OMG! It’s Finally Summer Which Means It’s Time For The Summer Fragrance Edit!

Nina Ricci 'Les Sortbets de Nina' Collection perfumesSummer Fragrance Edit

OMG! I can’t believe how warm it’s become in the last few days! Last night we slept with the fan on ALL NIGHT and a few nights before that, I went to see Weezer at Brixton Academy in London and I was fanning myself whilst I danced and hanging out the laundry feels like I’m doing a weird form of buckram yoga because it’s so darn hot outside! Anyway! As the seasons change, so do our fragrance tastes, we tend to want to wear something a little lighter weight, cleaner, fresher and generally more playful than we do in the colder months. Today I am chatting through some great summer fragrances, some new, some classics… all delightful! Let’s go!

Annick Goutal 'Rose PomPon'

Annick Goutal ‘Rose PomPon’

One of my all time favourite Goutal fragrances has been given a summer make-over! It’s the iconic Rose PomPon which contains notes of rose, pink pepper, raspberry and blackcurrant. It’s summery, joyful, opulent and playful, it’s perfect for the rose lovers (like me!) but especially perfect for the summer months as the added fruits give it a lighter, sunnier feel than simply roses, which are stunning, but can feel quite heavy on a summers day!

Tocca 'Giulietta' perfume fragrance review 2019

Tocca ‘Giulietta’

Tocca are a beautiful brand fashion brand and I’m already a little bit in love with their fragrances! Their perfume, Giulietta is a stunning blend of pink tulips, green apple, lily and amber. It’s airy, aquatic, romantic and feels like a modern classic. Perfect for summer and perfect for girls who love delicate floral fragrances which ooze elegance, femininity and old school glamour.

Paco Rabanne 'Olympea Legend'

Paco Rabanne ‘Olympea Legend’

This is a fragrance which is getting a lot of love at the moment, so I really wanted to include it in the edit, because it smells like hot sun and Sumer nights with ripe fruits, ginger lily, florals, tonka bean and vanilla. It’s warm and sun soaked and although I love the solar accords it contains, I personally find it a little too sweet and sexy for me. But I tend to stay away from anything vanilla-y and sensual because I’m old and manly! That being said, I think Paco Rabanne Olympea Legend is going to be a huge hit and make a lot of ladies very happy this summer! If sunshine filled sexy fragrances are your thing, you’re gonna love it, but personally I prefer the classic Olympea, that one is a huge favourite of mine!

Nina Ricci 'Les Sortbets de Nina' Collection

Nina Ricci ‘Les Sortbets de Nina’ Collection

I didn’t think I would love the Nina Ricci Les Sortbets de Nina Collection as much as I do, but honestly, it’s so much fun! I love everything about them, from the super pretty pastel toned apple shaped bottles, to their careful, joyful summer fragrances. Fragrance buffs out there will be thrilled to know the amazing Olivier Cresp is behind this collection, which is probably why these fragrances aren’t your typical fruity-floral and instead radiant, joyful, sparkling sorbet-inspired bottles of magic! My favourite has to be the pink which is a blend of raspberry, lemon, florals and praline. So. Much. Fun!

Atelier Cologne 'Clémentine California'

Atelier Cologne ‘Clémentine California’

Oh la la! For the hot-hot days, there’s nothing which will cool you down and make you feel as fresh and fabulous as Atelier Cologne Clémentine California! It’s blended with natural, plucked-from-nature accords of clementine, juniper and vetiver. It’s warm, slightly sweet, citrus-y, long lasting and sensual. Perfectly unisex, familiar yet unique. It’s one of my favourites of the entire Atelier Cologne collection and also, a great starting place if you’re not familiar with the brand. I’m obsessed with their fragrances and I really want you all to pop into one of their stores or concessions and try them out for yourself. They are fabulous colognes and Clémentine California is a slice of summer joy!

Kierin NYC '10am Flirt'

Kierin NYC ’10am Flirt’

I’m new to the world of Kierin NYC, but I have to say, their  10am Flirt ticks all my boxes, I adore green fragrances and this one is perfect for summer! It’s a blend of green grass, gardenia, fig and cashmere wood, plus it’s inspired by New York City, one of my favourite places in the world! It’s fresh, slightly earthy, modern and classic. It’s got a touch of old New York glamour with the gardenia as well as the fresh greenery and reclaimed concrete of The High Line. I’m excited to see what else Kierin NYC give us, this is a wonderful summer fragrance!

Angela Flanders 'Rose' Living Mist 1

Angela Flanders ‘Rose’ Living Mist

First of all, what’s a Living Mist?! Well, let me tell you! It’s an ‘everything’ spray. Y’know, those fragrances you can use on your body, linens or as a room spray. I love an ‘everything spray’ or a ‘Living Mist’ because they are perfect for travel, it means that your hotel room can smell more like home and soften the environment, you can also mist it on your clothes when you unpack them and give them a bit of a freshen up this way too. Plus it doubles as your perfume and depending on the scent, as a pillow mist too. In short, they are just handy to have around! The nice thing about using a living mist as a perfume, is that they tend to be a little lighter than a regular perfume (and more affordable too!), which is great for summer when you want a little fragrance, but you don’t want it to feel too heavy on your skin. Angela Flanders Rose is a blend of soft pink and red roses with a touch of violet and plenty of greens. It’s divine!

Dsquared2 'Wood'

Dsquared2 ‘Wood’

Dsquared2 Wood comes in two varieties, one for men and one for women, the ladies option is ultra feminine with notes of osmanthus, jasmine, raspberry, mandarin and of course… wood. It’s fruity-floral with a heavy base of woods and if you love sweet, sexy, playful summer fragrances, with a slightly more earthy undertone, then you will love this one!

Jean Paul Gaultier 'Scandal'

Jean Paul Gaultier ‘Scandal’

I’m sensing a trend here, Gardenia! I’m not sure if it’s me that’s feeling wild for gardenia right now, or if it’s just a REALLY fashionable accord right now but soooo many fragrances in this edit include that glorious floral! Quite frankly, I can’t get enough of it right now! Jean Paul Gaultier’s Scandal is a summer classic, filled with notes of honey gardenia, blood orange, honey and patchouli. It’s sensual, fun, fabulous, zesty and elegant! It’s summer, why can’t we have fun all the time!?

Mugler 'Aura Sensuelle'

Mugler ‘Aura Sensuelle’

Oh la la! The new Mugler Aura Sensuelle is fabulous! It’s delicate, airy and feminine and smells of classic gardenia (one of my favourite florals) with cinnamon leaf, sandalwood and white musk. It’s sensual, pretty and even more magical than the original Aura. The perfect perfume to be worn with a white lace vintage dress and a straw boater!

Nuxe 'Delicious' Fragrant Water

Nuxe ‘Delicious’ Fragrant Water

Less of a perfume and more of a skin scent or body mist. It’s perfect as a subtle perfume or mid-day fragrance refresher. It smells like summer in a bottle with sweet orange, petitgrain, tiare flowers, vanilla, musk and a touch of coconut. Nuxe Delicious fragrant water smells like the classic Nuxe beauty oil, only more sunshiny and potent. Truly magical and at £27 for 100ml, I honestly don’t know why every woman doesn’t own a bottle already! Possibly my favourite of the entire edit!

…And there we have it! My Summer fragrance edit! I hope you love it! Happy summer everyone! Also, this post includes affiliate links and some press samples.




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