The Cutest & Most Sustainable Fashion Collaboration Is Out NOW: Olivia Rubin X Etsy

Etsy-Olivia Rubin 2019 collaboration

Olivia Rubin X Etsy

Hello friends! I just wanted to share a super quick post with you all today about the Olivia Rubin X Etsy Collection, because quite frankly, I LOVE IT! If you are a fan of Olivia Rubin’s AMAZING clothing already (and quite frankly, you should be!) you will know she has a deep love for pastel hues, rainbows, soft floaty textures pretty details and stripes, and this collaboration truly reflects her signature style. Also, both Etsy, as a platform and Olivia Rubin, as a designer, are all about sustainability and handmade products, so this is collection you can feel really good about investing in. Each piece has been created with a different Etsy maker.

Anyway! Enjoy the photos, enjoy the collection and if you want to treat yourself, click the small icons below in the shopping section of go stalk the Olivia Rubin X Etsy Page. It’s all beautiful. It’s all hand made and it’s all out now! Personally I have a deep love for the take-away cups, candles, desk lamp and crockery.

Happy Shopping!


Go Shopping!!

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PS. Let me know if you buy anything and just so you know, this post hasn’t been sponsored by by Olivia Rubin or Etsy, I just really wanted to share it with you, however, this post does include affiliate links.


Etsy-Olivia Rubin pastel rainbow

Etsy-Olivia Rubin pastel rainbow etsy collaboration

Etsy x Olivia Rubin