Amazing Christmas Gifts For Your Ride Or Die!

ghd platnium pink gold rose gold

Amazing Christmas Gifts For Your Ride Or Die!

There are certain people in our lives: Mums, sisters, best friends, who are our Ride or Dies. They are the people for whom we say screw-the-budget, you are so important, I NEED to get this for you! Y’know? Anyway! This is the gift guide for those people, get out your credit card, this is going to be a fun one!

ghd pink gold

Who Doesn’t Want ghd’s For Christmas?!?

I don’t know if this is just me, but in my experience, a pair of ghd’s has ALWAYS been the ultimate luxury Christmas gift! Which is why a snazzy pair of gold, no really, GOLD ghd’s are such a fabulous Christmas gift!

All I Want For Christmas Is YOU… Bobbi Brown

There’s a LOT of palettes out there, but for me, when it comes to gifting, it’s ALWAYS Bobbi Brown! It’s beautiful, timeless, universally loved and super wearable. There’s oodles of beautiful palettes to choose from, but I adore this Couture Drama one… throw in a Lipstick and you’ve got a REAL Party!

L'Occitane Almond Body Care Collection

Who Needs Roasted Chestnuts??!

My friends, I need to ask, who needs the Roasted Chestnuts At Christmas? Not me, they smell better than they taste and quite frankly, Almonds, well, L’occitane Almond’s smell better. This L’Occitane Almond Body Care Collection is THE DREAM! The set contains Almond shower oil (my fave) Body butter (divine), Hand cream (The best!) and Soap (Amazing!) It’s truly a delightful gift!

prada sunglasses mirrored round

OMG! Are You Wearing Prada?

No Joke! I’m not kidding here, there are some KILLER Prada glasses on sale at Sunglasses Shop right now… why not consider it?! These beauties are £139. Don’t tell me that’s not amazing! And FYI, I gave my mum Prada sunglasses last christmas. She LOVES Them!


Your New Favourite Candle Brand…

I know there’s a LOT of beautiful candles out there, but Roja Dove’s Candles are NEXT LEVEL!!!! The new Christmas candle is AMAZING, as are all his candles. I adore the New York one and the Paris one, the Rose one is also a joy, but quite frankly, this Christmas one is pure heaven! It’s a blend of ginger bread and cinnamon, pine and greenery, log fires, warm stoves and baked treats. It’s truly magical!

chanel brooches

Is THAT Chanel!?

Why yes it is! Or it could be! Whilst you might not be able to drop a few thousand pounds on a Chanel Bag for your bestie (OMG! The DREAM!) you could consider heading over to Vestiaire Collective for a little pre-loved Chanel, maybe a brooch or a necklace, or even a scarf?! It’s all preloved, all in great condition and always, always, always authentic! But In all seriousness, on Vestiaire Collective, you could pick up a beautiful Chanel brooch from about £200 which is a fraction of the shop price!

Omorovicza Replenish & Restore Collection

Great Skin Is A GREAT Gift

Skincare is an amazing gift for pretty much anyone. It’s both a gift of self-care and luxury, but also, of confidence. It’s been proven OVER and OVER that out skin health has a huge effect on our mental health and for some people it’s hard to know where to start with what to use. Personally, I always suggest a natural skincare brand, which is sensitive friendly, so something like Omorovicza Replenish & Restore Collection. This brand has worked wonders for me and honestly, if I could, I would give a box of this to everyone woman I know! It’s amazing, so beautifully natural, hard working and super self-care-y!

Acqua di Parma 'Rosa Nobile'

You Smell SO Good!!

One of my ALL time favourite fragrances HAS to be Acqua di Parma ‘Rosa Nobile’, it’s absolutely stunning! And I had to mention this perfume as not only do I love it, but I actually gave a bottle of this to a friend of my a while ago because I was staying at her house and she loved it and I insisted on leaving the bottle for her. It’s dreamy and I wanted her to feel amazing wearing it, as I know that’s how it makes me feel. It’s a stunning blend of rose, peony, tangerine, bergamot, lily, violet and so much more. It’s beautiful and fabulous and this gift set is totally worthy of a ride or die!

So, there we have it, my permission to you to splash the cash on your ride or die! Also, this post does include a selection of both press samples and affiliate links.