It’s That Time Again… Let’s Chat About Our August Favourites!

plate necklace sagan

Raiding My Own Jewellery Box

I’ve recently been raiding my own jewellery box and one of the things I happily unearthed was this necklace. I think it is from a brand called ‘Sagan’ and if I remember rightly it was made out of an old plate. When I used to wear this necklace the style was to wear with a shorter length chain, which no longer fits my style, so I’ve ordered myself a 28 inch solid sterling silver chain online and I’m ready to wear and enjoy it again! Shop your own wardrobe my friends! It’s great fun!

loreal clay mask

L’Oreal Pure Clay Soothing Mask

When L’oreal released their clay masks a few years ago, I was an instant fan. I mean, who isn’t those masks are amazing! Anyway, I was very excited when I saw their new L’oreal Pure Clay Soothing Mask. Once I have fairly dry skin, I tend to favour the green mask for my nose and red for everywhere else. This pink addition still detoxes and leaves skin radiant, but in a far gentler way. I used it the night before a big shoot, my skin was in need of a detoxifying and a bit of a boost, but I also knew that it was a little on the sensitive side and I wanted something that would calm it down rather than rev it up! Y’know? Anyway, it did the trick and if you love the other clay masks, then you need this one too. Possibly my favourite of them all, that and the red one! Also this bad boy is £5.29 RN at Superdrug. That’s INCREDIBLE!

£1 vintage dress ramsgate vintage store

£1 Vintage Dresses

No joke, I went to a vintage sale and I bought oodles of amazing pieces of vintage clothing for £1 a piece. I think my favourite item has to be this dress, but honestly, I have a few winning dresses, all of which cost 100 pennies and make me feel great! I used to wear exclusively vintage, usually paired with Vivienne Westwood shoes and a designer handbag, but searching for vintage is mega time consuming and over the past few years I got lazy and stuck to new clothes. It feels really nice to dip my toes into the vintage pool again! Plus… Hello #Sustainability!

chilston park hotel

Staycation At Chilston Park Hotel

This month I went for a staycation at Chilston Park Hotel with my friend Danielle. We sat, walked, chatted, afternoon tea’ed and so much more. It was great! Read all about it here. Also, is this not the staircase that dreams are made of?!

Ten Podcasts For Freelance Creatives my vq radio


This month I have been listening to The Dark Side Of… which this month focuses on the music industry. Which was obviously right up my street! I have also been binging This Is Actually Happening which is a podcast about weird stories, which I’m always into. I’ve also been listening to 100 Nasty Women Of History too. Honestly, I listen to SO much, I really haven’t watched any TV (except some youtube vids) in weeks… maybe even months!!!

#summerofstarbucks fashion for lunch starbucks summer 2019 campaign london colour walk


This month saw the release of the Starbucks summer drinks collection and I was truly THRILLED when I received an email asking if I wanted to be part of their #SummerofStarbucks campaign! Hello dream collaboration! I soon found myself heading into London, with my reusable Starbucks Frap’ tumbler in hand ready for a day of colour, coffee, ice team and fun! We sampled all the new drinks, the smooth ice coffees, the iced frozen teas (strawberry and lime is a dream!) and their delicious summer fraps. Then we headed off to east London to enjoy an afternoon in the sun, sightseeing and drinking coffee. Look out for the new drinks menu and treat yourself soon! FYI, I’m a Starbucks Gold Member (and have been for years) so I get free extra shots and dairy-free milk alternatives for freeeeeeeee! It’s so worth getting the Starbucks app / card for this reason alone!

Chilston Park Hotel, Kent bedroom tudor beams

Cancelation Station

This month my boyfriend and I looked through some of our monthly spends and we cancelled a few things… Last month we got rid of Now TV, this month we got rid of Amazon Prime, Netflix and a few other things we didn’t need right now – like our joint travel insurance plan. We haven’t been on holiday for a sweet time (hey Gordon!) and quite frankly, we don’t need to spend £150 a month when we have not been on holiday in forever and have no travel plans coming up. Anyway, my point is, look at your outgoings, check you need those things and even if you cancel something now, you can always take it back up in a month or two!

next basket handbag

Basket Bags

I’m all in with the basket bags this summer! Yes, I know I’m a cliche, but they look and feel great! This little cutie is from Next and I love the material and the colours which run through it. I think it adds a little something to the classic basket bag design, don’t you?

amazing charity shop floral sofa

Just A Reminder…

Friends, this is just a reminder, if you see something amazing in a charity shop, snap it up! This month I found this super cute sofa with matching chair and I didn’t buy it. When I went back the next morning to make my purchase, I discovered it had already been sold. DAMMIT! I also found a dreamy bamboo set of shelves, again, I went home to measure it up only to discover it had sold. Let this be a lesson to you all! When it comes to thrifting, if you see it, love it, buy it!

