Hunker Down, It’s Christmas Time… This Is The Christmas Candle Edit!

Molton Brown 'Bizarre Brandy' candle limited edition for christmas 2019

This Is The Christmas Candle Edit!

My friends!!! Can you believe it’s the 11th December?!!? I honestly don’t know where the year has gone and even where this month has gone!!! Anyway! Today I’m chatting about hunkering down for the holidays with a log fire (if you are lucky enough to have one, I know this is the first time I’ve had one since I moved out at 18!) a cup of hot chocolate and lighting yourself a fancy candle. Because what’s the point in working hard all year if you can’t treat yourself to a fancy candle once in a while, y’know? Anyway, let’s get into it! This is the Christmas Candle Edit!

Bella Freud ‘Starry Starry Night’

Let’s start with a golden oldie!! I got this candle a year ago and I only burnt half of it, so I’m working my way through the other half this Christmas! Clever me for saving some!! It’s Bella Freud Starry Starry Night and it contains notes of frankincense, agarwood, tobacco flower. It’s rich, smoky, comforting and cosy. Stunning!

Orla Kiely 'Fig Tree' candle

Orla Kiely ‘Fig Tree’

A long time favourite of mine, I love Orla Kiely’s Fig Tree, it’s delightfully green, woody and filled with red berries. It’s got a real ‘winter walks and fruit pies’ vibe and it’s lovely! It also comes in a super pretty pot which makes it a lovely ornament for any window-ledge or side table. It’s also a really pretty gift!

Ashleigh & Burwood 'I Zee You Baby' candle

Ashleigh & Burwood ‘I Zee You Baby’

Possibly the most beautiful looking candle of the edit, is this Ashleigh & Burwood I Zee You Baby candle. It’s soft, warm and fresh, perfect for crisp winter mornings. It’s filled with notes of velvety roses, sun-dappled peonies and delicate honeysuckle, it smells like morning sunshine with fresh florals and a touch of dew. Perfect for brightening up winter mornings  and an absolute treat to look at!

Diptyque 'Protective Pine' candle christmas 2019

Diptyque ‘Protective Pine’

Ah the iconic Diptyque candles! Does it get any better?! This year I went for Protective Pine which is a stunning pine scented candle and it’s even more heavenly to smell than it is to look at! My heart will never tire of the Diptyque Christmas candles! I love them so much!!!! Oh and if Pine isn’t your thing, then look out for the Amber or Floral scent, they are also from the Christmas collection and also a joy!

This Works 'Deep Sleep Heavenly' Candle

This Works ‘Deep Sleep Heavenly’

If you are looking for cosy with a slice relaxation, then This Works Deep Sleep Heavenly Candle is perfect. It contains notes of lavender and chamomile and it’s designed to help your mind and body relax, unwind and help inspire sleep. It’s from the same range as their iconic Deep Sleep Pillow Spray (which works WONDERS!) and it’s truly a beautifully relaxing and restorative candle! Just imagine drifting off to sleep in front of the fire with this candle infusing the room with lavender and chamomile… heaven!

Ted Baker 'Bergamot & Cassis' candle

Ted Baker ‘Bergamot & Cassis’

This Ted Baker Bergamot & Cassis is filled with notes of juicy red berries, fresh bergamot and hints of velvety rose and vanilla. It’s sweet, juicy, delicious, warm and cosy, it’s reminds me of Christmas cocktails, fruit pies and sweet vanilla ice cream. It’s like a cuddle in a candle!

Molton Brown 'Bizarre Brandy' candle limited edition for christmas 2019

Molton Brown ‘Bizarre Brandy’

I know I’ve banged on about this candle for weeks now, but it’s truly a joy!!! It’s Molton Brown Bizarre Brandy and it’s inspired by the 1920’s London party scene. It’s filled with notes of cardamom, orange and ginger, brandy, coffee, maple, incense, cedarwood and tobacco. It’s truly a wonderfully rich, delightful potent blend of all things lovely and I’m fully obsessed with it!

fornasetti candle

Fornasetti ‘Flor Di Lina’

Ok, so this one isn’t christmassy at all, but I love it and it’s my blog so if I wanna throw in a non-christmassy candle, I’m gonna! It’s Fornasetti Flor Di Lina and it’s filled with notes of lily, jasmine, tuberose, sandalwood. It’s rich, warm, floral and opulent and as with all Fornasetti candles, it’s a slice of joy!

Ark SpaAromatics 'Nutmeg, Cinnamon & Clove' candle

Ark SpaAromatics ‘Nutmeg, Cinnamon & Clove’

You might know Ark because of their skincare, but they also have a small range of candles. They created them because their skincare is largely unscented, but they wanted to be able to give their customers a spa-like experience when they use their products. Which is why they created a small collection of candles. This Ark SpaAromatics Nutmeg, Cinnamon & Clove is the epitome of Christmas scents; Warm, spicy and super festive!

Roja 'Christmas Candle' candle 2019

Roja ‘The Essence Of Christmas’

Finally, the creme de la creme of Christmas candles for 2019 HAS to be Roja The Essence Of Christmas Candle! It’s quite simply wonderful!!! It’s rich, sweet and smoky and contains notes of fir tress, gingerbread, cedarwood, toffee, cinnamon, leather, vetiver and so much more. It’s rich and potent and utterly addictive and wonderful, it truly does smell like every perfect Christmas movie moment ever. Roja Dove is a fragrance wizard and he really nailed this one!!

…And there we have it, my Christmas candle edit! I hope you like it! If you have any candles you think I should try, let me know and thank you for reading! Also this post contains some affiliate links and press samples.