Oh Lordy! November FLEW By! Let’s Chat About Our Monthly Faves!

barbour beaufort waxed jacket orvis bedroom

Let’s Chat About Our Monthly Faves!

My friends!! Please can someone tell me where November went?! I honest have no idea!! In fact, it’s gone so fast I’m actually delayed in doing my monthly faves post, so sorry about that! Oops!! Anyway, we are fully in December, let’s enjoy the festivities, glitter, food and allllll the fun! But for now… let’s chat November favourites!

barbour beaufort waxed jacket orvis bedroom

My New Barbour Beaufort Jacket

This month I wrote a post about how much I love Barbour jackets. I have three of them now, my most recent one is this one which I was kindly gifted by my friends at Orvis, I feel so lucky and if you are tempted to get yourself a Barbour, you should totally do it!! I usually go for the Beadale, but I think I’m a Beautfort girl from here on in!

vintage record player


This month I have been LOVING the podcast ‘Filling The Void’ which is all about hobbies; I’m not embarrassed to tell you I have worked my way through every episode and a couple of episodes I listened to twice! Yikes! But it’s really fun and it’s all about hobbies; think competitive punning, painting, kink, rollercoaster tours and SO much more. It’s really great! I’ve also really been loving ‘Con Artists’, ‘This Is Actually Happening’ and I’m SO excited for ‘The Dream’ season 2 to start!!!

Bobbi Brown Palettes

Bobbi Brown Palettes

This Winter Bobbi Brown have NAILED it with the palettes and they are just as dreamy on the outside as they are on the inside. Bobbi Brown’s quality is always stunning, but there’s something about this collection which has really got me going! I love the neutrals and I love the shimmers, it’s fun but wearable and the packaging is to die for!

acqua di parma christmas 2019

Acqua di Parma ‘Colonia’

This Christmas, Acqua di Parma have released some stunning Christmas limited edition items, including this beautiful artists’ edition of ‘Colonia’. They created it with Italian artist Gio Pastori and I’m loving it!! It’s a larger size bottle than normal, 125ml to be exact, and it’s one of my boyfriends favourite EVER colognes and it’s giving me all the good vibes this winter. They also have a stunning Rosa Nobile Gift Set in a similar print which is also stunning. Lordy, I just love Acqua di Parma!!!!!

boden cashmere jumper work work work

My First EVER Eye Test!!!

This month I went for my FIRST EVER EYE TEST!!! EVER!! I did it at David Clulow on Wigmore Street in London and I have to say, it was a great experience. They have super high tech equipment there so they can give you the best possible eye test, which is totally pain free – I was nervous about the ‘puff of air’ which can apparently be horrid at older opticians. Also, I discovered it’s super important to go for eye tests every two years because they can detect soooo much more than just failing eyesight including eye cancer, diabetes and soooo much more! So you heard it here, go for an eye test!

Ultimate Ears Unicorn Speaker

Ultimate Ears Unicorn Speaker

OMG!! I am a huge fan of Ultimate Ears speakers already, I have the Megboom, Wonderboom and Boom 2, they are truly the BEST speakers. Anyway, they usually look really cool, but they have just had a limited edition Unicorn make over and I’m truly obsessed!!!! Look how beautiful it is!!??? This one is SO perfect for my office!! That’s the thing I love about the Boom speakers, they sound amazing, they are super easy to use and have great charge, but also… they look so good!!!!


I saw 5ive!!!

This actually happened! It’s 2019 and I saw 5ive!!!! No Joke! They turned on the christmas lights at Margate’s out of town shopping centre, Westwood Cross. I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty epic!!!!! There might only be 3 in 5ive now, and they were pushing 40, but hey, it was a LOT of fun and they played all the hits like ‘Slam dunk da funk’ and ‘When the lights go out’, ‘Keep On Movin’ and ‘Everybody get up’. Huge shout out to Danielle from It’s A Danielle Life for inviting me! It was SO much fun! BTW, I made this gif from footage I took that night… it’s pretty good right!?!?

cambridge satchel company poppy bag

Cambridge Satchel Company Handbag

I am a big fan of Cambridge Satchel Company and their beautiful Handbags and my favourite style is always the Poppy bag. I have a new one and I LOVE it! It’s in a beautiful oxblood colour and it’s absolutely stunning!! Urgh! Just look at it!! Oh and it’s got gold hardware which is SO GOOD!!! Oh and I also did a vid about the bag here!

leopard figurines


I have been wanting giant leopard figurines for about a year now and I finally got them! Two big beautiful leopards!! I bought them from a shop near my parents and I’m SO happy with them! Aren’t they amazing?

My Novelty Designer Handbag Collection

I made a video about my most ridiculous designer handbags!!! No joke!! Press play above, I think you’re gonna like it!!! Also, if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube Channel yet, please do! You can find it here: www.youtube.com/labelsforlunch

diptyque christmas candle pine scent fragrance

The Diptyque Christmas Candles Are HERE!!!

It’s TRUE!!! They are here!!! The Diptyque Christmas Candles!!! I have the pine and I LOVE it!!! It smells like a dream and it’s the symbol that it’s OFFICIALLY Christmas!! That and the Christmas lights being turned on… see above!!

fashion for lunch blog office pink house

My Office

My office is still not done, but I’m getting close and closer and closer and I promise, even though it’s taking forever, I am trying!!!!! Getting a house sorted is REALLY hard!!!! So for now, I thought I would share this cute little corner of how adorable it’s looking right now, obviously the other side of the room is a big ol’ mess!!

vintage jacket red wool curve blogger style postYouTube Vids

This month I have been going WILD with YouTube videos, I have posted a video every single day!!! Can you believe it?! If you don’t head over to my channel, www.youtube.com/labelsforlunch and watch me pop up in your notifications every day!!!! It’s been a lot of fun!! I used to be so scared of doing YT vids, so it’s crazy to me that I’ve been doing so many and actually having fun at it!!!

vintage jacket red wool curve blogger style post smiling

Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Series

Also, on YouTube and I know I’m massively late to the party with this one, but Erin From Make Erin Over FORCED me to watch the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star series, both the first one which came out a year ago and the new one which just came out recently and I have to admit, I LOVED IT!!!! I did not expect to, but it was really great and I was hooked from start to finish. Did anyone else love it?! And no, I didn’t buy the Conspiracy palette, but I almost wanted to because the series was so darn interesting and exciting!!! Oh and I don’t have an image of anything related to the series or the palette, so there’s a photo of me instead!

…And there we have it!! My November faves! I hope you like and thank you SO much for reading, as always!! Also, if you have any questions, please let me know and also, this post contains some affiliate links and some gifts.



  1. December 13, 2019 / 4:32 pm

    Ermagerd, I love 5ive!!!

    • fashionforlunch
      December 13, 2019 / 6:47 pm

      I mean! It was SPECIAL!!!!