Light Up, Light Up… The Autumn Candle Edit!

Acqua Di Parma 'Luce Di Colonia' candleThe Autumn Candle Edit!

My friends!!! I’m SO excited to share with you my favourite candles of the Autumn season!! Whilst I’m not loving the darker evenings, I am enjoying central heating, log fires, hot chocolates, soups, cashmere scarves, ear muffs, cold walks on the beach and  slippers. I’m obviously also loving wearing my Autumnal perfumes and burning scented candles. Let me walk you though the best candles for red-leaf-and-rain-season!

Roja 'New York'

Roja ‘New York’

I haven’t been to New York for a couple of years now and honestly, I’m starting to get a bit of FOMO around it! I wanna go see the bright lights and big buildings!! This Roja ‘New York’ candle isn’t helping my wanderlust either, it is the most intoxicating blend of Lime rose, jasmine, cherry blossom, cinnamon, clove, wood, vetiver, almond accord and musk. It’s fresh and floral, but also kind of dirty and sexy, all at the same time. It’s pure magic!!! Also, if you haven’t been into the Roja store in Burlington Arcade yet, please go, it’s fantastic and the sales assistants are SO nice and will help you explore your way around the collection. It’s such a lovely shop!

Annick Goutal 'Une Forêt d'Or'

Annick Goutal ‘Une Forêt d’Or’

I swear, I will never get bored of pine scents and Annick Goutal ‘Une Forêt d’Or’ is absolutely stunning! It’s a dreamy blend of pine, woods and oranges. I know it sounds really christmassy, but actually it’s just warm, wintery and lovely! It feels like a hug on a cold evening, it reminds me Christmas is coming over the next season, but its not so festive it makes me want to watch Home Alone, it’s just warm, cosy and wonderful!

Ted Baker 'Pink Pepper & Cedarwood'

Ted Baker ‘Pink Pepper & Cedarwood’

It’s funny, I usually choose Ted Baker candles because I LOVE the pots, but actually with this one, I truly love the fragrance. Ted Baker ‘Pink Pepper & Cedarwood’ smells of spicy pink pepper, warm cedar wood and oodles of red berries! It’s delightful!

Jo Loves 'Log Fires'

Jo Loves ‘Log Fires’

Imagine the most amazingly, cosy and enveloping fire you have ever sat in front of and then you might get somewhere close to scent of this candle. It somehow captures the scent of the fire but also the way it makes you feel. But then what else would you expect from Jo Malone, the queen of fragrance. Jo Loves ‘Log Fires’, is a smokey woodsy, Lapsang Souchong inspired dream!

Acqua Di Parma 'Luce Di Colonia'

Acqua Di Parma ‘Luce Di Colonia’

Start your cold, slightly dark day right with a burst of Italian sunshine! This stunning Acqua Di Parma ‘Luce Di Colonia’ candle is infused with notes of potent orange, lemon, neroli, petitgrain, patchouli and vetiver. It’s zesty and warm, but also spicy, masculine and comforting. It’s the perfect productivity candle for those autumnal mornings when you don’t seem to be able to any motivation, this will spring you into action in the best possible way!

Björk & Berries 'Dark Rain' 

Björk & Berries ‘Dark Rain’

I HAD to include this candle in my edit, because it’s inspired by Autumn, but this isn’t cosy fires, oak leaves and cashmere sweaters, this candle is inspired by Autumn Rain… and my friends, it’s beautiful!!! Björk & Berries ‘Dark Rain’ is sensual, earthy and wet with notes of wood, citrus and amber. It’s comforting and cosy and really evokes that feeling of being warm inside whilst it’s raining outside. You can almost hear the rain tapping softly on the window panes. It’s really beautiful and branding wise, it’s minimalist and beautiful and definitely a candle you want to have on show!

Fornasetti 'Flora'

Fornasetti ‘Flora’

I’m a self confessed Fornasetti fan and of all their fragrances, I have to say, ‘Flora’ is my all time favourite. It’s a stunning blend of sandalwood, incense, tuberose, lily of the valley and jasmine. It’s divine! I have a hefty collection of Fornasetti candles and honestly, they make me SO happy! From the dreamy pots, to the incredible fragrances. I just adore them and they make winter so much better!!!

Molton Brown 'Bizarre Brandy'

Molton Brown ‘Bizarre Brandy’

I’m a forever fan of Molton Brown and I adore their candles, shower gels and fragrances, but this new one has got my head positively spinning! I’m talking about Molton Brown ‘Bizarre Brandy’  which is inspired by the 1920’s party scene, think jazz, cocktail clubs and endless evenings of pure hedonistic delight. It’s a dreamy blend of ginger, cardamom, orange, aged brandy and caramelised maple. It’s spicy, sweet, boozy and woodsy, it’s also totally addictive! I need to get myself the shower gel and fragrance to match, Bizarre Brandy is AMAZING!

Le Couvent des Minimes 'Louis Feuillée'

Le Couvent des Minimes ‘Louis Feuillée’

Le Couvent des Minimes was founded in 1614 and it’s one of the oldest perfumeries in the world. Inspired by The Royal Library, Louis Feuillée smells like old wood, books, dust, romance and peace.  Containing notes of Cedar and Cistus, it’s warm, comforting and inspires rest and reading.

Miller Harris X McQueens 'Water Wood' 

Miller Harris X McQueens ‘Water Wood’

You know that smell when you walk into a really beautiful florist and you are engulfed with the scent of opulent blooms mixed with foliage and water? Well, that’s exactly what Miller Harris X McQueens ‘Water Wood’ smells like. It’s so beautiful and it smells so much like a florist, actually, McQueens florist, that it’s crazy to me. It’s absolutely stunning; floral, green, aquatic and woodsy. I can’t believe some people are lucky enough to work in a florist and smell scents like this… All. Day. Long!!! Trust me, you will love this one, there’s a reason I saved this one til last!

…And there we have it! My Autumn candle edit! I hope you love it and I hope this encourages you to treat yourself to a special candle or five soon, there really is nothing more joyful than a new cosy candle for the cold, dark evenings! Enjoy! Ps. Post contains both affiliate links and some gifted products.



  1. October 25, 2019 / 9:31 pm

    I’m a massive fan of some of these brands but didn’t know about some of the others! They sound amazing. I love a scented candle in the Autumn.

    • fashionforlunch
      October 26, 2019 / 2:37 pm

      Thank you so much Lucy! I’m so glad to have found some of your faves and also introduced you to some new ones, I always think that’s the best way to find new things, find things you love and people who love similar things you don’t know! puts you on the right track! xxxx