OMG! Did Someone Say… June Favourites!?! Here Are Mine!

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June Favourites!?! Here Are Mine!

Hello Friends! Can you believe another month has rolled by!?! It’s crazy!! This month was my birthday and also the month that the sun started to really shine for summer! It’s wild down here in margate! So hot! So sunny! I’ve been having to sit in the chair in the turret to get that beautiful through-breeze! Damn, that should be on my favourites list, how could I forget that?!! Anyway, aside from through-breeze, here are my faves!

radio my vq vintage style Ten Podcasts For Freelance Creatives


Oh la la! This month I have been loving ‘Man In The Window’ which is a podcast all about the Golden State Killer. Holy Cr*p he was one scary serial killer! I’ve also been loving The Shrink Next Door which is about abuse of power – it’s a crazy story. I’ve also been loving ‘The Dark Side Of’ and this season it focuses on the dark side of Hollywood. I love a tale about old Hollywood, so this podcast is right up my street! And for a little lighter entertainment, I’ve been loving listening to Spotify, I have the 3 months for 99p deal and I’ve been revisiting all my fave bands from yesteryear; Pulp, Radiohead, Weezer, Elton John…. God bless Spotify for giving us this offer! PS. Not an ad! lol!

local milk free preset pale light pink flower wall labels for lunch

My birthday!

Yep! That’s right! June is my birthday month! And believe it or not, I spent my birthday at the Janet Murray ‘Build Your Audience’ live event. I know most people spend their weekends drinking, shopping, crying… or all three! But I like to spend mine being super productive and learning. So my birthday gift was personal growth! No joke!!!! It was a two day event, which included me speaking at the event (yikes, right!) and I learnt SO much!!!! There was speakers covering confidence, live video, LinkedIn, Instagram (that was me!), twitter, Facebook ads and Pinterest. Honestly it was mind blowing! I feel like I have so much information to take in before I can start implementing everything I learnt but it was amazing! If you are freelance or self employed, I honestly can’t remember events like this enough. They are worth their weight in gold!!!!

bobbi brown ulla johnson palette and colour crush

Bobbi Brown X Ulla Johnson

Shout out to Bobbi Brown and Ulla Johnson for making the most beautiful capsule collection of make up! From a beautiful Color Crush red lipstick to a prettier-than-you-can-imagine eyeshadow palette with nudes and rose golds, to glowy rosy peach blushers which come with a small vial of face oil for that perfect natural glow. Every single item is perfect and it’s beautifully presented in fabric fronted palettes. So beautiful! How can a girl resist!?

Nuxe 'Delicious' Fragrant Water


This month I have been obsessed with wearing the Nuxe Delicious Fragrant Water. It’s a little lighter than a regular perfume, so sometimes I top it up later in the day, but honestly I just do that for my own enjoyment because it’s such a lovely perfume! Plus at £27 per bottle, you can afford to mist it around like a Queen! PS. I have my eye on the Nuxe EDP too, maybe next month!! I’m also a huge fan of their suncream too!

Sachajaun Hair Care 

Sachajaun Hair Care

It was my mum who put me onto Sachajaun hair care, she’s recently converted and she’s convinced it’s the best hair care she’s ever used and I have to admit, I’ve been loving their Intensive Repair Shampoo & Conditioner. I’ve been trying to improve my hair lately, just give it a little more condition and a little more styling and I have to say, I think this is a great hair care range. I’m sure I’ll see even better results after longer term use, but for now, I’m really loving it!

Daisy X Estée Lalonde Jewellery t bar and sun shield necklace

Daisy X Estée Lalonde Jewellery

As soon as I saw the Daisy X Estée Lalonde jewellery collection, I knew I wanted a piece! I love everything about it; it’s luxe but casual, timeless yet vintage inspired and most of all, it so tactile. I love jewellery you can play with and this collection definitely has that appeal. I love it worn alone, or layered up, and everything has a lovely chunky feel which I adore. I mean, they nailed it! You can find the full collection here and if you’re my friend, you can also see it around my neck! I’m gonna treat myself to a ring as soon as my outstanding invoices are paid, but for now, I love my necklaces!

margate airbnb apartment best places to stay in margate


This month we have been crazy busy working on the garden! I don’t really have anything to show you yet, but hopefully I will soon and I’m honestly beyond excited about it!!! I’ve been chiselling a wall, we have removed a conservatory and we have weeded every inch of soil! We have also had meetings with builders and landscapers and honestly, I’m so excited for the next phase!

