Styling: TEN Easy Ways To Make Your Home COLOURFUL & FUN… On A Budget!

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TEN Easy Ways To Make Your Home COLOURFUL & FUN… On A Budget!

Hello friends!! I thought it was about time I shared some home styling tips and tricks to help make your home a little more… fun! As they same, happy home, happy you! It can be scary filling your home with colours, especially when it comes to furniture, sofas, wall colours (which is a nightmare if you are a renter!) and the likes, but I have a few suggestions of how to add pops of colours into your home without breaking the bank and without committing to expensive items which you might live to regret! Although… I’m sure if you did, you wouldn’t regret it!!! Are you ready to go colour your home?! colourful interiors blog uk 

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Cute Cushions & Colourful Rugs

I’m a huge fan of covering every surface with cute cushions. I have oodles of them in different colour with fun fonts and fun prints. The two above are by Orla Kiely from Brandalley, but there’s also some great options at Next and Matalan, prices start at about £8-10. As for my rug, I LOVE this little cutie, it cost around £45, so a little more money, but totes worth it and it’s really nice quality, I bought it from

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Playful Ornaments

I have so much fun playing with accessories! I got this leopard from River Island, it was on sale for £15! And the Dinosaurs were about £1 each from a local charity shop! Inspiration is everywhere, friends!


Cool Crockery

I LOVE buying crockery! I have way too many sets! Admittedly these Fornasetti pieces ain’t cheap, but you can get some great crockery at H&M, Anthropologie, Next and Matalan. I’ve also seen some great plates in Homesense and TK Maxx too!


Plenty Of Pineapples & Fairy Lights

I have SO many pineapples in my house! From pineapple ornaments to vintage pineapple shaped jugs and even lamps. I really like them because they are a great shape and not only that, but historically, they were seen as a sign of great wealth and opulence and people would give them as a gift and have them as a table centrepiece. I think there’s still something really special about a pineapple and it’s lucky because the stores are filled with great pineapple accessories! As for fairy lights, they are super affordable (mine were £2 from Poundland – ironically!) and they are so pretty in the evening!

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Liven Up Your Lampshades

Lampshades are big news right now! There’s so many brilliant lampshades to be found in stores at the moment, from wicker ones to beaded ones, multicoloured chandeliers and so much more! Sure some are more expensive than others, but these ones from Matalan were a steal!

sunnylife rainbow doormat

Delightful Doormats

Again, doormats! Such a great way to add a little fun to your home! I have some cute ones from Truffle Shuffle (this Friends themed one is brilliant!), Next also have some cute ones as do Matalan. As for this rainbow one, it’s by Sunnylife and I got it from ASOS.

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Great Glasswear

Glasswear as good as this can be stored on open shelves for a ‘oh isn’t that fun’ response! These glasses came from Matalan (see a theme here?!) and they are no longer in stock but other places do similar and Matalan have some other fun glasses with flamingos and dogs on. Worth a look!

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Cute Candles

I LOVE accessorising with candles! Again this one is a little pricy as it is by Fornasetti (I have a slight addiction!) but for cheaper and really fun candles look out for Oliver Bonas, Flamingo candles, River Island and Paddywax.

Modern Macramé Book

Colour Code Your Books

Colour coding your books is literally the most fun you can have!!!! If you have oodles of books on a giant bookshelf try arranging them in a rainbow, but if you have fewer books on smaller surfaces, try colour blocking them in smaller stacks. I have darker toned books in my kitchen, and smaller sized pink books on this table in my office. It’s fun to play around with the colours and arranging them won’t cost you a dime!

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Experiment With Art

Sure some art is expensive, especially when you start to factor in the cost of framing, but if you are looking for cute poster style prints in simple black frames then head over to Desenio for some great pieces at incredible prices. Personally I love their gallery walls which look super striking, you can pick your own array or you can literally shop the gallery walls so that the prints are picked out for you and they are guaranteed to work as a collection. Etsy also have some great prints by Indie designers too, or if you are feeling creative, why not create your own at Vistaprint?

Ta da! And there we have it! Ten ways to add some colour and fun into your interior! Let me know if this gives you a little inspo and don’t forget to follow me on instagram for more interiors fun, I’m @labelsforlunch.



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