Beauty Obsession: The Best Beauty Oils

L'occitane Almond Shower Oil

Best Beauty Oils

Hello friends! Today I thought I would stop by and share some of my favourite beauty oils. I have naturally dry skin and dry hair, and for me, there is nothing more hydrating and luxurious than using a good beauty oil. I realised I use a lot of oils in both my day-to-day routine, but they are also some of my favourite products when I need a little extra TLC and a little self-care. There’s something that feels very pure and natural with a oil and not only that, they tend to hold essential oils beautifully and you know how I feel about fragrance! Ok, let’s deep dive and chat about my fave beauty oils!

Clarins Comfort Lip Oil

I am hooked on the Clarins lip oils! I have them in soooo many flavours and I adore them! They are super hydrating, smell amazing and give a beautiful sheen without feeling sticky and gross like regular lip glosses. Personally I love the raspberry and red berry flavours as they give a tiny pop of colour, as well as a huge hit of hydration! Oh and you can wear alone or over lipstick! Love them! Oh and watch this vid for my thoughts on the best flavour!

Jo Malone London Dry Body Oil

Jo Malone London Dry Body Oil

Jo Malone London make a lot of beautiful products but one of my favourites has to be their Dark Amber & Gingerlily Dry Body Oil. It’s hydrating and luxurious, plus it’s so beautifully scented I often use it instead of a perfume. It lingers all day and it really warms up on your skin. It’s absolutely stunning!

Nuxe ‘Huile Prodigieuse’ For Hair, Body & Face

I think Nuxe was the first beauty Oil I ever fell in love with. Their iconic Huile Prodigieuse can be used on the face, body and hair and it truly works on all three. It smells divine, like summer holidays; Orange Blossom, Rose, Lily, and Vanilla. It’s hydrating and luxurious and truly deserves every single shred of hype! Also, look out for the shimmery version and the new Florale version too!

Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil

Aromatherapy Associates ‘Deep Relax’ Bath & Shower Oil

If you have issues sleeping (like me!) then I can’t recommend two things enough… firstly, This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is a game changer for me. But also, this Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil is amazing too! A few drops of this in a warm, deep bath is super relaxing and I promise, it will help you sleep better! It’s amazing! You can also use it in the shower as a shower oil, but personally, I like to use it in the bath as it’s so rich, relaxing and beautiful, I think it’s more of a treat in the bath than the shower, it gives it time to really dig deep and work!

Soap & Glory ‘Split Happens’ Hair Oil

I honestly don’t know why more people aren’t shouting about this Soap & Glory hair Oil! It’s SO good! It smooths down my dry ends, makes my hair a little less fly-away, a lot more hydrated and never, ever, ever greasy! It’s SO good and honestly at £7 a bottle it’s an incredible price! I’ve tried similar hair oils which cost triple, if not quadruple the price! It’s so good and it smells amazing too!

Clinique 'Take The Day Off' Make Up Remover 

Clinique ‘Take The Day Off’ Make Up Remover

Ah! Clinique Take The Day Off is both a great cleansing balm and liquid make-up remover (shown in photo). Both products are brilliant and remove every single shred of make up, but today I’m talking about the make up remover. I’ve been trying not to use cotton wool pads recently, so I use a few drops of the liquid directly from the bottle, onto my hands and then onto my eyes, and then remove with a flannel. As for the cleansing balm, I try to spend a few minutes giving myself a facial massage and then removing the balm with water and a flannel, which I wash after every use. I then follow it up with a second cleanse. SO essential!

Tropic Skincare 'Super Greens' Serum

Tropic Skincare ‘Super Greens’ Serum

I love this Tropic Skincare Super Greens serum, but I have to say, it has more of an oil consistency rather than a serum. It took me a while to try it, but as soon as I did I loved it! Don’t be put off by the fact it contains kale, or by the fact it’s a really strong green colour! It’s rich, hydrating and honestly it works wonders on my skin. My mum is also a huge fan! Also, it has quite a strong herbal smell (because of it’s green ingredients), personally I love it and I think it smells great, but it’s not the usual neroli / rose / ylang ylang scent you might expect! I’ve worked my way through a few bottles of this product now and truly, it’s one of my favourite products from the whole Tropic line, which says a lot as their products are natural and wonderful!

Rodin Body Oil

Rodin Body Oil

I’m a huge fan of Rodin, their beautiful lipsticks, their dreamy perfumes and damn… I can’t even express how much Linda Rodin makes me want a poodle! Anyway, puppies aside, I adore their products and their summer release of the Golden Aurora collection has me especially excited. This body oil comes in three parts, and together they soften, silken and hydrate. Shake the bottle to blend and the result is a coral toned oil which is possibly the ultimate body oil; silky smooth, radiant and beautiful! Scented with mimosa and bergamot, it smells like sunshine! Top off with a little of her illuminator and you have goddess skin!

L’occitane Almond Shower Oil

I loveeeee this L’occitane Shower Oil! Even my boyfriend is a fan! I have bought numerous bottles of this stuff as well as the big refill bags! I think it’s brilliant and it’s a constant staple in our shower! It smells stunning, it’s super hydrating and I love the way it emulsifies and washes off. It makes every shower feel super special and it’s so hydrating I often don’t bother with a body lotion (or body oil!) every day because of it!

…And there we have it my friends… Best Beauty Oils! PS. Some links are affiliate and this post contains PR samples.