Let’s Chat About The Coach Canteen Crossbody Handbag!

coach canteen crossbody round handbag in signature canvas bag

Let’s Chat About The Coach Canteen Crossbody Handbag!

Hello friends, I’m back again and I have another Coach handbag post for you all! Today I want to chat about the Coach Canteen Crossbody Handbag. This bag comes in seven different colour ways; This brown leather & monogrammed canvas style, as well as a black patchwork with snakeskin style and four coloured leather options (black, racing green, mustard and blush pink). Each bag features a front pocket and the trademark Coach Luggage tag… shall we discuss further?!


When I first saw the Coach Canteen bag I was instantly reminded of the the old fashioned safari bags, you know, the kind where you store water in and hang it around your neck? It also gives me 70’s Girl Scout vibes, this bag, a sash and a neckerchief and you have a pretty cute halloween costume! But in actual fact, this bag is a re-release, re-interpretation of a 90’s Coach handbag. In short, this handbag has total retro vibes and I’m so into that!!!

coach canteen crossbody round handbag in signature canvas bag bag review monogram coated canvas worth the price?

Round Handbags Are A HOT Trend For The Summer!

I’m sure you’ve noticed but round handbags are a huge trend this season, most of the ones I’m seeing are brown canvas and wicker designs. So it’s really refreshing to see a structured leather option. It’s a little more hardwearing and not only that… it will transition very nicely into Autumn once the sun has faded. The Coach Canteen bag can be worn as a crossbody bag, or over the shoulder – thanks to it’s adjustable strap. Plus if you want to invest in an extra strap, you could remove the long shoulder strap it comes with and use a a shorter, embellished strap instead and wear it over your shoulder at a shorter length.

coach canteen crossbody round handbag in signature canvas bag luggage tag handbag review

coach canteen crossbody round handbag in signature canvas bag brown leather bag review handbag luxury


I’ve said this sooooo many times before, but the Coach handbags are INCREDIBLE quality!!!!! I’ve seen other luxury handbags which are half the quality selling for double the price. I’m forever blown away by the quality of the design, leather, stitching and craftmanship of Coach. It’s incredible and they are the kind of bags which get better with age too! I would recommend giving it a polish with a leather cream once in a while (maybe once a year or as needed) but aside from that, these are the best bags to work hard and play hard with. Also, I have a lot of handbags in my wardrobe which I have to ‘baby’, and whilst I’m never careless with my Coach bags, I never have to worry about them. Like I said, they get better with age and sometimes a little suncream spill, beer stain or scuff just adds to the patina and most of the time, these scuffs polish out anyway, because the leather is such great quality! As for the coated canvas, it’s pretty much impossible to damage this fabric!

coach canteen crossbody round handbag in signature canvas bag gold har

Size, Materials & Price

The Coach Canteen bag comes in one size, it measures 10cm (L) x 17.5cm (H) x 7cm (W) with a adjustable strap which has around a 56cm drop. The Canteen bag I have is made of coated canvas and refined calf leather, but the coloured leathers are made of all Glovetanned leather. It has a slip pocket on the outside (perfect for an Oyster card) and a small zip section on the inside too. It’s fabric lined but it’s a really nice thick lining, which feels like a canvas. As for the price, the Coach Canteen bag is a really affordable £295, which I think is a steal for a luxury handbag like this. It’s perfect for the weekends, perfect for festivals and it’s just a really wearable, cool, affordable bag. Oh and right now, the black and green leather Coach canteen bags are half price at £147. The signature canvas version I have is still full price, but if you want a bargain, I’d head over to this page to see the sale version. It’s SO good!

coach canteen crossbody round handbag in signature canvas bag luxury handbag review

How To Style The Coach Canteen Crossbody Handbag

For me, the Coach Canteen bag is a brilliant alternative to a classic camera bag. It’s a similar weight, shape and silhouette, it has the same leather strap, the same pocket on the front and a similar zip that runs along the top line. The major difference is the shape, that dreamy roundness! Personally, I think this bag is best worn in the same way that you would style a camera bag, super casual, layered up with a summer dress, denim jacket and Uber-comfortable trainers or espadrilles. It’s great for the weekend, casual trips to the shops, park or running around town and it’s also a brilliant festival bag. It’s casual, secure and looks really cute with a casual outfit like a dress or a simple pair of jeans with a white shirt. Oh and I think it’s the kind of bag which will transition well to winter, especially in the brown and black! You know it’s gonna look cute as a crossbody bag with a winter coat or trench.

coach canteen crossbody round handbag in signature canvas bag detail monogramemed coated canvas

Other Great Coach Handbags…

If the Coach Canteen handbag isn’t for you, then you should consider the Rogue bag, which is a brilliant tote bag. There’s also the Parker Top Handle bag, which I love, but it’s a little smarter than the Canteen. The Dreamer is also a lovely bag, which is big enough for the office but casual enough for the weekend. The Parker shoulder bag is also a great little bag! However, my all time favourite Coach handbag has to be the Rogue, I LOVE it! I have 3 of them and I’m tempted to indulge in another! I can’t get enough!!! I hope this post is of help and if you have any questions, please do let me know! I’m always happy to help!

Go Shopping!

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Just a final thought, I have created some YouTube videos about both the Coach Camera bag, as well as the Couch Canteen bag, so if you have a few minutes, you might want to have a look… I’ve embedded the vids below, so all you need to do is press play, sit back and enjoy me waving around my Coach bags and giving you all the details you need on both the camera bag and the canteen bag! I hope it’s of help!