LRP skin care mens

La Roche-Posay Mens Skincare

This is one my boyfriend asked me to include. I gave him some La Roche Posay mens skincare products a few months ago and he’s only just gotten round to using them. He didn’t give me a crazy amount of details, but he says he really likes them. They are beard friendly, man friendly, sensitive skin friendly and I guess just comfortable and no-nonsense to use. Also, men love a tube don’t they?! Also, fragrance free, which is rare for mens skincare!

charlotte tilbury GLOW palette

Charlotte Tilbury ‘Glowgasm’ Collection

Damnnnn! Charlotte Tilbury just GET WHAT I WANT!!! Y’know?!? This new Charlotte Tilbury Glowgasm collection is killing me! The hue, the glow, the glossiness, I just love it!!!! I’ve been trying hard this summer to wear less make up (I mean, it just sweats off!) and instead focusing more on sheer lipsticks (obvs still with a punch of colour!), highlighter and brows. This collection is EVERYTHING!!

Latest In Beauty Pick ‘n’ Mix Beauty Box

This month I subscribed to the Latest In Beauty Pick ‘n’ Mix beauty box. If you are a beauty box junkie (hiiii! me too!) then you will adore this! Instead of being surprised with items every month, you get to CHOOSE YOUR OWN!!!!! When I picked my box, I had 130 items to choose from and there was brands like Nuxe, Clinique, Sure, Soaper Duper, Garnier, Invisibobble, Sleek, St Tropez and sooooo much more. Honestly, it’s the greatest beauty box EVER! I love everything in my box, there’s no wastage and whilst the element of surprise is gone when I’m unboxing it, the excitement when I choose my items is REAL! So good!

bose headphones silver noise cancelling

Bose Headphones

I have the dream headphones.. the silver Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones! I flippin’ love them!!!! I have the in-ear Bose headphones and they are great, but nothing compared to these amazing things! The noise cancelling function is amazing, the sound quality is brilliant and damn, everything about them is just perfection. LOVE! PS. I’m so obsessed that now I want the noise cancelling sleep bud thingies!

saira facial oil

Saira Skin Hydrating Facial Oil

I’m always on the hunt for face oils, and whilst a lot of face oils tend to be fairly light, this one is rich, hydrating, intense and amazing. It’s perfect for overnight use and really feels like it’s working wonders on my tired old skin. If you want to know what the fuss is about, then you need to try Saira Skin Hydrating Facial oil, it’s wonderful!

miller harris blousey

Miller Harris ‘Blousy’

Miller Harris ‘Blousy’ is so much fun! It’s a total summer fragrance, it’s a dreamy blend of strawberries, rose, pink pepper, iris, sandalwood, mandarin, vanilla and more. It’s sweet like sticks of rock, but also romantic and dreamy like 1930’s cinema. It’s fun, unique and a total faded glamour seaside perfume. It’s afternoon tea in an old coastal hotel, topped with a paddle in the sea, candy floss and a cocktail somewhere cosy. It’s rather wonderful and super fun!

black labrador dogs working gun dogs

…And In All Other News…

We still have Bob, here he is! It’s a photo I took a while ago, but he’s such a little cutie I couldn’t resist sharing it again. He’s going back to my parents next week, but he’s been so much fun to have around! Say ‘Hi’ to Bob! And obviously that’s Gordon behind him, the little poppet that he is! I’m secretly enjoying having two black labs wake me up in the morning! Shhhhh!

OK! That was my monthly faves, let me know yours! Also some of these items have been gifted and some links are affiliate.



  1. September 11, 2019 / 11:25 am

    Some lovely things here- especially that £1 dress!

    • fashionforlunch
      September 11, 2019 / 5:47 pm

      thanks susie!!! its old school Kirsty!!!

  2. September 11, 2019 / 12:01 pm

    One, I want to come clothes shopping with you! Two, great advice about cancelling things you don’t use and three – Hello, Bob! x