I Bought Myself The Coach Parker Bag In Metallic Red Leather!!!

coach parker bag metallic leather red handbag review christmas winter 2019

I Bought Myself The Coach Parker Bag In Metallic Red Leather!

My friends!!! Last week I was FEELING WILD and I bought myself a new handbag to celebrate!!! Actually, it was more like the fact that there was a 20% discount and I wanted to take advantage!!! That’s right, I bought myself a very fancy and fabulous Coach Parker Handbag in RED METALLIC LEATHER!! I had been semi-stalking this bag for about a month and whilst I was very tempted, I was trying hard to be good, after all, Christmas is coming and I thought I should spend my money on my friends and family… not myself! However, when I saw the 20% reduction, I just couldn’t help myself! This bag is a true stunner and I was instantly drawn to the metallic leather. Coach have been killing it with the metallic leathers this season and quite frankly, I wanted in on the action!!! I had been toying with the idea of this Ombre Metallic Tabby Bag also, and I was a little bit obsessed with Parker Top Handle Bag in red and purple metallic colourblock, but eventually it was the comparatively simple Coach Parker Handbag In Metallic Red Leather which won! Shall we discuss?!

coach parker bag metallic leather red handbag review chain strap

Size & Interior Pockets

Ok, let’s start with the basics, the size. This is the Coach Parker 26, which means it measures 26 cm wide at the front. It has a height of 17.5cm and measures 10cm deep. As for the pockets, it has a back slip pocket, as well as a front slip pocket which sits under the flap. Inside the back it has a small slip pocket at the back of the bag (perfect for your travel card or bank card) and then two larger open section and one central zip section. Personally, I think it’s nicely compartmentalised without being too much. You can zip away your keys and tampons, whatever you fancy! It’s got enough depth to be able to fit a small camera inside and it’s got enough sections so that your keys won’t scratch against your phone. In my mind, the inside is perfect! Also it’s not lined, which I really like as it gives me the maximum amount of interior space and the inside of the bag, which I think is either suede or microfibre feels really nice and it’s a dark colour which is perfect for us clumsy folk!

coach parker bag metallic leather red handbag review 2019 collection

coach parker bag metallic leather red handbag review side view

Three Ways To Wear!

The chain strap is a gunmetal / pewter coloured chain and hardware and there is red leather woven in between the links. The first thing to note about this bag, is that the chain is neither detachable or adjustable. It’s a nice quality chain which feels satisfyingly heavy, but not so heavy it makes the bag overly weighted. It has however got the capability to be worn a few ways. First of all, the chain strap can be doubled over so you can wear the bag at a shorter length over your shoulder so it sits just above waist height. It can also be worn as a single strap over your shoulder so it sits around your waist. Finally, it can be worn crossbody. It sits at a really lovely length for crossbody and because the bag isn’t crazy heavy, the chain strap doesn’t dig in too much. Just a side note here, the Coach Parker 18 bag can’t be worn crossbody, only the Coach Parker 26, well on me, maybe if you are super petite you can wear the Coach Parker 18 crossbody, but I think it would be hard and super super short!

coach parker bag metallic leather red handbag review christmas 2019

How To Style The Coach Parker 26 Handbag

For me, the Coach Parker Handbag is the PERFECT go everywhere and anywhere kinda bag! It’s like a Chanel classic flap bag, it’s great for smart, causal, weekend and work. It’s simple but lovely and if you get a flashy leather you can make it fancy or in black it’s sleek and paired back. Personally, I’ll be wearing my Coach Parker bag over a coat as a crossbody bag for the winter, and I’ll wear it with the chain strap doubled under my arm in the summer with a cute vintage colourful summer dress. It’s a really easy and versatile bag!

coach parker bag metallic leather red handbag review

coach parker bag metallic leather red handbag review side view


The prices of the Coach Parker bags vary, the Parker 18’s tend to be cheaper as they are smaller and you can pick them up for around £200-£300, especially right now as some styles are on sale. As for the larger Coach Parker 26’s, which is what I have, these tend to be around £250 – £400, but please bare in mind, they are normally more than £250, but right now there’s some styles on sale. So it’s a GREAT time to buy!! As for my fabulous Coach Parker 26 bag in the metallic red leather, it was £350, but I did buy it with 20% off during Black Friday sale. So I’m really pleased with that!

coach parker bag metallic leather red handbag review gunmetal hardware


I am sure you are sick of hearing me say this, but I cannot say it enough times, the quality of the Coach bags is AMAZING!!! The leather is stunning, it’s soft but also doesn’t feel too fragile. The stitching is perfect, the finish is flawless and the hardware is chunky brass which feels really good and cold to touch. The Coach Parker bag is perfection!

coach parker bag metallic leather red handbag review 2019

Other Great Coach Bags

If the Coach Parker bag isn’t for you, then I have some other posts you should check out! First up, I would love to tell you about the Best Coach Bag For Work, my Coach Tabby Bag review and my Riley Top Handle Bag review. Also, if you like the Parker, but want it with a little twist, there is a top handle Parker bag which is also really cool and I wrote about that one too! I have a lot of Coach bags and I love to share them with you! Also, I bought this bag myself, but this post does contain affiliate links, which of course, don’t alter the price of your bag, just gives me a tiny slice of commission if you choose to buy yourself a treat!

Watch Me Unbox The Coach Parker Bag In Metallic Red Leather

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    Gorgeous bag! I love the style.

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      Thank you so much!! I’m super pleased with it!!!!!