Let’s Do A Barbour Jacket Review!

barbour beaufort waxed jacket orvis bedroom

Barbour Jacket Review

Hello friends! Today I want to do a barbour jacket review! For as long as I could remember, there’s always been a stack of Barbour jackets on the coat rack in my parents house. All in various sizes, colours and degrees of wear ‘n’ tear. Growing up they were great for dog walking and horse riding, but beyond the field, they were a bit of a no-go zone fashion-wise. Y’know? If you walked down the high street in one, they would beg the question, ‘where’s your tractor?’. And then 2008 came along and ALL the hipsters in East london started wearing Barbour jackets with their twiddly moustaches and their beyond retro dresses and it changed my life forever! My friends, it was finally acceptable, it was finally COOL to wear Barbour jackets everywhere; to the pub, brunch, gigs, private views and clubs nights. Wherever there was hipsters, there was a Barbour jacket and I thank the Lord for that! My friends at Orvis recently gifted me with this Barbour Beaufort Jacket (this is my second, which is still less than my boyfriend owns, FYI!) and in honour of it, I wanted to share some of the reasons why I love my Barbour waxed jackets so darn much! Let’s discuss with a barbour jacket review!


We are all searching for a more sustainable wardrobe options these days and in my mind, Barbour nail it more than any other brand. Especially with their iconic waxed jackets. They are lovingly crafted in the UK and every stitch is perfectly finished, so the jacket is as sturdy and long lasting as possible. From the collar, to the sturdy metal zip to the thick cotton lining. These beauties go on for years and years and years. Plus if anything goes wrong with them, they can be repaired. You can send them back to the UK Barbour factory and they will patch, replace, re-stitch, replace… you name it, they can repair it! My boyfriend and dad both have Barbour jackets which have been patched so many times they are more like patchwork Barbour jackets, but y’know what? They are still going strong and they are still waterproof and windproof! Also, if the wax finish starts to wear thin and it becomes less weather proof, you can rewax it which works a treat! Also they are perfect for all seasons as in Autumn and spring you can wear them as they are and in the depths of winter you can clip in a Barbour liner to make it a little extra toasty! A Barbour really is the perfect jacket for every season!

Is a Barbour jacket warm enough for winter?

Not only are Barbour jackets super warm and comfortable for even the coldest winter, but they are also the best if you live in a windy area. We live by the coast and sometimes it’s not even that cold, but the wind is so intense it makes it feel like the Baltic. It can be so windy you can’t make a phone call when you are outside because it just sounds like a person shouting over static! But no amount of gale-force winds can penetrate a Barbour jacket! Believe me, I’ve tried and tested it! Oh and there are little pockets on the sides of the jacket which are positioned in the perfect place so you can pop your hands in and warm them up! No gloves, no problem and this goes for all the styles, not just the Barbour Beaufort Jacket. I would advise you to get a Barbour slightly bigger than you might normally, just so you have plenty of space for a liner and / or chunky jumper! 

Barbour Hood & Liner

I don’t think a lot of people realise this, but do you know you can pimp your Barbour? Firstly, after a few years you might feel like the waxed cloth seems a little dry and lifeless, no worries, just buy yourself a tin of Barbour wax and spend an hour or so giving it a rewax, it’s a really fun job and it really breathes a new lease of life into your jacket. Also, around the neck, just under the collar, you will see poppers, this is because you can buy a detchable hood which clips in. I have two of these, one in green, one in a dark blue colour. Did I mention this is my second Barbour jacket? Yep! I’m addicted! Also, the older jackets have poppers on the inside along the inside of the zip, this is because you can a buy Barbour fleece lining which pop into the inside and make your jacket even cosier, you could survive some seriously cold days with a Barbour and the fleece lining, they are amazing! The newer jackets have zips  to attach the linings instead, but either way, you can buy an additional lining which makes your Barbour EVEN warmer!

barbour beaufort waxed jacket orvis bedroom

Are Barbour Jacket’s Worth it?

