Fragrance Review: Miller Harris ‘Secret Gardenia’

miller harris secret gardenia perfume fragrance review pink

Miller Harris ‘Secret Gardenia’

“An abundance of gardenia flowers on a misty London morning, their pillowy petals bathed in dewy, pure light.”

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Top Notes: Bergamot, Yuzu, Nashi Pear
Heart Notes: Gardenia, Jasmin absolute, Ylang-ylang, Violet Petals
Base Notes: Driftwood, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Musk
miller harris secret gardenia perfume fragrance review pink fashion for lunch

In Review…

Hello friends! Today I’m back with a new blog post all about the latest release from Miller Harris! You might already know, but I ADORE Miller Harris, those fresh French Inspired fragrances just get me. I adore ‘Rose Silence’, ‘Wander’ is a joy and their ‘Cassis en Feuille’ Candle always hits the spot. And if I ever find myself wealthy, I’m totally going to work with them on their bespoke fragrance service – because creating a perfume with them sounds like my absolute dream!!! Anyway, today I really want to chat to you about their new fragrance; Miller Harris ‘Secret Gardenia’. 
Personally, I think of Gardenia as a ‘vintage’ floral. I’m sure some people would call it old fashioned, but I think of it as classic, regal and timeless. It’s not loud and majestic like Rose, nor is it safe and pretty like a peony, instead it’s just doing it’s own thing, boldly blooming and waiting in the wings for it’s next great performance. For me, the scent of a gardenia is the epitome of old time elegance and Miller Harris ‘Secret Gardenia’ has captured the beauty and the spender of the bloom, but softened it slightly to give it a slightly more translucent and ethereal feel. As you might expect, Gardenia is very much at the centre of this fragrance, but like all good performers, it knows the importance of a beautiful chorus line to support the star. Gardenia is blended with sweet pear, powdery violets, lively jasmine, uplifting bergamot and and orchestra of woods and musk at the base to give the fragrance a long lasting depth and richness. I have a real weakness for classic fragrances and vintage blooms and ‘Secret Gardenia’ is right up my street. Pop into your local Miller Harris store or stockist soon and have a sniff around their collection, they’re a real treat!
Miller Harris ‘Secret Gardenia’ is available from Miller Harris online and in store, it’s priced at £75 for a 50ml bottle. This post contains press samples.
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