How To Sell A Chanel Bag

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How To Sell A Chanel Handbag

Hello friends! Today I have new post for you all and this one is inspired by a question I’ve been asked a LOT over the years! How do you sell a Chanel handbag? Where do you sell a Chanel handbag? My friends! Let me help you! Here is my guide on how to sell a Chanel bag! 

First Up… Are You SURE????? 

A few weeks ago I was considering selling a Chanel Handbag I never really wear and literally everyone told me not to!!! And the few people who said ‘yes! Sell it!’ Followed it up with ‘do you desperately need the cash?’ Or ‘Are you going to buy something else with the money’ and my answer to both of those questions were ‘no’ and ‘not really’. So here’s the thing, unless you need to pay your rent, ask yourself if you are sure you want to sell it? Because here’s the thing, if you don’t need the cash or your aren’t going to invest it in something you love even more, then think really hard before you sell it. Chanel bags are going up in value, not down, and if you sit on that bag for another few years (obvs don’t really sit on it, store it carefully instead!) then you might find in two years time it’s worth even more than it is now. So unless you are planning on buying something with that cash, then you may as well keep it, at least for the time being. As my mum said… ‘it’s better than money in the bank!’. She’s right! 

chanel classic flap handbag green colour color transfer results gold hardware

chanel classic flap handbag green colour color transfer results gold hardware

Can You Sell Chanel On eBay? 

Here’s the quick answer… yes! But the longer answer is that it might not be the best place to sell it. Here’s the thing; You will be able to sell your old Chanel on eBay, but you might not get as much for it as you would elsewhere. Also, seller fees are around 10% so if you sell the bag for £1,000, you might end up paying around £100 in seller fees and then loosing a little more to PayPal fees. So not only will you be selling your bag for below market price, but you also need to factor in the cost of selling the item. The advantages to selling on eBay are that it’s probably the fastest way to sell your item, so if you need the cash fast, it’s still an option. Just make sure you take lots of clear, high quality photos, share any proof of authenticity and make sure you describe the item well. Also schedule your listing so it ends at a ‘good time’, like Sunday evening when people will be online and bidding, so you get the highest price possible. That being said, you might be better trying… Vestiare Collective . 

How to sell your Chanel on Vestiaire Collective 

I actually wrote a full post about selling and buying on Vestiaire Collective, So it might be worth having a read of this post. There is slightly higher fees involved in selling on vestiwre collective, but you will probably sell your item for a lot more than you would on eBay, mainly because they authenticate every item so buyers are a lot more confident shopping on Vestiaire Collective than they are on eBay, so they are willing to pay more for items because of the authenticity gaurentee. In short, it’s worth giving Vestiaire Collective a higher cut of the selling price, because you will sell the item for more than you would on eBay. 

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Sell via a Specialist Auction 

I have sold some Chanel items via Specialist auction and I found it really good. I sold my pieces via Chiswick Auctions, and I wrote a full blog post about it. But I got great prices for my items and much like VC, Chiswick Auctions authenticate everything so buyers are more confident bidding higher prices and in return, you will get a higher price for your items. If you live near london, you can drop your items in for a valuation, but if you live outside of london; you will need to factor in the price of shipping your products to the auction house. 

Sell Your Chanel Via Consignment 

This is something I have never done myself so I don’t want to give too much information about it, but you can take your Chanel into a local consignment store and they will sell the items on your behalf and give you the price, minus a fee. My best advice here would be to agree a sale price and commission up front so you know what you will get the for item, and also I would recommend taking the item into a consignment store in west london if possible, as that’s where you will get the top price for the item. However, again, do factor in the price of the travel, especially if you live outside of london. 

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Do You Have Any Rich Friends? 

Ok! Admittedly, this is kind of a joke, but at the same time, if you have a piece of Chanel that a friend of yours might like to buy, send them a quick text message and let them know you are thinking about selling it, maybe they would like to buy it off you? You could also pop it on your Facebook or instagram and let your friends know if you are interested to drop you a dm. You never know! 

Don’t Forget To Include Any Proof of Authenticity! 

I probably should have started with this, but oops! If you have any proof of purchase or authenticity you need to dig it out of your wardrobe or filling cabinets and sell it along with your item. A box, bag, authenticity card, receipt, anything! It will not only add value to the item you are selling, but it will also help prove the authenticity of the item and the buyer will be SO happy to have it. It also lets your beer know that the item has been well care for, well loved and will pass on some of that ‘buyer experience’ which you also got when you bought the item. 

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Further reading…

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So there we have it, my best tips for selling your chanel bag, I hope it’s of help! Let me know if you have any questions! This post includes affiliate links.

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