Holy Moly It’s HOT! The High Summer Fragrance Edit

Mugler 'Angel' EDTmugler angel eau de toilette perfume review

The High Summer Fragrance Edit

Before we get started, a little healthy and safety! It’s HOT right now and spritzing perfume over your SPF can strip the skin of the protection and irritate sensitive skin, so if you are heading to the beach, please be careful with your perfume. Instead of wearing fragrance on your wrists or your neck, instead spritz it into your hair, on your clothes, behind your ears, basically places that the sun won’t reach. If you are like me and you are hiding from the sun, you don’t need to be quite so careful, but it’s important to be mindful and wear fragrance safely when the temperatures are THIS hot! However, that being said, a good summer fragrance is the best way to keep you feeling fresh and fabulous all day long, which is why I thought it was high time for a high summer fragrance edit… Ready?!

Jo Malone London 'Lime Basil Mandarin'  perfume fragrance review summer 2019 50ml bottle

Jo Malone London ‘Lime Basil Mandarin’

A fragrance classic and the signature scent of the brand! Jo Malone London ‘Lime Basil Mandarin’ is the perfume summer fragrance, it’s fresh, zesty, herby, green and super uplifting. It makes you feel like you are fabulous in the sun rather than suffering in the heat! It’s elegant, iconic and life-affirming. Oh and it now comes in a 50ml bottle which is the perfect size to last all summer long! Sometimes it’s hard to believe how many years I’ve been wearing this fragrance and I still love it just as much as I did when I first discovered it.

MOR 'Belladonna'  perfume review handbag size

MOR ‘Belladonna’

Filled with notes of lemon, bergamot, cassis, lily, rose, vanilla, musk, amber and patchouli, MOR’s ‘Belladonna’ is fun, flirty and unique. It’s also a perfect sized perfume for carryon luggage and handbags! If you don’t know MOR, they are a wonderful Australian brand and they make some dreamy bath, body, candles and personal fragrances!

Miller Harris 'Violet Ida' perfume review brighton rocks

Miller Harris ‘Violet Ida’

This perfume is inspired by Ida Arnold, the big hearted heroine from Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock; she wears violets in her hair and she’s a symbol of goodness and honesty in the classic novel. Miller Harris ‘Violet Ida’ contains notes of bergamot, carrot oil, orris, heliotrope, vanilla and amber, it’s floral and powdery, sweet and unique. I usually reapply it half way through the day as I love to be able to smell my own perfumes and violet tends to fade fast, but it’s a nostalgic summer sweetheart nevertheless! It’s one of my personal favourites from the edit, it reminds me of old books, seaside faded glamour and there’s a touch of masculinity to it also.

roja dove parfams hair mist perfume

Roja Parfums ‘Elixir’ Hair Mist

Remember I mentioned wearing fragrance in your hair? Well this is the perfect fragrance hair mist! It’s Roja Parfums ‘Elixir’ and it’s a intoxicating blend of bergamot, heliotrope, rose, violet, raspberry, lily, cinnamon, cedarwood and musk. It’s absolutely stunning and potent enough to wear alone or layered up with a Roja fragrance to feel like an absolute QUEEN! Damn, I LOVE Roja Dove, he’s a perfume magician!

hollister festival nite perfume fragrance review

Hollister ‘Festival Nites’

Hollister ‘Festival Nites’ smells like Katy Perry’s song ‘Teenage Dream’, y’know the one where she’s riding in a car in the sunshine singing along and looking like she’s having the best summer EVER?! Well, every time I spray this perfume, I hear that song and see the video in my minds eye! It’s a fun, youthful, flirty blend of freesia, tangerine, apple blossom, vanilla and amber. It’s a little too young and sweet for my old bones, but I would have adored it when I was younger because it’s SO much fun and it’s so delicious and addictive!

nuxe Le matin des possibles edp

Nuxe ‘Le Matin des Possibles’

This is a perfume you can go wild with even if you are heading to the sun! Why? Because Nuxe ‘Le Matin des Possibles’ contains over 85% of natural ingredients which means it won’t react with the sun, even if you head to the beach for the day! It contains notes of orange blossom, petit grain and cashmere musk. It’s uplifting, joyful, slightly dry, elegant and smells like morning sunshine hitting the orange blossom trees. I think Nuxe’s Prodigieux will forever be my favourite, but this one is slightly more uplifting, floral and elegant.

Lancome 'Idôle' perfume fragrance review

Lancome ‘Idôle’

Confession: I dropped the bottle and broke the lid, which is why I took the cap off for the photo but this simple, iconic bottle is stunning with it’s minimalism and class. Lancome ‘Idôle’ is released in early august and it’s just lovely. It contains notes of jasmine, rose and Chypre accord. It’s floral and classic with a touch of sweetness, infused with power, confidence and sensuality. Look out for it on the counter very soon!

Mugler 'Angel' EDTmugler angel eau de toilette perfume review

Mugler ‘Angel’ EDT

Finally, the classic Mugler ‘Angel’ has been reimagined as an eau de toilette, it’s slightly lighter and more luminous than the classic, making it perfect for those hot summer days. Filled with notes of peony, mandarin, apple, praline and woods. It’s soft, pretty,  uplifting and a generally more summery version of the classic fragrance.

…and there we have it! The high summer fragrance edit! Filled with fresh, fabulous fragrances which will make you feel more summer-babe than summer-slob! PS. Don’t forget your SPF! This post contains some press samples and affiliate links.