, you should know you CAN buy Chanel at the airport in duty free! No joke! Now be warned, there isn’t a Chanel store in every airport and you can only get 20% off if you are flying long haul, so whilst you would never plan a holiday around the purchase, it’s definitely worth knowing about! I think it goes without saying, but if you are shopping at the airport, the store won’t be as big as boutiques like Bond Street, so the selection of styles and colour ways might be much smaller, so you will need to have flexibility if you are shopping this way. Also the ‘classic’ bags are not available in these stores, so if you want the Boy bag or the WOC or maybe a backpack, get shopping! But if you are wanting the classic black flap bag or the reissue, then these won’t be available and you won’t be able to get the duty free prices on these items. 

chanel wallet on chanel handbag black caviar leather fashion for lunch blog chanel WOC lambskin

Avoid eBay, Unless You Really Know Your Stuff! 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! Unless you know your stuff and you are happy to pay for someone to authenticate the bag ASAP, it’s not worth taking a gamble on a Chanel bag on eBay. Even if it has serial numbers, authenticity cards and seems legit, you just can’t take the gamble unless you are a true expert, because, my friends, buying a fake Chanel bag is an expensive mistake to make! But seriously, if you do buy a Chanel bag on eBay, get it authenticated ASAP so you know it’s 100% real, and if it’s not, you can return and get your money back. 

Have You Considered Buying At A Specialist Auction? 

I’ve bought a few Chanel bags via specialist auction now and I honestly think it’s a brilliant way to buy! I have bought two bags from Chiswick Auctions and I’ve been super happy with the price and quality of both bags and the bidding and buying process has been fun and simple! It’s also important to mention that when you buy your designer bags from a specialist auction, each item will be checked, authenticated and guaranteed, so it’s risk free shopping and it’s a great way to find yourself a bargain and bag yourself a past season treasure! I paid just under £1,000 for this bag and around £1,800 for this bag. Both would be at least double, if not triple in store and I’ve found both bags from more on places like Poshmark and Vestiaire Collective. 

chanel wallet on chanel handbag black caviar leather fashion for lunch blog chanel WOC lambskin

Chanel Prices Go Up Every Year! 

It’s true, around April, a lot of the prices go up, so if you wanna buy yourself a bag, you may as well do it sooner rather than later as if you wait, it may well end up costing more, probably around £100 for a WOC but possibly £200/300 for a bigger bag. In the few years that I’ve had my bags, I’ve seen a few price increases and I’m SO glad I got what I got when I got them because looking back now, they were a great price! Also, you might want to read this post on the Chanel Boy Bag V’s the Classic Flap bag

This Girl Loves Vestiaire Collective For A Preloved Chanel bag! 

There are tones of great pre-loved designer stores on line, but one of my favourites has to be Vestiaire Collective! There’s new stock being uploaded constantly and even though the seller uploads and describes the item, much like they do on eBay, the shipping process is the really genius part. So every time someone buys an item from Vestiaire Collective, the seller ships the product to VC HQ where the product is inspected and compared to the listing and if the condition isn’t deemed as good as the seller described it or if the VC experts can’t authenticate it, then they will step in and either re-negotiate the sale (if there’s any issues with condition) or stop the sale completely if there is an issue with authentication. 

chanel wallet on chanel handbag black caviar leather fashion for lunch blog chanel WOC lambskin

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice 

Finally, I have a motto in life, buy cheap, buy twice. What I mean buy this is if you buy a Chanel bag purely because it’s cheap, you’ll only end up buying the one you really want further down the line and never wearing the the first bag you bought. What I’m trying to say is, hold out for the one you want! If you love the medium sized boy bag, and it’s your dream handbag, don’t buy the wallet on the chain with the WOC detailing because it’s marginally cheaper, save up for the one you REALLY want because buying two handbags is never cheaper than buying the ONE you wanted all along. NB. You might want to read this post on ‘Which Chanel Bag Should you buy first?’

Spot The Next Big Trend 

A few years ago, the Dior Saddle bags were changing hands on eBay for an absolute song. No one wanted them. They were relics of 90’s trash. And then Dior announced the return of these bags and suddenly every model, influencers and youtubers were carrying one of these bag boys around town and a month later, the prices SOARED! Why? Because they because the next big trend! Who knee right? Spot the next big trend before it happens and you could win big! That’s all I’m sayin’!

chanel wallet on chanel handbag black caviar leather fashion for lunch blog chanel WOC lambskin 

Finally, Let’s Chat About The Chanel WOC 

Now I mentioned the Chanel WOC / Wallet on chain earlier, but I think it’s time we chat a little more deeply about it. First of all, I honestly think the Chanel WOC is the cheapest bag you should consider. Anything less than this is only marginally less and way less good. I paid £1,800 for my wallet on chain, but you can get them for way less at both auction and on VC. They are generally made of caviar leather which is the best if you want a hard wearing Chanel, also they come in oodles of colours, designs so there’s loads of great design options. Also because it has the wallet sections inside the bag, you don’t need to carry a purse, which means you have plenty of space for your purse, phone, keys and a tiny amount of make up. It might also be worth reading this post on the Chanel Wallet On Chain bag

I hope this post has been of help, also I bought this Chanel Bag myself, but the post does contain affiliate links. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments!

Go Shopping!



  1. Erin
    December 4, 2019 / 9:45 pm

    AAAAH I WOULD SO LOVE ONE! But they so expensive! Maybe for my 40th! Hopefully by then I’ll have my life together lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    • fashionforlunch
      December 5, 2019 / 6:49 pm

      omg you should do it!!!! or keep an eye at Vestiaire Collective or at auction!! xxxx