Barbour jackets are totally worth the money, in fact they are great value for money! I bought my first Barbour second hand for £8 and it’s still going strong – and that was 8 years ago! I have a new Barbour jacket which I wear for walks with friends and pub lunches and it’s so warm, so comfortable, always stylish and perfect for all occasions. Barbour jackets are brilliant for everyone and I can’t recommend them enough! They are also a beautifully made and finished garment.

Is Barbour a good brand?

Barbour is a great brand! It stands for British quality, luxury and heritage. Their garments are comfortable, stylish and hardwearing. You can wear a Barbour jacket anywhere and feel comfortable, warm and stylish. Again, the quality and finish of Barbour jackets is flawless.

Barbour Jacket Sizing Review

Personally, I find Barbour jackets true to size. The sleeve length is often on the shorter side because they were made for outdoor work. Also, I would say you should buy a size which allows you to fit a cosy jumper underneath and maybe even a Barbour liner too, as in the winter when it’s super cold, you will be grateful for the extra room for a liner and chunky knitwear!

Can I wear my Barbour jacket in the rain?

Yes, of course you can! Barbour waxed jackets are perfect for the rain and for the wind. Over a long period of time, you might find the wax wears off and it becomes less shower proof, at which point you can re-wax it and it will become shower proof again! I would also advise you to spend a little more and buy a matching hood which can be clipped in and out as you need.

barbour beaufort waxed jacket orvis bedroom

barbour beaufort waxed jacket orvis bedroom

Is Barbour made in China?

Some Barbour items are now made overseas, but the classic waxed jackets are still proudly British made.

Is Barbour chavvy?

Of course Barbour is not! Barbour is the epitome of heritage and class. Barbour jackets are understated and often a sign of generational wealth. Kate Middleton is a big fan!

Which is the best Barbour jacket?

  • Barbour Beaufort jacket
  • Barbour Beadle jacket
  • Barbour Spruce Jacket
  • Barbour Berwick Jacket
  • Barbour Boarder Jacket

barbour beaufort waxed jacket orvis bedroom

barbour beaufort waxed jacket orvis bedroom

The Barbour Beaufort Jacket: Final Thoughts… 

I’ve worn my Barbour jackets everywhere from dog walks to art openings, Soho to stables. And honestly, they are my saving grace for rainy days, snow days, dog walks, windy walks and everywhere in between. I generally use my older ones for scruffier days like rainy dog walks on the beach and I wear my newer ones if I’m heading into London or if I’m going for brunch on a cold day. No matter how many raincoats, fur coats, swing coats or wool coats I buy, there’s nothing quite as warm, waterproof and practical as a Barbour waxed jacket. Also, the attention to detail in terms of design and practicality is perfect. The finish is flawless and they are a wonderful quality item. I truly can’t recommend them enough! Anyway! I just want to share a little love for Barbour, are you a fan?

Go Shopping!

I hope you enjoyed my barbour jacket review. This jacket has been kindly gifted by Orvis. It’s the Barbour Beaufort jacket, I usually go for the Beadale style, but actually, this one is a nicer fit and has a slightly more luxe finish, which I love! I also love the cosy jumper style cuffs on the sleeves, they really seal the warmth in! Also, a big thank you to Gordon for being such a cute model!



  1. November 29, 2019 / 11:40 am

    These are such classic coats!! I love seeing your face on here more too Kirsty. Have a great weekend x

  2. Erin
    December 4, 2019 / 9:52 pm

    I have always wanted one – they look like they would be incredible, such a good investment!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    • fashionforlunch
      December 5, 2019 / 6:48 pm

      Erin! they are the best! the only thing I can say is keep an eye out in charity shops because you occasionally see them, or splash out because they are 100% worth it! and if you live in a colder area, I would definitely recommend a zip In liner, they are SO cosy!!!!!