Chanel Handbags: The Chanel Boy Bag Vs Classic Flap

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The Chanel Boy Bag Vs Classic Flap

Hello friends, today I want to chat about The Chanel Boy Bag Vs the Chanel Classic Flap bag. Before I start, I just want to let you know, I have the Boy bag in black lambskin in the medium size with chevron quilting and antique silver hardware. As for the classic flap, I have two of these: A green lambskin with gold hardware and the black caviar leather in the large size, which is the one you can see in the photos. I want to give a little guidance on a few pros and cons of each bag and how they compare to each other!

Single Flap Vs Double Flap

The Classic flap bag generally has two flaps; one on the outside, and then an interior one. To be honest, I’ve never fully understood the point of the second, interior flap. It adds quite a lot of weight to the bag and it also makes the bag a little more fiddly to get your things in and out of, especially when you are on-the-go. It also reduces the size of the interior space, meaning you can cram less junk in. I’m sure there’s a legitimate reason for the double flap, even if it’s just tradition, but I’m not a huge fan of it. Anyway, the classic flap bag has the double flap, where as the Boy Bag just has the external flap. Meaning the Boy bag is a little lighter in weight, a little easier to get in and out of in a hurry and has more interior space than the classic flap, meaning for a similar size bag, you can get way more stuff in!

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chanel boy bag review what you need to know price authenticity how to authenticate black chevron leather lambskin hard wear detailing

chanel boy bag review what you need to know price authenticity how to authenticate black chevron leather lambskin antique silver metal hardwear hardware

Size Options

Both the Boy bag and the Classic flap come in a variety of size options and interestingly, there’s often not a huge amount of price difference with the different sizes. Personally, I love both the boy bag and the classic flap in the medium sizes, but I also love the classic flap in the larger size, where as I think the larger size of the boy bag misses slightly for me. I’m not sure why, I just think it looks nicer in the medium size. In short, you have more size options with the Classic flap, there’s minis, mediums and larges and in general there’s just a wealth of size options and they ALL look good… where as the Boy bag, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say there’s only really one size option! There, I said it and I’m sorry if I’ve insulted anyones handbag!!!

Can You Crossbody?

OK! So when it comes to crossbody this is important. Firstly, wearing a crossbody bag is super convenient, however, it can be really unflattering, personally, I tend to only do crossbody with smaller bags and in the winter with larger bags. Don’t ask me why, that’s just how I feel. So, let’s chat crossbody Chanel options. On Pinterest I’ve seen a LOT of crossbody for both the Boy bag and the medium classic flap, however, on me, it doesn’t work. I’m just too tall to wear either of these bags crossbody, I do have more chance of doing the boy bag crossbody, only because the strap is adjustable, but if you are super petite, you might be able to do both crossbody if you are happy wearing them a little shorter. But I would say, in general, the medium boy bag and the medium classic flap are better over the shoulder. If you are desperate for a crossbody bag ,then the larger classic flap bag is a GREAT crossbody bag and it’s great for taller girls too as it has a longer strap naturally, I think it could overwhelm more petite girls. Also, if you are a crossbody addict, consider the Chanel Wallet on chain handbag (WOC) as that’s a brilliant crossbody bag and you can fit more in it than you might expect!

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chanel jumbo handbag black caviar leather review gold hardware

Leather Options

We’ve chatted about Chanel handbag leather options before, but in short, the lambskin is beautiful, soft smooth leather, however it is a little more delicate, so if you are wanting to use your Chanel every day for the next 10 years, this might not be the leather for you. Instead, you should consider the caviar leather, which has a grain finish and generally a little more treated and a little more hardwearing. the black classic flap bag you see in the photos photos is caviar leather, the boy bag is lambskin leather. So here’s the thing, I LOVE the lambskin leather, however, it is fairly fragile and so I’m making the effort from now on to only buy caviar leather Chanel bags, or at least where I can. That being said, the boy bag doesn’t come in caviar leather (well, not that I’ve ever seen anyway!) so if you are adamant that you need a Caviar Chanel bag, you might have to go to the classic flap rather than the boy bag…. not exactly a hardship!!!


