Get Yourself A Cup Of Tea & A Donut: It’s Time To Discuss Our October Favourites!

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It’s Time To Discuss Our October Favourites!

Hello Friends! It’s officially Winter! It’s officially scented candles, log fires and hot chocolate season! Do I need to tell you I’m HERE FOR IT!!! Sure, the dog walks are trickier now that it get light so early, but aside from that, it’s nice to cuddle up and get cosy, y’know? Obviously in a few weeks I’ll probably be moaning about how cold it is, but for now, I’m loving life!! Anyway, this month I have been SNOWED under with work, I’ve also been working hard on the house… there’s still SO much to do, anyhoooooo, let’s discuss!!

fashion for lunch blog home living room labelsforlunch vintage rococco sofa grand fireplace large entrance hall

fashion for lunch blog home living room labelsforlunch vintage rococco sofa matalan cushions

Hallway Progress

This month I have been working SO hard on the hallway! This room has been by far the hardest because it’s a really big room, so too little furniture and it looks empty, but too much and it looks cluttered and it blocks up the walkways. So it’s been tricky! Plus it’s so unusual to have a hallway this big and square that there’s nothing similar I can find on Pinterest to give me inspiration and a template. So It’s really just been a case of trial and error! Anyway, we are starting to get there and I’m SO excited to finally share a few images with you all over on my Instagram! PS, you follow me right?! Also, these amazing velvet cushions are from Matalan and they are currently £8 each.

Ten Podcasts For Freelance Creatives my vq lulu guinness radio


This month I have been loving the new series of Heavyweight, in fact, it’s made me want to go back and listen to past season episodes of the podcast, not because I haven’t already heard them, because I just fancy listening again. It’s so well written and so thoughtful, you can listen over and over and it’s GREAT! I’ve also really been loving Endless Thread, Sinisterhood, The Cut, A Drink With James and Con Artists. Yep, I’ve just given you a months worth of podcasts to listen to… Let me know how you get on!

fashion for lunch for Bonmarche

This Dress…

This month I did a sponsored instagram post with BonMarché and I have to say, I am hook, line and sinker in LOVE with the dress! The movement, the shape, everything about it is perfect! I adore it! It has such beautiful movement and it’s so comfortable to wear. It’s such a joy that I couldn’t resist sharing it here also! I hope you like and if you want one for yourself, you can find it here, and it also comes in a stunning white colour-way too, which I also adore!

big bit margate hotel little bit rainbow living room

Big Bit, Margate

Welcome to Big Bit! It’s my friend, Polly’s airbnb and it’s SO cute that I arranged some time with her to go to her house and shoot a little video to show everyone just how darn cute it is!!! You can watch the video here, I hope you like! I’m honestly so proud of the video, but it’s quite different to all my other vids, so I’d love to hear your thoughts!

lancome kiss me ruby lipstick

Lancome ‘Kiss Me Ruby’ Lipstick

Lancome are a bit of a dark horse in the world of make-up, I never think of them as one of my favourite beauty brands, but actually, they are the creators of SO many of my favourite products… Maybe I need to unpack that!? Anyway, I have fallen head over heels for their L’absolu Rouge Lipstick; ‘Kiss Me Ruby’. It’s the most perfect shade of poppy pinky red and it’s comfortable, highly pigmented and generally just a joy to wear. I love the colour, love the formula and love the long lasting effect it has! The only thing is… I’m a bit clumsy and that amazing multi-faceted bullet takes a little getting used to when applying… is that just me!?

coach tabby bag handbag strap tricolor patchwork review

Coach Tabby Handbag

I recently treatment myself to the Coach Tabby Handbag and I LOVE it!!!! It’s a stunning bag, but not only that, I adore the fact it comes with two detachable straps, one which sits on your shoulder, and for a short style look, and one longer strap which can make the bag either crossbody or low slung. It just makes the bag feel so timeless and like such a great investment… which it obvs is! Watch my video here, and buy the bag here from Coach.

Tom Daxon 'Sous Les Glycines' candle

Tom Daxon ‘Sous Les Glycines’ Candle

OK, so full confession, I have NO idea how to pronounce the name of this candle, but luckily this blog doesn’t have audio! Tom Daxon ‘Sous Les Glycines’ is a dreamy blend of bergamot, wisteria, rose and jasmine and it smells just as fresh, floral and leafy as it looks sleek and chic. It’s so elegant and I love it. The older I get, the more I see candles as a way of accessorising my house, as well as filling my home with fragrances that really make me feel so happy. It’s a luxury and I love it!