Wreath Making at Macknade

This month I went to Faversham for an event hosted by Hannah Bullivant at Macknade, which is a local farmers market / food hall. There’s nothing I love more than doing my grocery shopping at specialist places which is bursting full of independent brands, specialist ingredients, artisan breads and hand reared ethical meats. Plus I’ve been a long time fan of Hannah’s styling so the fact that she worked her magic on designing the space, was a true delight!

A Whistle Stop Tour of Cleethorpes

This month we took a mini road trip up to cleethorpes to visit my boyfriends grandad. He’s 96 and a real trouper! I took this snap on my iPhone whilst I was waiting for chips on the pier! It just goes to show, there’s always an Instagram moment!

Coach Riley Top Handle Bag

A strong contender as my favourite Coach bag ever… it’s SO nice! Which is why I HAD to make a YouTube vid about it!!!! Isn’t it dreamy? BTW, have you subscribed to my channel yet?! Please do! Also, there’s an amazing sale on at Coach right now, so do go check it out!

beth kirby free lightroom presets jo malone perfume

This Blog Post About Presets…

This month I wrote a blog post about Lightroom presets and I think a lot of people found it really useful, so if you are looking to up your photography / instagram game and you want to know more about Lightroom, then head over to this post. Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you need to head over to the Local Milk blog to download two amazing free presets from her. They are so good!

 Jo Malone City Candles

This month saw the release of the Jo Malone London City Candle collection and I’m so obsessed with them! They have picked a different fragrance to represent each city and each jar has a limited edition design. Above is the London one, I need to go stalk the internet to see what the other cities look like!

the cutest airbnb in margate where to stay in margate kent

My Margate Airbnb

My Airbnb has started to hot up for the summer and it’s SO exciting meeting so many people coming to visit Margate for a mini break!!! If you want to come visit us, you can find my Margate Airbnb here, and let me know if you book so Gordon and I can meet you!!

elemis neroli cleansing balm

Elemis Neroli Cleansing Balm

I’m a forever fan of the Elemis Cleansing balms, they are amazing, but once a while they make a limited edition fragrance and I can’t deny… it excites me! Sure the original smells amazing, but the Rose was a stunning change and now the Neroli is just as wonderful. Perfect for removing all my make up without striping my skin, it’s truly wonderful. If you have never tried the Elemis Cleansing Balm before (any of the fragrances!) please do! Oh and this one is exclusive to QVC but you can get the original and rose direct from Elemis themselves.

teapigs cold brew tea temples

Teapigs Cold Brew

I’m a HUGE fan of Teapigs tea, I serve it up to my guests in my Airbnb and it’s the only tea we have in our house. So imagine my excitement when I discovered the new Teapigs Cold brew tea! It’s SO good! you just pop a tea temple in a bottle / jug / large glass of water and in about 8 minutes it’s ‘brewed’ to become a delightfully delicious infusion. I think it’s 3calories per bag and it tastes so delicious and thirst quenching…. SO good!!!! I love natural water infusions, but I’m never a huge fan of squashes, so this is a really simple, delicious, fresh on-the-go option! I LOVE it! Out now and in two flavours, Cucumber & Apple and Rose & Lychee, the former is my fave!

This Skinnydip Handbag

This month I have been loving this adorable Skinnydip bag! It’s super cute for the summer season and the perfect price tag at just £32! Oh and if you love the Shrimps Antonia Bag, this is a brilliant dupe!!!!

…And there we have it! My June favourites! Happy birthday to me!!!! Another year older and hopefully a tiny weeny bit wiser!



  1. July 3, 2019 / 2:09 pm

    I love the mat in your bedroom! Your posts are always so decadent and colorful. <3

    • fashionforlunch
      July 3, 2019 / 11:00 pm

      Aw thank you! Your comments are always so sweet and kind!!!!