Christmas 2019: Little Luxury Stocking Fillers

tonys chocolate

Little Luxury Stocking Fillers

My friends! As Christmas approaches it’s time to think about stocking fillers! These are my favourite things to shop for and I always try to make sure they are useful rather than useless. Sure a novelty stick-on moustache set might seem like a fun idea, but does it really have a shelf life beyond 30 minutes of receiving it? I think not! Instead I like to choose luxury little gifts which feel thoughtful and fabulous! Here are my top picks… let’s do this! 

jo malone soap

Jo Malone London Soap 

In my household a lot of bars of soap are exchanged at Christmas. We all love a luxury soap and it’s a lovely useful, traditional Christmas gift. This year I’m going to Jo Malone London’s English Pear & Freesia Soap which is presented in the prettiest illustrated paper. A beautiful stocking filler at £12 and who doesn’t want to unwrap Jo Malone on Christmas Day?

corkcicle tumbler review

Corkcicle Travel Cup

There are a LOT of travel cups on the market these days, but quite frankly, some of them look cute, but are not so great to drink out of. Some of the lids are rubber or funny plastic which makes the drink taste weird and I don’t wanna be a diva… but I HATE it!!! One of my fave travel cups is this Corkcicle tumblers, I use it a lot, sometimes I even use it when I’m at home because if it’s a freezing cold day, it keeps my coffee warmer for longer – I wish I was kidding, but this Victorian house is COLD! My boyfriend and I both love these and we would recommend them to friends!

shay and blue blood oranges perfume

Shay & Blue ‘Blood Oranges’ Perfume

This handbag-friendly sized perfume is a beautiful stocking filler. It’s my personal favourite perfume from Shay & Blue, it’s a blend of ripe, warm fresh oranges mixed with deep, smooth, rich leather. Perfect for those who like punchy, unisex fragrances. This 30ml bottle is the perfect luxury stocking filler! 

Le creuset mug

Teapigs Tea

Us Brits LOVE a good cup of tea and IMO Teapigs have the BEST blends!! From Luxury Builders ‘Everyday Brew’ to their sleepy time tea ‘Snooze Tea’ or their delightful clean herbal teas like ‘Clean & Green’ or ‘Peppermint’, they do truly have the BEST teas and a box or two of these make a great stocking filler!

bobbi brown lipstick review fashion for lunch blog

Bobbi Brown Lipstick 

Why have 50 cheap lipsticks when you could have one amazing lipstick! Obviously I would prefer to have 50 amazing lipsticks but you know what I’m saying. Avoid the selection boxes of 5 colours that don’t quite suit your loved one and instead get one perfect lipstick. Personally I recommend Bobbi Brown, I love their extra lip tints and their Crushed Lip Colours. You can’t go wrong with a Bobbi Lipstick! 

aromatherpy associates pillow spray

Aromatherapy Associates ‘Deep Relax’ Pillow Spray 

I’ve been a terrible sleeper since I was a child and honestly pillow sprays help me SO much! Plus not only do they help me sleep, but it’s wonderfully luxurious misting your pillow with divinely scented essential oils. It’s an of self care and it’s also brilliant if you travel a lot. Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Pillow Spray is perfect stocking filler for a stress head, bad sleeper or frequent traveller. You’re gonna love it!

tonys chocolate

Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate

£3.50 well spent! Chocolate amazing ness! All I’m gonna say!

true grace perfume amazing grace

Philosophy ‘Amazing Grace’ Perfume 

This super pretty and lightweight fragrance is a stunning stocking filler, filled with notes of bergamot, blossoms and musk. Philosophy’s Amazing Grace is perfect for those who like simple, fresh feminine fragrances. 

glossier birthday balm dot com

Glossier ‘Birthday’ Balm Dot Com 

A fantastic multi-use Balm which can be used on lips, brows, nails, dry skin and so much more. There’s a few stunning fragrances to choose from, but my fave has to be the birthday balm which does literally smell like cakes and funfetti!!!! And yes, I see the irony of giving a birthday themed present for Christmas, but quite frankly, the Glossier birthday balm dot com is the BEST one! 

Le creuset mug

A New Mug

Who else finds themselves drinking out of a chipped mug from 10 years ago!? A new mug is always a great gift, I personally love the Le Creuset mugs, they are lovely to drink out of, look divine in the kitchen and make a really beautiful gift! They cost around £15 each and I think they are a brilliant stocking filler!

rodial vit c drops

Rodial Vit C Drops 

Winter skincare is all about vitamin C; it’s brightening, filled with antioxidants and generally boosts radiance. One of my favourite vitamin C filled serums has to be the Rodial Vit C Drops, you can add them into any skincare routine, which is what makes them a wonderful gift.

Dermalogica Active Moist Moisturiser

One thing I’ve noticed with men is that they are happy to use pretty much anything on their face as long as they have a good moisturiser. Sure it would be great to get them to do a three-step routine but not even man is interested. If your dad, brother, boyfriend is a soap & water kinda man, then just give them one killer moisturiser in their stocking. Dermalogica’s Active Moist is THE one! 

…And there we have it! My little luxuries stocking fillers… l hope this post if of help and as always, if you have any questions, please do let me know!!! Also this post contains both press samples and affiliate links.



  1. December 19, 2019 / 4:35 pm

    I am VERY into Tony’s chocolate at the moment – I only just discovered it a few months ago! SO GOOD!

    • fashionforlunch
      December 19, 2019 / 4:43 pm

      omg! it’s so good and I love that it’s really chunky too! like it takes AGES to get through a bar which is GREAT!!!!