Life: Six Tips For Getting A Good Nights Sleep On Those HOT HOT Nights!

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Six Tips For Getting A Good Nights Sleep On Those HOT HOT Nights!

Hello friends, I’m back again with hopefully a helpful post for you all. I’m chatting all about how to get a good nights sleep on those hot hot nights. It can be such a huge struggle to sleep in the Summer when it’s piping hot, but hopefully I can give you a few tips and tricks which might help! Let’s go!

Open Windows & Block Out The Noise

Firstly, please ignore this if you live on the ground floor, especially if you are in London or a big city. But if you sleep nice and high up and you feel safe to do so, open the windows nice and wide, and if you live above a street where it’s noisy, consider getting a white noise machine or wearing ear plugs to block out the noise. We live near a main road and whilst we are lucky enough not to be disturbed by the cars, we do sometimes hear drunks at 3am and it’s insanely annoying. Some simple ear plugs or a white noise machine should muffle out some of the summer night drinkers. Obvs if you live on the ground floor you might not want to do this for security reasons or if you have young children who wake in the night and need assistance, but otherwise, get yo’ sleep girl!

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Cotton Sheets, Cotton Pyjamas

This is a big one and sooooo easily forgotten! Cotton sheets and cotton pyjamas are your best friend in summer! Natural fibres are breathable, naturally cooling and will make you feel less sweaty as not only will they keep you cooler but they will also (ew!) absorb any sweat, so you don’t be so clammy. In short, check those fabric labels and avoid anything which isn’t 100% cotton, bamboo or linen. Also, I don’t know about you guys, but I spent YEARS spending summer nights taking my duvets out of the duvet cover and sleeping under that a night. Do yourself a favour and just buy a sheet, the kind you get in a hotel. It’ll be cooler than 2 layers and totally worth the money! Something like this from John Lewis would do the trick, it’s cotton and super affordable, and Matalan have some great 100% cotton duvet covers and pillow sets which are also really great prices and lovely quality.


Use The Spare Room

This is a controversial one, but quite frankly, sleeping alone is so much cooler and there’s no shame in saying to your partner ‘I might move into the spare bedroom during this heatwave!’. You’ll both feel cooler and sleep better for it.

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Plenty Of Water

It’s a given, but stay hydrated, it will keep you cooler and stop you from waking up in the night parched. The rule is, if you think you drink enough water, you probably don’t! Stay hydrated, stay cool!

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Cool Mat

I discovered this by accident, but honestly, I’m kinda obsessed now! So our dog, Gordon, often sleeps on the bed, but the other night he was clear a little hot and bothered and he climbed off the bed and lay on the floor. I felt a bit bad for him sleeping on the hard floor, so I went and cool his cool mat and laid it on the bed for him to sleep on, but it’s so big it kinda covered a good chunk of the bottom half of our bed. OMG! It was AMAZING! The mat was big enough for him to lie on and me have the bottom half of my calves and feet on. It felt SO good, really cooling and deffo helped me sleep! It’s a little unconventional as I’m basically suggesting you get a dog bed, but it really works for me and a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! I promise, it’s £20 well spent! Also a gel filled eye mask you can keep in the fridge / freezer, that’s really cooling and refreshing, it’ll also help with your dark circles! It’s like the opposite of a hot water blanket!

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Pillow Spray, Podcasts, Limit Your Screen Time

I’m a troubled sleeper all year round and these things REALLY help me drift off. All I’m saying, is don’t forget your old favourite, tried and tested methods of getting to sleep. For me, pillow spray (This Works Deep Sleep is my fave), a relaxing candle (I love Elemis Sleep candle) a soothing podcast (Criminal.- don’t judge until you’ve listened, Phoebe Judge has the worlds most soothing voice!) and of course, limit your screen time in the hour or so before bed. Oh and instead of a hot bath, a cool lavender-filed bath is lovely in the summer heat! It’s also nice to get into bed feeling clean, rather than clammy!


Close The Curtains In The Afternoon, Open Them In The Evening

This is a suggestion my mum would HATE as she hates to see houses with curtains closed in the day, but I find this one really helps. Close the curtains in your bedroom in the afternoon especially if you have a west-facing bedroom, which is the part of the house which gets the most sun in the hottest part of the day. You can still open the window to get the airflow, but keep the blinds / curtains closed so that there’s no greenhouse effect in your bedroom. When the sun has gone down, open up the curtains, open the windows wide and get as much cool evening air in as possible. Also if you can open doors for a through breeze, that’s the dream situation!

…And there we have it.. my Six Tips For Getting A Good Nights Sleep On Those HOT HOT Nights! Summer sleep is hard but it’s oh-so important so keep cool friends!

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