Have You Ever Wondered What You Should Buy A Hipster Dad For Christmas? Let Me Help!

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Hipster Dad Gift Guide!

My friends, shopping for dads is SO hard! But I think in my old age, I’m finally starting to nail it. Today I’m chatting about what to buy for dads this Christmas, and more precisely, what to buy for a hipster dad. I’ve spoken to my dad, brother and boyfriend and I’ve come up with a rather great edit. I hope it’s of help and if these things don’t speak to you, then my advice is this: Keep it simple and usable. Don’t try to be too clever, instead stick to something which you know he will use. Men don’t tend to like ‘Stuff to look at’ they like ‘Stuff they can use’, we’re talking, jumpers, socks, mugs, grooming products, fragrance… let’s discuss!

Corksicle Origins Tumbler

Corksicle Travel Mug

We have a LOT of travel mugs in our household, but the one we both love the most, is the Corksicle one. It’s a nice big size and it keeps your hot drink hot for HOURS. It’s also nice and light, feels nice to drink out of and generally is just a great travel cup. Sometimes I use mine around the house if it’s a cold day and I know my coffee will go cold before I get a chance to drink it! If your dad takes long car journeys, walks the dog or generally just likes a take-away coffee or tea, then I promise, this will get a lot of use and he will love it. Also, the Corksicle tumblers come in a lot of different prints, but my boyfriend thinks this one is the coolest!

Le Couvent Soap Gift Set

Le Couvent Soap Gift Set

Men love a good soap and this Le Couvent Soap Set is really lovely. It contains three different fragranced soaps, all beautifully packaged and stocking filler ready. FYI, have you guys noticed how fashionable soap is right now?! It’s also worth noting that there’s a world of difference between a £1 bar of supermarket soap and a lovingly hand crafted soap, and these Le Couvent ones are truly lovely, my dad has already tried these ones and he loves them!

bose headphones

Bose Headphones

Ask any hipster man what headphones they want and 99% of them will answer with one word ‘Bose’.  My boyfriend was desperate for these Bose Headphones and eventually he took the plunge in the airport and he’s never looked back. He adores them, the noise cancelling function is THE BEST THING EVER and the sound quality is off the charts. Whether he’s into listening to the cricket, podcasts or just his favourite tunes, these will be his favourite gift this Christmas! And if you can’t afford to go solo on this gift, then team up with a family member to go halves on them, they are worth it!

muck boots muckmaster

Muck Boots

Muck Boots are the BEST wellingtons, which is why I always recommend them! From walking the dog, to winter walks on the beach to field sports to rainy weekends. Muck Boots are warm, comfortable and perfect for walking in all day long. There’s different lengths and varieties to choose from, but if in doubt, just go for the classic Muckmaster. Trust me, your dad will love them!!!

Coach 'For Men' Fragrance Gift Set

Coach ‘For Men’ Fragrance Gift Set

Choosing fragrance for men can be SO hard, so unless you are feeling really confident with your colognes, then I would say go for something which is fresh yet earthy and really universal. Personally, I really love this Coach For Men fragrance set which is a blend of green pear, cardamom, vetiver, suede and amber. It’s modern, warm, energetic and cool.

elemis bath soak

Elemis Bath Soak

No joke, men love baths just as much as us ladies do, the only thing is, they don’t want to bath in roses, pink glittery water and use lush bath bombs. Instead, they like super herbal scents which really work their way deep into their muscles to help them relax. Maybe your dad does a lot of sports, maybe he travels a lot for work, maybe he just has a lot of stress, whatever it is, I promise you, he will LOVE this Elemis Bath Soak. My boyfriend LOVES it (he’s been buying it for longer than I’ve known him) and my dad has recently become a convert too. It’s really potent and filled with soothing sea salt, Birch, Juniper, Clove, Alpine Lavender, Wild Thyme and Blue Chamomile. It truly is the best bath soak, especially for men.

barbour jumper, mainline menswear

Barbour Jumper

My dad, boyfriend and brother all love Barbour, which is proof that there isn’t a man in Britain who doesn’t love Barbour!! If you want something smaller, I would recommend a belt or a polo shirt, but if you have a little extra cash to spend, I would recommend a cable knit jumper.

house of fraser le creuset orange volcanic blue mug coffee biscuits

Nespresso Machine

On my dads Wishlist this year is a Nespresso Machine! He loves drinking our coffee when he comes to visit and if you have the spare cash, I can 100% recommend it as an amazing gift!!! I bought my boyfriend one last year and he LOVES it… as do I! Oh and if he likes a latte, consider getting him the Aerochino too, which is a milk warmer and foamer, it’s AMAZING!

Ray Ban Sunglasses clubmaster sunglasses glasses

Ray Ban Sunglasses

Everyone loves a good pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses, especially a hipster dad! And do they get any cooler than the iconic Clubmasters?! I think not! Perfect for holidays, driving and generally keeping the crowsfeet at bay… y’know what I’m saying!

Roja 'Scandal' perfume for mens

Roja ‘Scandal’

If your dad knows his fragrance and you want to get him something really special, then let me suggest a little Roja Dove to you! This is from his new Parfam-Cologne Collection. These fragrances are slightly lighter, fresher and more affordable than his classic collection, but my boyfriend is a big fan of them as they are great for every day and not just special occasions and he truly loves them. Look out for vetiver or Scandal, but to be honest, they are all amazing!

…And there we have it, great gifts for a hipster dad! I hope you like and thank you so much for reading! Also, this post contains press samples and affiliate links.



  1. December 13, 2019 / 11:52 am

    These are such great ideas – I always struggle to know what to buy my dad!

    • fashionforlunch
      December 13, 2019 / 12:07 pm

      Thank you!!! Weirdly i find my dad the easiest these days!!!!! i’m so glad it’s helped!! xxxxx