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Best Soap & Glory Products!

Lordy! I dread to think how many years I’ve been using Soap & Glory, probably since the early days  of the brand in 2006 or 2007.  I never tire of their super fun, ‘original pink’ scented products which lather, hydrate, scent and cleanse my skin! Today I wanted to stop by and share a few of my Ride or Die Soap & Glory produces. Y’all ready for this? Oh and right now, there’s a 3 for 2 offer on all Soap & Glory at Boots.

‘Clean On Me’ Body Wash

One of the original products and truly one of the best! Clean On Me is a shower staple, it’s a super generous bottle which lasts for ages and it’s soft, foamy, nourishing and gloriously sweet smelling. It’s delicious and nutritious! I also love Sugar Crush Shower gel, which is lime and vanilla scented! SO GOOD, but we will discuss that in a mo!

‘Hand Food’ Hand Cream

I might be wrong here, but I always feel like Soap & Glory’s Hand Food is massively overlooked by the beauty industry. Sure, Soap & Glory fans know it’s a brilliant hand cream but I think the rest of the world assumes because it’s pink and smells playful, it’s not hardworking and effective. Well let me tell you, just like Elle Woods, this hand cream get the job done! Oh and the foot cream ‘heel genius’ is a winner too!

‘Flake Away’ Body Scrub

A brilliant body scrub. It clears away all the dead skin and leaves your skin nourished, hydrated and happy. If you need a true scrub, this is the one for you! I also love Breakfast Scrub which is a super delicious maple and oat scented body scrub! So delicious!

‘Sugar Crush’ Shower Gel

Ok! So I know I’ve already talked about how much I love Clean On Me body wash, but I also truly adore Sugar Crush, which is also a shower gel, but this one smells like sweet limes. It’s a much sassier shows experience and I love it! Oh and the Sugar Crush body scrub is also a delight!

‘Righteous Butter’ Body Butter

The iconic Righteous Butter body butter. It’s rich, smooth, hydrating and works a treat. Again, it smells stunning and it’s one of the original products which made us all fall in love with the brand, but works so good that we keep coming back for more… even after all these years! I also love Naughty But Spice Body Butter, which is a Christmas limited edition body butter that smells incredible!

Shower Cap

I used to take those crappy plastic shower gels from hotel rooms and use them until they broke. Now I use a Soap & Glory shower cap and I’m so much happier! They keep my hair from getting wet, feel nice and secure in the shower and never seem to get gross and mouldy either! Oh and they are washable so you can pop them in with your laundry once in a while! Please, I beg you, invest in a Soap & Glory shower cap and you’ll be SO much happier in the mornings!

‘Split Happens’ Hair Oil

One of the best hair oils I’ve ever used. None greasy. None heavy and leaves my hair super glossy and my ends nourished! It’s way better than any other high street hair Oil and just as good as the luxury ones that cost quadruple the price! You need Split Happens in your life!

‘Sleek Control’ Smoothing Hair Cream

Again from the Soap & Glory hair care collection, Sleek Control is perfect for keeping my frizz to a minimum! It’s such a great product, the entire hair care range is pretty amazing actually! There’s a reason I keeps banging on about it! Oh and you can use it every time you wash your hair, or you can use it once in a while because the effects last up to 6 washes! Wonder Serum is also incredible!

Best Soap & Glory Products

  • Hand Food
  • Clean On Me Shower Gel
  • Control Sleek
  • Wonder Serum
  • Split Happens
  • Breakfast Scrub
  • Righteous Butter
  • Heel Genius

Is Soap and Glory owned by Boots?

Yes, Soap & Glory is now owned by Boots. It was started by Marcia Kilgore as an independent brand which was sold exclusively via Boots and eventually the brand was bought by Boots. Marcia Kilgore also started the Bliss Spa, Fit Flops and Soaper Duper.

Is Soap and Glory being discontinued?

Sopa & Glory is not being discontinued in the UK. However, it has been said that it has been discontined in America by retail giant Sephora.

Is Soap and Glory cruelty free?

Yes, Soap & Glory is cruelty free as they do not test on animals. However, some of their ingredients further down the production line may have been tested on animals, as this is very hard to monitor. Any animal testing of any of the ingredients is not by instruction of Soap & Glory.

My Ride Or Die Soap & Glory Products

…And there we have it! My ride or die, best Soap and Glory favourites! I hope you like them and let me know your soap & Glory faves! PS. Post contains affiliate links and some gifted products. Also, this gift set is a winner!

soap and glory best products

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