Fragrance: Molton Brown ‘Bizarre Brandy’ Limited Edition Christmas Collection

Molton Brown ‘Bizarre Brandy’ Limited Edition Christmas Collection shower gel

Molton Brown ‘Bizarre Brandy’ Limited Edition Christmas Collection

“Bizarre Brandy is an ode to the exuberant revelries of The Bright Young Things, a hedonistic group of bohemian young aristocrats who scandalised 1920’s London society. Sidecar cocktails were their ripple of choice, blended with the finest aged Brandy. This collection captures the height of their parties, with forks popping and coupes clinking in tune to riotous jazz”


Top Notes: Ginger, Cardamom, Orange

Heart Notes: Brandy, Coffee, Caramelised Maple

Base Notes: Incense, Cedarwood, Tobacco

Molton Brown ‘Bizarre Brandy’ Limited Edition Christmas Collection perfume

perfume and shower gel molton brown bizarre brandy

Molton Brown ‘Bizarre Brandy’  Review…

Regular readers of my blog will hopefully know I’m a huge huge HUGE fan of Molton Brown. My boyfriend and I are long time customers of their products, we love their bath & shower gels, candles and perfumes. They really do nail their scents! We love the darker, more moodier fragrances like the Tobacco Absolute, Black Pepper and Russian Leather, but we also adore the classic, fresher fragrances like Grapefruit & Vetiver and Rosa Nobile and Geranium Nefertum.


Anyway, let’s chat about the new limited edition fragrance; Molton Brown Bizarre Brandy. I love this collection because it’s dark, leathery, spicy and exciting, but it’s also got a touch of sweetness to it which is unusual for Molton Brown. It’s almost like a boozy gourmand with a heavy hit of spice, woods and leather. It’s rich, addictive and really playful. It does conjure up feelings of old london hotel bars, Brandy cocktails, classic colognes, coffee, candles, log fires and late nights. It’s fun, fancy and has a real theatrical and magical feel to it. It reminds me a little of a cross between Muddled Plum, Tobacco and Black Pepper, the notes of Brandy are wonderful and the caramelised maple adds a touch of sweetness without it being sweet and sickly. It’s grown up and fabulous! Grab a cocktail, it’s going to be a fun evening!

Molton Brown Bizarre Brandy is our now and available as a bath & shower gel (£24) body lotion (£27), eau de toilette perfume (£85), single wick candle (£42) and festive bauble (£14) filled with the bath & shower gel. The collection is available from Molton Brown, instore & online.

  Molton Brown ‘Bizarre Brandy’ Limited Edition Christmas Collection