Best Coach Bag For Work 

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Best Coach Bag For Work 

I think if you had asked me which the best Coach bag for work is a year or two ago, I would have said without even a second of hesitation; ‘The Rogue’, however, over the past few months the rogue handbag seems to have almost disappeared from the Coach Website. Which for me, is such a shame as it’s a bag I love so much and it’s actually my all-time favourite Coach bag. But times change and new bags are introduced, so today I’m going to chat about the best Coach bag for work and I’m not going to talk about the Rogue because my friends, it seems like that bag has been discontinued, at least for now! So instead, we are going to focus on other Coach bags which are great for work; The Dreamer, Central Tote, Tabby and Riley.

coach dreamer handbag petit 21 pink blush pretty side view

Coach Dreamer 

I have the Dreamer in pink (see image above and read all about the Dreamer here) and honestly it’s adorable! There’s something about it which reminds me a little of a modern Chloe ‘Paddington’, maybe it’s the shape and the way it feels slightly retro, but either way, it’s fun, a great size and secure. The dreamer is the kind of bag which says ‘Take me seriously, I mean business!’, But it also says ‘I’m cool and I know great style, even when I’m at work!’. It shows a little personality and a lot of business sass. Y’know what I’m saying? I love the bold colours and prints it’s available in, the hardware is both unusual and understated. It doesn’t have big Coach logos on it, instead the unique hardware and high quality leather does the talking. Personally I think it’s a real cutie, and it can be worn as a top handle bag, in the crock of your arm, or over your shoulder as a long shoulder strap bag – it comes with a detachable long strap. Now all you need is a cute tweed skirt suit and you have a LOOK!!!!

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Coach Central Tote 

The Central tote is a bag I don’t yet own, and when I say ‘yet’ I mean ‘yet’ because it will be mine soon! I love this bag, it looks practical, understated and basically fits in all your stuff. From laptops to lunch this Coach bag is your work Bff and I think we are all gonna love this one! She comes in a variety of colours and finishes, but whatever your preference; she’s roomy, practical and dependable. I don’t have this bag, so I’m SO sorry I can’t show you images of it, but if you look below in the shopping section you will see it and if you click THIS LINK, you will see it on the Coach website. 

coach tabby bag handbag strap tricolor patchwork review

coach tabby bag handbag strap tricolor patchwork large strap

Coach Tabby Bag

I personally ADORE the Coach Tabby Bag (see image above), it’s new for 2019 and it’s SO nice!!! Does it fit a laptop or iPad inside… no! But does it fit your daily make up, purse, phone, keys, charger etc. inside, YES IT DOES! There’s plenty of room inside and it’s cool, chic, modern, practical and just a generally great day bag!!! Read my full post about the Coach Tabby Bag.

coach Riley Top Handle 22 In Signature Canvas handbag bag monogram print review

coach Riley Top Handle 22 In Signature Canvas handbag bag crossbody handbag

Coach Riley Top Handle Bag

I was reluctant to mention this bag, because I now for a lot of people the Coach Riley Top Handle Bag (see images above) would be too small for a work bag, however, if you don’t carry much with you on a day-to-day basis, it is a brilliant bag. It fits a small amount of make-up inside, as well as your purse, phone, keys and wallet, but not a huge amount more. It’s definitely big enough for some people, but not for the Mary Poppin’s types out there. That being said, it’s stunning and if you want an excuse to buy it, go wild!

Coach Top Handle Parker Handbag coach monogrammed monogram coated canvas kelly style bag taupe turnlock rose clasp review 2019 white camel coloured brown coach 1941 review

Coach Top Handle Parker Handbag coach monogrammed monogram coated canvas kelly style bag taupe turnlock rose clasp review

Other Great Coach Bags…

Oh god! There are SO many great Coach bags out there!! I always love the Parker because it’s so beautiful, both as a shoulder bag and a top handle bag (see image above). If you are a fan of a hobo style bag, the Dalton 31 is a great option. It’s not my personal style, but it is a great handy bag, especially if you love something a little more slouchy. The Charlie bag is a great option which looks super smart, especially in a block colour. But for me, I think the Tabby is the winner, or the Rogue… OH GOD!  I PROMISE I WOULDN’T MENTION THE ROGUE!!!!

Coach Handbag Quality 

Ok! So I know I’ve said this SO many times, so please, forgive me if I’m being boring but honestly, I love a coach quality! The leather, especially the pebble leather is stunning, the stitching is flawless and the finish is perfection. With coach you always get a cracking handbag for the money and honestly there are brands out there selling half the quality for double the money. So yes! When it comes to quality, coach have nailed it! 

Go Shopping!

…And there we have it, the best Coach bag for work, although let’s be honest, there was multiple bags in this post! lol! I just can’t stick to one bag! Also this post contains affiliate links.