Merry Christmas, My Friends!!

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Merry Christmas, My Friends!!

A week or so ago I created a little festive corner in our house. I thought it looked cute… for a DAY! And then I was like ‘Girl! I can do better than this!’, so I ordered myself a 7ft rainbow Christmas tree from Paperchase and a pink ombre one from Argos, went up in to our loft to grab some more decorations and I got this party started!! I have to say, I think it looks even cuter than before and it’s been a joy to see every evening. Between our make-shift grotto and the log fire, we have something really fun going on in our hallway!!


The Moral Of The Story…

If you read my previous decor post, you might remember I had total FOMO when it came to everyones’ Christmas decorations. I saw all these amazing trees pop up in my Instagram feed and I WANTED IN! I had full on, self-confessed FOMO and you know what, I did something about it. I got my butt up in the loft and I created a cute display with the bits and bobs I already had. Then a few days later, I decided to push myself and do something a little bigger, bolder and unique to me and y’know what? I kinda love it and the best part is… IT DOESN’T LOOK LIKE ANYONE ELSES!!!! So my friends, the moral of the story is two fold: If you have FOMO, do something about it; be it decorating, starting something new, booking a holiday… whatever, take that FOMO you feel and do something about it. Secondly, ask yourself ‘What would make this more fun?!’. It’s not about being the biggest, best, smartest, neatest or most perfect, it’s about having fun. Asking yourself if you can make something a little bit more fabulous. It might be a hen do you are planning, a holiday you are going on, a lunch date with your BFF. Whatever it is, just ask yourself, can you put in a little extra thought to make it a little bit more… EXTRA! Y’know?


See You On The Other Side…

I’m off now to enjoy a little time off and a LOT of chocolate, I just wanted to stop by to share my updated grotto and a few thoughts with you all… But most of all, I wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! I’ll be back soon and feel free to follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube where I’ll be sharing content as and when I feel like it!!

Lots of Love, Kirsty x