Blogging: How To Join RewardStyle!

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How To Join RewardStyle!

So, here’s the thing. Blogging is expensive. From the server hosting costs, to camera(s), lenses, lighting, website templates, editing tools, props, laptop and sooooo much more. Plus, if you really want to up your game, then you might want to look into outsourcing photography, editing and VA services for Pinterest and management. AND if you really want to go for it, then you will be looking into the costs of travel, offices, merchandise, advertising, press management and the list goes on. As much as the world likes to pretend bloggers, influencers, youtubers, instagramers swan around London having free meals, wearing free clothing and making ALL the cash, in reality, the workload is high and the costs can also be pretty steep. Which is why you need to think about creating some streams of revenue for yourself. One and possibly the first way to get going with this, is to set yourself up as an affiliate. My friends, this is my blog post on how to join RewardStyle!

Affiliate marketing is a fancy sounding term for earning commission on the sales you earn. Your readers aren’t spending any more on the products they buy, but the company who sells them is giving you a tiny slice of the sale for sending the customer their way. So for instance, maybe I tell you about my fave ever cleansing oil, you buy it, it costs £10 and I might earn around 30-50p of the price of the cleansing oil when my link is used. The reader doesn’t pay £10.50, the store just gives me 30-50p out of their profits. The way that the store knows I’m the one who has sent the sale to them is because my link will have a unique tracking code that relates to me. Get it?

Whilst the individual sales aren’t gonna pay for the cost of that new lens you wanna buy, as you get more readers and make more sales, together the tiny percentages of commission do add up. Some weeks I make very little, other weeks I make a tidy sum. It’s worth doing, plus, it’s nice to know you’ve helped your readers find an amazing cleansing balm. Y’know?

So, how do you become an Affiliate?

Well, there’s a number of different agencies you can sign up to. Personally I would recommend AWIN and RewardStyle, the latter being my favourite. It’s not easy signing yourself up to RewardStyle, however, once you are excepted, you can access pretty much every fashion and beauty product you need from one place (other agencies make you apply to each and every retailer individually and It can be really time consuming!) plus the links you need are generated for you, with other agencies you have to build the code yourself or wait a few minutes and click a lot of buttons for them to create them for you. PLUS, when you sign up to RewardStyle, they give you LOADS of tips and tricks on how to best monetise your content, implement the BEST SEO and generally be the best blogger you can be. Also, they have an annual conference (I’ve never been invited, but I’ve heard it’s great!) and they have occasional events in major cities around the world which are really informative too. I went to the London one a year or two ago and I STILL use information I learnt there on a daily basis.

RewardStyle: How To Get Accepted

So, like I said, RewardStyle is great. However, it’s hard to get accepted on to, they have a LOT of people applying to join and they look at each and every application manually, checking all their social media, blog and Youtube content. It’s a time consuming process and it can seem impossible to get through the ‘door’. Which is why I’ve created a little video to try and help YOU become a member. Give it a watch above and if you want to email me with any more information or to be referred, let me know and I will see if I can help!

Good luck!

Boden Dress Blue summer 2019 floral ditsy