Christmas 2019: My Go-To Brands When I’m Buying Boots Christmas Gift Sets!

My Go-To Brands When I’m Buying Boots Christmas Gift Sets  soap and glory naughty but spice set

My Go-To Brands When I’m Buying Boots Christmas Gift Sets 

Is Christmas really Christmas without sprouts, speeches and Boots Christmas gift sets? The answer is NOOOOOO! However when you are browsing the endless aisles of Christmas gifts in Boots it’s quite easy to get a bit blind-sighted. There’s so many to choose from!!! So many brands! So many size options! Where is a girl meant to start????? For me, I always start with the brands and then choose the gift based on the products inside. For instance, Soap & Glory never fail, but instead of buying a make up set which can be hit or miss depending on personal tastes and skin tone, I always go for the bath & body products instead, because they are universal and fail safe. Then I start narrowing it down from there based on contents, size and value. It just makes things a little… easier! Y’know?  So, today I’m going to share with you my fave go-to brands for Boots gift sets, all of which are at the more affordable end of the spectrum too… Shall we get cracking? 

Soap and glory naughty but spice

Soap & Glory 

I love Soap & Glory so much I know their gift sets never disappoint! It’s impossible not to be pleased with a little S&G in your stocking, which is why it’s probably my first choice when it comes to Boots beauty gift sets! This year I have fallen in love with the Naughty But Spice range (the gift set photographed is adorable and amazing value at £5) and I adore this hand wash duo as well. Also, if you really want to splash out, the annual Star Buy is out now and it’s AMAZING! Shameless plug, but if you want to know all about it, then check this vid on my YouTube Channel.

Burt’s Bees  skin care boots christmas gift sets 2019

Burt’s Bees 

Burt’s Bees always deliver with kind-to-skin natural beauty products. They are rich with the power of beeswax (ethically sourced obvs) and they just make lovely products which are suitable to pretty much every skin type which is always something I look for when I’m buying skincare for others. Oh and their lip balms are iconic! The set above has now sold out, but there are other great ones to choose from! 

Sanctuary Spa gift sets boots 2019

Sanctuary Spa 

If you are looking for a beautiful, affordable luxury skincare brand, then look no further. Sanctuary Spa have nailed it! Lovely products which smell great, feel great and generally just make the soul happy! If I’m looking for a grown up, luxurious brand but my budget isn’t the biggest, then Sanctuary Spa is my go-to! This Opulent set is amazing and a steal at £20 (plus it’s on 3 for 2), but if you are looking to spend less, then this set is super cute for £6. Again, the set I’ve photographed has already sold out online, but you might be able to find it in-store and there are loads of great options online too! 

Feather & Down christmas gift sets

Feather & Down

I’m a big fan of Feather & Down products, they smell stunning, they feel wonderful and also help promote great sleep. Personally love their bath essence and their pillow spray, but I also adore their candles and bath oils. My mum is a big fan and so am I, if you don’t know them already, you need to try them, they are truly lovely and perfect for stress-heads like me!

skinnydip nail polish and file


Skinnydip have been my go-to brand for phone cases for years, but over the past few years they have come out with some beauty products like bath foams (in juice carton boxes!), make up cases (featuring their iconic prints) and fun accessories like a heart shaped glittery hair brush. If you are looking for something super fun and a little different, then Skinnydip is a great place to look!

Bulldog Skincare Set


Finally, here’s one for the boys! I’m a big fan of Bulldog Skincare and I’ve given my dad, brother and boyfriend many sets over the years. It’s great natural skincare: affordable and hardworking. And it’s a crowd pleaser with my family, so I’m sure it will be with yours. Most sets are £20 or less and you get a lot of bang for your buck with Bulldog! A set like the one above is usually priced at around £10! Amazing right?! 

glamglow clear skin goals set


Glamglow always DELIVER when it comes to face masks and whilst they are on the more luxury side of things, at Christmas they always put together some really brilliant and slightly more affordable gift sets. This Party Glow Set is £25, the 4-piece Clear Skin Goals Set I have is £44, but the REAL DEAL is the amazing It’s Glow Time Set which is £64 of skincare for just £25, it’s a 6-piece set and it’s truly an incredible deal! £25!!! Amazing!!

Clinique Aromatics elixir Duet Set boots perfume set

And If My Budget Is A Little Bigger… 

Ok! So I know I said I would be focusing on the more affordable and stocking filler style brands in this post, but if your budget is a little bigger, then Boots have some great gift sets from more luxury brands. Personally, I love to go for Clarins Skin Care (anything which includes Double Serum gets my vote!), I also adore Liz Earle Skin Care for men and women, especially if your friend or family member has sensitive or difficult skin. As for fragrances, Lancôme and YSL have some really pretty modern fruity-florals and slightly sexier perfumes and if you are looking for something a little more classic and elegant, I’m always a fan of Clinique’s classic Aromatics Elixir. 

I hope that helps and if you have any questions or there’s any Boots Christmas gift sets you always buy, let me know!! Also, this post contains some press samples and affiliate links! Also, if you want to know my Five Golden Rules for buying beauty gift sets, then check this post!