Let’s be honest, all Chanel bags cost a fair few pennies, but there is a fair price difference between the Classic flap and the boy bag. The large classic flap bag which you can see in photos is currently £4,800, and £4,300 for the classic / medium size flap bag which I would say is the iconic size. As for the Chanel Boy bag, the larger size I’ve mentioned is £4,170 and the medium size (which is in the photos) is £3,750. If you take the medium classic flap and the medium boy bag, they are roughly the same size to wear, but there’s a £550 price difference between the two. So the boy bag is a little cheaper, but that makes sense as the classic flap uses much more leather, it has more pockets and generally has some more intricate detailing with the chain and leather strap etc. Also, if you are heading off on holiday at some point soon, don’t forget that you could buy your Chanel Boy bag at the airport at world duty free, which would save you 20% off the regular price. Just a reminder, they only hold ‘seasonal’ or ‘non classic’ Chanel styles at the airport stores, so the classic flap wouldn’t be available with 20% off, only the Boy and other non-seasonal bag. However, both style bags are available on the pre-loved market and it’s ALWAYS worth checking out Vestiaire Collective and similar sites for little gems which might be on there. Also, just a reminder, that you should ALWAYS buy a preloved Chanel (or any other luxury handbag) from a trusted source where everything is authenticated.

chanel boy bag review what you need to know price authenticity how to authenticate black chevron leather lambskin hardware hardwear caviar leather

chanel boy bag review what you need to know price authenticity how to authenticate black chevron leather lambskin antique silver metal hardwear hardware


All Chanel bags… are flawless!!! Do I need to say any more on the subject?! There’s a reason why these bags are iconic and coveted by women (and men) all over the world and it’s because they are beautifully made, beautifully designed and perfect quality.


So here’s an interesting fact, the boy bag is technically a seasonal bag where as the classic flap was released in 1955. Needless to say, the classic flap is timeless and will pretty much remain classic for years and years to come. Sure you might put it away for a year or two, but handbags don’t really come as timeless as this little beauty. The Boy bag on the other hand is seasonal, it was released in 2012 and whilst it’s still going strong, it doesn’t have the history or the timelessness of the classic flap. This round of Chanel Boy Bag Vs Classic Flap is won by by the classic flap!


So this is a BIG one for me! I HATE carrying around heavy bags and I have to be honest, the large classic flap I have is heavy as hell! Especially once I start putting my camera and a spare lens inside. Between the heavy chain, the leather lining, the leather pockets and extra flap, it’s REALLY heavy. Where as the Boy bag is much lighter as it has a single flap, partial leather strap and fabric lining. It’s not a deal breaker, but I was shocked by how heavy the classic flap is, especially compared to the boy bag!

chanel caviar handbag review black leather lambskin gold hard ware

chanel jumbo handbag black caviar leather review gold hardware review


There’s a few things we need to talk about here. First of all, size for size, the Boy Bag actually fits more inside than the Classic flap, mainly because it doesn’t have the double flap, plus it has less pockets inside and the fabric lining is less bulky than the leather lining. Also the Boy bag has a leather section on the strap which sits over your shoulder, which makes it a far more comfortable handbag to carry around. Also, the Boy bag has an adjustable strap which none of the classic flaps do, so if you are slightly taller or shorter, the Boy bag can be adjusted for your perfect fit. That being said, the classic flap has a back pocket, which is super handy and it also has more internal pockets if you want to keep your keys away from your phone. If we were playing Chanel Top Trumps, the Boy Bag wins this round!

Cool v’s Classic

This is a pretty obvious one, if I’m honest, but I think it’s worth dwelling on. What’s your style?! Are you more classic, or are you cooler?! Sure both bags can be styled to look super hip or more classic, but let’s be honest here, the Boy bag is a naturally cooler handbag and the classic flap is well… classic! It’s important to consider what your taste and style is and which handbag would fit best with your wardrobe. Ladies, handbags are a big decision!!!

… And there we have it! The Chanel Boy Bag Vs Classic Flap, which is your favourite?! I hope this post has been of help and if you have made your decision, let me know! Thank you for reading and please do subscribe! Also, you might want to read this post about Chanel Colour Transfer, Which Chanel bag should you buy first and everything you need to know about the Chanel Boy bag.

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      Thank you so much for reading xxx

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      Me too! I use my big classic flap crossbody but I can’t wear the regular size crossbody as it sits too short xxx

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      Me too! Super casual and easy to wear!