Fragrance: The Best Hair Perfumes For High Summer (+Why Hair Mists Are A Safer Way To Wear Fragrance In The Sun)

the best hair mists perfumes 2019

A Safer Way To Wear Fragrance In the Summer

Did you know that we shouldn’t be spritzing perfume and then heading to the beach or anywhere super sunny? It can make your sunscreen less effective and not only that, but it can cause a sensitivity, rashes or even hyperpigmentation later in life. Personally, in the summer, I try to wear my fragrances in ‘safer’ places, for instance behind my ears (which is covered with my long hair), on my clothes or more recently … in my hair! Hair is a great place to wear fragrance as the scent clings to your hair better than it does to your skin and not only that, but it makes you feel fresher because every time the wind blows your hair, you get a whiff, it’s pretty nice!!! Plus hair mists are usually created with hair oils and hair-friendly vitamins which will nourish and strengthen your hair. Today my friends, let’s chat about the best hair perfumes for high summer…

The Best Hair Perfumes For High Summer

Roja Parfams 'Taif Aoud' Hair Mist

Roja Parfams ‘Taif Aoud’ Hair Mist

Let’s start this edit with a bang! The new hair perfumes by Roja Dove are undeniably stunning! Honestly the dream! There’s a few to choose from but ‘Taif Aoud’ is the one I have, it’s scented with a blend of Aldehydes, Bergamot, geranium, rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, vanilla, patchouli and oud. It’s an opulent floral with a hint of smoke and sweetness, and if you want goddess scented hair. This is the one for you! Pure perfection!

Toni & Guy 'Golden Glow' Hair Mist

Toni & Guy ‘Golden Glow’ Hair Mist

I really love Toni & Guy’s ‘Golden Glow’ for a multitude of reasons. Firstly it smells super pretty, less like perfume and more like really clean, just washed hair. It has the scent of a luxe conditioner rather than perfume, which is really nice, especially if you want something a little less intense. Also, it contains tiny flecks of gold shimmer, so it adds a little sparkle to your hair. Oh and if you’re not already convinced, then maybe you need to know the price! It’s just £5.50 at Superdrug (currently on offer!) amazing right?

Jo Malone London 'Wild Bluebell' Hair Mist

Jo Malone London ‘Wild Bluebell’ Hair Mist

Although Jo Malone London Wild Bluebell has existed as a cologne for years, it’s one I have always overlooked if I’m honest. However, experiencing it as a hair mist has made me realise what an incredible fragrance it is! It’s floral with a unique and vintage twist, plus it combines with pretty much every other Jo Malone fragrance beautifully to never overpower, but add a little extra ‘something something’. This summer Jo Malone have released two hair mists into their collection, Wild Bluebell and English Pear & Freesia. Both are stunning but the Wild Bluebells is my favourite of the two, plus it combines beautifully with Red Roses, Which is my all time favourite Jo Malone Cologne!

This Works 'Stress' Hair Mist

This Works ‘Stress’ Hair Mist

I first discovered This Works via their incredible (and iconic) Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. If you have never tried it and you have issues sleeping, then I urge you to give it a go. I find it amazing! Since then I’ve become a big fan of their products which are often infused with incredible smelling essential oils which do wonders for the skin and soul. This Works ‘Stress’ hair perfume is calming and soothing, thanks to its neroli and Vetiver. It’s also super hydrating with its mongogo and tamanu oils. Good for your hair, but more importantly, it’s good for your head!

Diptyque 'Eau de Sens' Hair Mist

Diptyque ‘Eau de Sens’ Hair Mist

One of my all time favourite Diptyque fragrances, ‘Eau de Sens’, is available as a hair perfume, as well as a cologne. It smells like hot sun, orange trees, orange blossom and neroli. It’s a slice of summer perfection and it’s just as stunning as a hair mist as it is a cologne. Super fragrant and super long lasting! It’s like an Italian orange grove in a bottle!

Acqua di Parma 'Peonia Nobile' Hair Mist

Acqua di Parma ‘Peonia Nobile’ Hair Mist

Whilst Acqua di Parma’s Rosa Nobile is one of my all-time favourite perfumes, I have to admit, their Peonia Nobile is equally stunning! It’s a dreamy blend of black pepper, raspberry, peony, geranium, freesia, rose, amber, patchouli and musk. It’s pretty, pink, fresh, delicious and above all, oozes elegance and charm. As well as perfectly perfuming your hair, it also includes a conditioning agent which leaves your hair soft, smooth and conditioned. Stunning!

Nuxe 'Sun' Delicious Fragrant Water

Nuxe ‘Sun’ Delicious Fragrant Water

Finally, I wanted to give a quick shout out to one of my favourite Summer perfumes; Nuxe ‘Sun’ Delicious Fragrant Water. I love this one because it is sun safe, so you can spritz it onto your skin and head into the sun without worry, or you can mist it into your hairbrush and run it through your hair. As for the actual fragrance, it’s a stunning blend of oranges, petitgrain, coconut, tiare flower, vanilla and musk. It’s truly wonderful and you can get a small 30ml bottle for just £10, trust me, you’ll love it!

…And there we have it… summer ready hair perfumes and all great sun safe alternatives if you are heading to the beach!