PSA: These Are THE Best Christmas Gifts For Your Stressed OUT Friend!!!

Christmas gift set aromatherpy assosicates bath and shower gel set

Girl! Get Yo’ Self Care On!

My friends! I’m back with my first gift guide of the season! Today I want to focus on stress, self-care, good sleep and general well-being. Because quite frankly it’s a busy and stressful time of the year and when it’s over, most of us have to go back to a busy and stressful job and self-care is even more important then. I don’t wanna be down in the dumps, but Christmas can be hard for people and so can January, often for different reason (back to work, decorations have been taken down, money is tight… it’s endless right!?) Anyway, I don’t want to bring you down but self-care is important for everyone and if you have a particularly stressed friend, then a Christmas gift which has an element of de-stressing, de-toxifying, turning off… can be a really thoughtful and welcomed gift. OK, let’s GO!

This works Sleep christmas gift set

This Works ‘With Sleep Comes Beauty’

Let’s start this bad boy with a BANG! I swear by This Works and their amazing products and I’ve honestly found their Deep Sleep Pillow Spray has worked wonders for not only me, but my friends and family too. It truly is a game changer and this  ‘With Sleep Comes Beauty’ set is stunning!! It includes the bath soak, pillow spray and candle (the three best things IMO!) and all the products include essential oils of Lavender, chamomile and vetiver. If you need proof it works, then let me tell you this; Every January my boyfriend goes to Seattle with work and the time difference is literally 8 hours which is a nightmare for the body, and he gets over his jet lag SO much faster than ALL his colleagues because he always takes the bath salts and the pillow mist. It works, it really does! Speaking of which, this is also a great gift for anyone who travels a lot and needs a little help getting their body back into the right time zone.

orla kiely candle mini set christmas

Orla Kiely Mini Candle Set

Scented candles are ALWAYS a great gift! Especially ones which look as pretty as these Orla Kiely Mini Candle Set ones! I really like these ones as they come in a cute gift box and they come in three different scents, so they are great if you are unsure of what fragrances to choose!

Ten Podcasts For Freelance Creatives my vq radio

Audible Subscription

I have been an Audible Subscription holder for about 2 years now and I LOVE it. It’s such a great service and it’s brilliant for those who want to cut down on screen time by listening to an Audiobook instead. It has all the latest releases, it can be used offline (great for commuters) and it has a sleep timer function for those who like to listen to audiobooks to fall asleep to. It’s BRILLIANT!

feather and down bath oil set

Feather & Down Bath Oil Duo

I love Feather & Down because their products smell wonderful, help promote great sleep AND they are super affordable. Their Bath Soaks are probably my favourite things, and this Bath Oil Duo is wonderful because the oil emulsifies and turns into a bath milk once it hits the water. It’s truly a delight and at around £12 for this set, it’s a great price too!

Christmas gift set aromatherpy assosicates bath and shower gel set

Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Wellbeing Set

I’m a HUGE fan of Aromatherapy Associates, their products are packed full of the most beautiful essential oils which just seep into your soul and make you feel however they are meant to make you feel. You wanna sleep? Have a bath with the Deep Relax Bath oil, you wanna wake up? Just the Revive oil. You have a cold? Breathe like a human with the Breathe Support oil. It’s the most indulgent and amazing aromatherapy brand and I love it. Give the Ultimate Wellbeing Set this Christmas. It’s perfection! And if you want to dip your toe (pun intended) with a smaller gift set, then head to their website to see they ‘Little Luxuries’ Sets.

bose headphones silver noise cancelling

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

I commute into London a fair bit and for me, headphones are literally as important as purse, phone, keys and lipstick! They are essential to me, when the noise and hustle gets to much, they are there for me and even just to get through the boredom they are there by my side. It helps me zone out, listen to music or a podcast and gives me the ability to actually enjoy the journey, not dread it. I know it sounds like I have an issue, but it puts a barrier between me and the commute and it’s a real lifesaver! Anyway, these Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones are the ultimate gift for a commuter, frequent flyer and anyone who needs to step back and destress, that could be in bed at the end of a day, or it could be on the tube. Either way this is one hell of a gift!!!

teapigs tea fashion for lunch blog

A New Mug & A Selection of Herbal Teas

A thoughtful little gift is always a lovely new mug and a selection of great quality teas, however, if your friend struggles with stress and needs a little self-care time, then I would recommend going for herbal teas instead. Avoid anything with Green Tea (as it perks you up!) and instead look for blends like Calm, Snooze and Happy, all from Teapigs who obvs make the best teas!

Ren rose bath and shower gel set

REN Skincare Moroccan Rose Body Duo

Finally, I need to throw in a little REN Here, because it’s a brand I absolutely adore! I was a little torn with this one, as they have a stunning sleep set, which I LOVE, but quite frankly, I HAD to go for the balancing Moroccan Rose Body Duo set instead. Here’s why this set is amazing… Firstly, it’s filled with rose so it smells BEAUTIFUL. Secondly, rose is naturally super balancing and soothing for the soul. It feels indulgent and wonderful, but it’s also going to help them from the inside out.

…And there we have it! Some super indulgent, super soothing and ultra stress-reliving Christmas treats. All approved by your stressed-friend me! Also, this post includes both press samples and affiliate links.