Perfumes: My Five Favourite Shay & Blue Fragrances

Shay and blue amber rose fragrance perfume review

The Best Of The Best…

I LOVE Shay & Blue, I’m such a big fan! I adore their fresh, plucked-from-nature vibe and simple, yet exciting compositions. They blend the sweet with smoky, fresh with leathery and always get something unique and exciting, which feels at once personal and universal. All their fragrances are unisex, high quality, vegan and incredible value. If they wanted, they could sell their fragrances for double the price (most of their fragrances retail at £55 for a 100ml bottle) – but they aren’t that kind of brand. The founder, Dom De Vetta (formally of Chanel & Jo Malone) wants everyone to be able to afford to be able to smell fabulous, because when we smell good, we feel good! Today I want to share with you my five favourite Shay & Blue fragrances and if you are new to the brand, hopefully it will give you a good idea of which fragrances to look out for and a little more insight into the wonderful world of Shay & Blue!

Shay and blue blood oranges fragrance perfume review

‘Blood Oranges’

Possibly my favourite EVER Shay & Blue fragrance, the iconic Blood Oranges. It’s uplifting and citrusy, but it’s also dark, sensual and mysterious. It’s a stunning blend of blood oranges, leather, amber and charred woods, I love it because it’s so fresh and joyful, but it’s also so deep and rich with the leather and wood accords. It’s also a great unisex fragrance if you are generous enough to share it with your partner – which I’m not! This one is all mine!

Shay and blue salt caramel fragrance perfume review

‘Salt Caramel’

Salt Caramel is the most delicious and decadent gourmand fragrance, EVER! It’s creamy, addictive and sweet, but somehow it’s not at all sickly. Perhaps it’s the slightly boozy bourbon, or maybe it’s the earthy tonka bean, but whatever it is, it’s delicious, decadent, sweet, leathery, rich, earthy and above all utterly addictive. It contains notes of caramel, sea salt, tonka bean, bourbon vanilla and sandalwood. Fun Fact: It’s my favourite ever gourmand fragrance!

Shay and blue sicilian limes fragrance perfume review cologne

‘Sicilian Limes’

Ah! Sicilian Limes is such a joy!! It’s zesty, fresh, fabulous, earthy and coastal. It’s contains notes of limes, herbaceous rosemary, earthy moss, cedar wood and the mineral-based and aquatic accords of sea salt. It smells of sunshine, coastal paths and ripe limes. Utterly wonderful for both men and women!

Shay and blue amber rose fragrance perfume review

‘Amber Rose’

I love Shay & Blue Amber Rose, it’s one of my favourite colder-months fragrances! It contains notes of may rose, dulce de leche and white amber. It’s warm and floral with roses, sweet with caramel and sensual with amber. I’m always a huge fan of rose-based fragrances, but this one has a little added fabulousness! It’s divine!

Shay and blue dandilion fig perfume fragrance perfume review

‘Dandelion Fig’

My love for fig fragrances will never fade and Shay & Blue’s Dandelion Fig is sublime! It’s a stunning blend of fig, lemongrass, dandelion leaves, tomato vine and juniper. If you love green fragrances as much as me, you will adore this one! The milky green fig blends beautifully with the green leaves and tomato vine (which also helps to add longevity to the green fig, which is notorious for fading fast) and the lemongrass and juniper adds a little freshness and woodsy-whimsy! Oh! I just love this one!

Shay and blue blacks club leather fragrance perfume review cologne


OK, I have to admit something, I can’t finish this post without doing a huge shout out to the wonderful fragrance which is Blacks Club Leather. I adore this one! It’s the most perfect smoky, woodsy, wintery scent. It is inspired by the famous Black Club in London and it is a strong, intoxicating blend of leather, cognac, firewood, beeswax and aged mahogany. It’s absolutely wonderful! I know this fragrance is a firm favourites with the men, but I love wearing this one myself and it’s also stunning when layered up with Amber Rose, it combines the rich, almost sweet florals or Amber Rose with the dark, leathery slightly spicy Blacks Club Leather. It’s a great combination, but equally, it’s stunning alone!

…And there we have it, my five, well, six favourite Shay & Blue fragrances! I hope this helps you learn a little more about the brand and also gives you an idea of where to start with the brand if you are new to them! Also, they do some fabulous candles and bath & body products, including almond hand creams which are wonderful, but more on them soon! Post contains press samples.

  Shay and blue sicilian limes fragrance perfume review

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