Manolo Blahnik At The Wallace Collection

This month I popped into London for a Jo Malone Event, and Briony and I (@agirlastyle) popped into see the Manolo Blahnik At The Wallace Collection. I can’t believe I’m SO late to the party with this exhibition but I absolutely LOVED it and it was such a treat to visit! The shoes were amazing and the Wallace Collection was just as wonderful as it always is! If you have never been, that place is honestly such an hidden gem in London. I LOVE it! The exhibition is almost over, so if you haven’t already seen it or you aren’t around to see it, I hope I managed to capture a little of the magic in this video!

matalan yellow mustard loafers shoes flats

These Shoes…

Please excuse my ghost-like skin,  but honestly, I LOVE these yellow (or are the mustard!?) loafers! I got them from Matalan and I kid you not… they were £12!!! Is it just me, or do Matalan nail it every time?!

image skincare review ormedic collection fashion for lunch

Image Skin Care

This month I worked with Image Skin Care, I think it’s actually the previous post and honestly, I can’t emphasis enough how good it is. This face cream is giving me life; every single day! I love it! It’s rich, hydrating, plumping, comfortable to wear and just as effective for day and night. I LOVE IT! You can see more about Image Skin Care here… you’re gonna love it!

Molton Brown 'Bizarre Brandy' Collection

Molton Brown ‘Bizarre Brandy’ Collection

There’s a new Molton Brown fragrance in town and I LOVE it! It’s the ‘Bizarre Brandy’ Collection and it’s an absolute dream! The notes include cardamom, ginger, orange, brandy, coffee, maple, incense, cedarwood and tobacco. It’s boozy and sweet with maple, addictive and opulent and it’s just such a joy! If you love Molton Brown fragrances like Black Pepper, Muddled Plum, Mesmerising Oudh and tobacco. It’s brilliant!

vintage record player

Vintage Furniture…

I bought this vintage cabinet a while ago and I recently realised that I never ever showed the inside of it, so I figured it was time I changed that! On the outside it’s a cute little sideboard with a radio, but on the inside, it stores a record player and space to store your LP’s! I paid £150 for it a sweet time ago and I filled it with vintage records, but I think it’s time we celebrated the fact that it’s actually a radio and record player, not just a cute piece of furniture!

vintage jacket red wool curve blogger style post

This Vintage Jacket

The other day I popped into my local charity shops to make a few donations and on the way out I spied this rather cute little vintage double breasted jacket. Obvs I needed it. It cost £1 and I’m STILL beyond thrilled with it! Just a reminder… always pop into your local charity shops! Make donations, buy stuff… support! It’s important!

this works deep sleep bath soak bath salts sleep aid

This Works ‘Deep Sleep’ Bath Soak

I know it’s winter when I start having regular baths and recently I have been loving long soaks using This Works ‘Deep Sleep’ Bath Soak. I’ve used this before and it’s a real favourite of mine, and if I’m honest, I think it’s a hidden gem of the This Works collection. It’s sea salts fragranced with essential oils of Lavender, Vetiver and Camomile, it’s the same scent as the iconic pillow spray and used together they are quite literally… a dream! Also, if you don’t already know how much I adore This Works Pillow Spray, please know now. I ADORE IT! It’s honestly life changing, I’ve always been a troubled sleeper and I truly am never without a bottle or two in my bedside table!

Clean Reserve 'Velvet Flora' perfume fragrance

Clean Reserve ‘Velvet Flora’

Clean Reserve ‘Velvet Flora’ has been the perfect transitional perfume between the seasons, it’s clean, simple and fresh, but it also has a touch of spice with saffron and woodsiness earthiness with the cedar wood and patchouli. It’s absolutely beautiful! I think Briar Moss will forever be my favourite Clean Reserve fragrance, but this one has been a joy to wear over the past few weeks! If you don’t know Clean Reserve already, make sure you check them out, they do beautiful, clean, fresh, sustainable, wonderful perfumes, look out for Velvet Flora, Citron Fig and the aforementioned Sweetbriar & Moss.

… and there we have it! My October Faves! I hope you like! Also, this post contains some gifted items and some affiliate links.