Handbags: Which Chanel Bags Are Crossbody?

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Which Chanel Bags Are Crossbody?

My friends, I’m back again with a post on Which Chanel Bags Are Crossbody? I have quite a few Chanel Bags and today I’m going to talk through all of them, as well as other classic bags which I have tried on in store. If you have any questions for me, please do let me know, but for now, let’s chat Chanel crossbody bags! Also, a great tip I have found is for searching ‘Chanel Crossbody’ on Vestiaire Collective and having a scroll, but just a reminder, always check the strap length, just to confirm!

Chanel Bags You Can Wear Cross Body

  • Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag
  • Chanel Gabrielle Bag
  • Chanel Boy Bag (see below)
  • Chanel Reissue Bag
  • Chanel 19 Bag (see below)
  • Chanel Waist Bag (see below)
  • Chanel Girl Bag
  • Chanel Large / Jumbo Classic Flap Bag
  • Chanel Camera Bag which chanel bag is the best

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Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag

When it comes to Chanel crossbody bags, the first one that springs to mind is the Chanel Wallet On Chain bag, or the Chanel WOC, as it’s often known as. This comes with a long, non-adjustable strap which can be tucked inside the bag to make it into a clutch bag, or it can be worn as a long crossbody bag. For me, it’s the perfect crossbody length and it’s a fairly light bag which means it’s super comfortable, to wear this way, even with a fairly skinny chain strap.

Chanel Gabrielle Bag

I don’t personally have THE Chanel Gabrielle Bag, as it’s not my style, but it can be worn crossbody, it has two straps, one which is worn over the shoulder, one which sits crossbody, so it’s both a shoulder bag and crossbody bag all in one.

chanel boy bag review what you need to know price authenticity how to authenticate black chevron leather lambskin hard wear detailing

chanel boy bag review what you need to know price authenticity how to authenticate black chevron leather lambskin antique silver metal hardwear hardware

Chanel Boy Bag

This one is a tricky one, some people can wear it as a crossbody bag, others can’t. Personally, I struggle to wear it crossbody as I’m fairly tall (about 5ft 6in) and I have big boobs, so for me, the Chanel Boy Bag sits too high for me as a crossbody bag. However, if you are shorter and slighter than I am, you can get away with it. There’s plenty of images on instagram / Pinterest worn this way. However, it is important to note that the bag will sit as a high crossbody and you will probably need to be fairly petit to make it feel comfortable and look ‘right’. Also, the Boy Bag strap is adjustable, so you can make it marginally longer or shorter if needed. Not many of the Chanel Bag bag straps are adjustable so this is a rarity!

Chanel Waist Bag

There’s been a lot of Chain Waist bags on the catwalk recently, and most of the bum bag style ones (or fanny packs as the Americans call them!) can be worn crossbody if you can rock the street style look! Personally, I can’t pull this look off with my vintage dresses, but if you love that laid back hipster look, THE Chanel waist bag is a brilliant crossbody bag. Again, it will sit higher, but that is the look! Me, I got too much boob for that look!

chanel classic flap handbag green colour color transfer results gold hardware

chanel classic flap handbag green colour color transfer results gold hardware

Chanel Medium Size Classic Flap Bag

The most popular and ‘classic’ sized Classic flap bag is best worn as a shoulder bag. I have seen some very petite women wearing it crossbody, but it sits very high and you do need to be really petite. Personally, I would say the Chanel Wallet on Chain is a better ‘natural’ crossbody bag as it has a longer strap than the classic flap, however, if you are wanting the classic flap bag and you would like the option or wearing it crossbody, it is possible if you are petite and don’t mind it sitting fairly high.

Chanel 19 Bag

One of the newest Chanel bags to be added into the collection and already a favourite of the fashion packs! This cute twist on the classic flap bag looks great worn a variety of ways, including as a shorter length cross body chain. Again, one for the petite ladies.

Chanel Reissue Bag

I have this bag and whilst it was never intended to be worn cross body, it actually works really well as a cross body bag, especially in the winter months. This was the first handbag to ever be made with a chain so it could be worn over the shoulder, leaving a woman hands free, which was revolutionary at the time, so the idea of it being worn cross body was probably quite shocking, but thanks to it’s long strap, it looks great worn across the body for a modern Chanel woman.

Chanel Girl Bag

Another bag I don’t personally have, as again, it’s not quite my style, but the Chanel Girl bag can be worn crossbody, in fact, it can be worn in a variety of ways!

chanel handbag black jumbo

chanel jumbo handbag black caviar leather review

Chanel Large / Jumbo Classic Flap Bag

The larger Classic flap bags and the Jumbo Classic Flap bags have a longer length chain which can be worn crossbody. Personally, I find the large Chanel Classic flap bag too long on me as a shoulder bag, and I find it fits me better as a crossbody bag or with the chain doubled over under my arm. I’m sure you know this already, but the Chanel classic flap bags have non-adjustable chains.

Chanel Camera Bag

I have a vintage Chanel Camera bag and personally, I think mine is too short to wear crossbody, however, I have done some research and It seems that some Chanel camera bags have longer straps and others which have much shorter straps, so some can be worn crossbody and others can’t. I’ve even seen a camera bag which has two straps and can be worn over the shoulder in a much shorter under-the-pit length. I think it just depends on what season the bag was made, so if you are buying a pre-loved Chanel camera bag, just check the chain length against some other bags you own.

Personally, I find the Chanel Wallet On Chain (Chanel WOC) or the Large / Jumbo Classic Flap Bags are the best Chanel bags to wear crossbody, as many of the other ones aren’t my style or sit too high on me. But it really depends on your style and build! I hope that helps and if you have any questions, please do let me know!

What’s the cheapest Chanel bag?

The cheapest Chanel bag is the Chanel Wallet on Chain (Chanel WOC) which is a brilliant bag as you can wear cross body and thanks to the fact that it doubles as a wallet, it fits in all the cards and cash you need plus a lipstick, phone and maybe even a portable phone charger and cable. It’s affordable but also really practical! If you are looking to buy a preloved Chanel bag, you can get some great bargains on bags which either need a clean or are slightly out of fashion at the moment, like a brown suede Chanel hobo. It’s always worth remembering bags can be cleaned and spa’ed and fashions come back around.

Go Shopping!

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