Shopping: Which Coach Bag Is The BEST?

Which Coach Bag Is The BEST?

Which Coach Bag Is The BEST?

Which Coach Bag Is The BEST?Is it worth investing in a Coach bag?! I’m hoping I can help you! I’ve picked out some of my personal favourite Coach bags to help you decide which Which Coach Bag Is The BEST? and if it’s worth the cash! Ready!?


Swagger Bag

The Coach Swagger bag is actually the first Coach bag I fell in love with. It comes in a variety of sizes, but personally, I think the mini is BEST! It’s super cute, really fun as a crossbody bag and a great every day casual bag! The green is out of stock now and in fact, they only have black and muted shades in stock right now, but it’s still a brilliant bag and keep an eye out for brighter colours, I’m sure they’ll be some later this year! Anyway, I LOVE the swagger bag; it’s cool, iconic and really easy to wear! Price wise, the Coach Swagger 20 Bag will set you bag about £350. Worth it, totally! The Swagger bag looks like it’s being slowly phased out, but it’s still a really cool bag!

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Top 10 Best Coach Handbags coach tabby bag

Tabby Bag

The Coach Tabby bag is THE Coach bag of the season! It comes as this classic option, as well as the amazing Pillow Tabby bag which is also super super! The Classic Tabby (like above) will be better as a long term purchase, but the Pillow Tabby is the FASHION bag of the season!

Coach Madison Bag Review pink shoulder bag quilted

Canteen Madison Bag

The Coach Madison Bag is new for summer 2021 and it is super cute! The only thing you need to know though, is that it’s VERY tiny and if you use the larger size iPhone then you might struggle with this bag. I bought it and I was so shocked my iPhone 12 max pro didn’t fit inside! This one is adorable, but only suitable for those who use the classic size iPhone imo!

coach rogue handbag in pink

Rogue Bag

Ok, so this is my fave EVER Coach bag. I flippin’ love it! I have this bag in a variety of colours and honestly, I can’t get enough!! It’s such a great tote bag, I love the pebble leather, I love the soft structure of the tote with the harder structural handles. It also has shoulder straps which are really handy for when I want to throw the bag over my shoulder and run for the next train. I can’t get enough of the Rogue bag, it’s really beautiful. The chunky hardware, the pebble leather and the chunky zip, it’s all so perfect! You can pick up a Coach Rogue Bag for about £795 and it’s worth every. single. penny! Oh and keep an eye out for the Coach seasonal sales, you can often pick one up half price.

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Coach Charlie Carryall Handbag

Charlie Carryall Bag

The Coach Charlie Carryall bag is an interesting bag to chat about. As a simple black handbag, I personally find it a little… dull!? Useful, yes, practical, yes, dull, yes. However, Coach being Coach know how to rock a good print and in a fancy fabric, so for me, in a plain colour this bag is a little boring, but in a cool print, it’s a brilliant bag! The Coach Charlie Carryall bag will set you back around £350 and a little more if you want a fancier print like mine.


Coach Callie Foldover Clutch Bag

Callie Foldover Clutch Bag

Admittedly my Coach Callie Foldover Clutch bag is a little snazzier than most with these crystal stars, but it’s the same silhouette and that’s all that matters! So this for me is the Coach version of the Chanel Wallet-on-chain. It’s small with a removable chain strap and it’s got the card holder sections on the inside. It’s a really handy little bag which is equally good for nipping to the shops as it is for bar hopping – not that I do that anymore! But it’s a really handy bag which I use way more than I expected to! I love this classic bag because it comes in SO many playful prints and embellishments and it’s also really really affordable. Most are around £295, but you can get them for less and there’s always plenty of these on sale too where you can get them for a steal. Buy it?! Deffo, especially if it’s on sale!

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coach dreamer handbag petit 21 pink blush pretty selena gomez

Dreamer Handbag

The Coach Dreamer Handbag is a fairly new silhouette for Coach, but it’s already a iconic bag. It’s part tote, part vintage style doctors bag and it’s just really simple, with some really unique twists like the long bar detailing where the straps meet the bag. I LOVE it in the blush pink colour, I think it’s SO pretty, but it’s also a really smart looking bag for work in a darker shade too. I love the pared back branding and like most Coach bags, it can be worn multiple ways. Most of the Coach Dreamer bags are around the £495 mark, but you can get them for more or less depending on how the added detailing. It’s a very cool bag and if you can’t quite stretch to the Rogue, it’s a brilliant bag for a little less cash.

Coach Riley Handbag Riley In Signature Canvas With Prairie Floral Print leather handbag review

Riley Bag

The Coach Riley Bag is another new style for summer 2019. It looks like little more than a wallet on chain, but it’s deceptively bigger. It has four sections on the inside and three of the extend fairly far, so it does actually fit in a lot more than you might expect. I have the Riley bag with the painted flowers and I LOVE this one! It’s super cute! The Riley bag is around £395, but slightly more if you want one with a little extra detailing like mine.

Riley Top Handle 22 In Signature Canvas handbag bag

Riley Top Handle Bag

Part of the Riley family, but too lovely not to mention! This Riley Top Handle Bag features the monogramed coated canvas, the leather trim and SO much beautiful hardware. I love the metal top handle and I love the subtle brand stamp in the middle of the hardware. it’s £550 so it’s a little more than the Classic Riley, but wow, it’s a beauty!

coach parker handbag bag portrait duck egg blue and monogram

Parker Shoulder Bag

The Coach Parker Shoulder Bag was first introduced about a year ago and as soon as I saw it, I loved it! Especially the patchwork style designs, like the one above. It’s really 70’s inspired, really beautifully made and just really cool. It’s a statement bag, but also has a really casual easy vibe. Very (what I imagine) Woodstock style! It’s a classic shoulder bag with a little extra something-something. I love the ombre leather and the Coach monogrammed canvas, and the rose turnlock clasp is really cute too. In fact, it’s been so popular that they introduced more Parker styles into the collection (more on that in a moment!). You can pick up a Parker Shoulder bag for about £250 and £350 for one with more detailing. Also, there’s a larger size of the Coach Parker bag and that’s a little more again, but the silhouette is the same, so I hope its ok that I’m just showing you the smaller size! Also, if you are considering the Parker bag, it’s also worth looking at the Madison bag as they are very similar.

Coach Top Handle Parker Handbag coach monogrammed monogram coated canvas kelly style bag taupe turnlock rose clasp

Top Handle Parker Bag

I flippin’ LOVE the Top Handle Parker Bag! It’s so retro and chic! For me it’s 50’s New York, swanning around in a cute suit and swinging around a fabulous little handbag! It can be worn as a crossbody bag as well as a top handle bag, but for me, it’s all about the top handle! Again, I love the miss-match of the rivets, leather and coated canvas. For a Coach Top Handle Parker bag, you are looking at a price tag of around £350 to £400. Not bad I say!

coach x selena gomez grace handbag tote bag cream red

Grace Bag

This bag was made famous by Selena Gomez, it’s a cute bag for work and it’s fun because you can wear the trapeze sides tucked in or out. I like it because it’s smart, but it’s also got a bit of a vintage doctors bag vibe to it. I have the Grace Bag in the off-white, which no longer exists in the classic size, but there is a red and black version, as well as a metallic pewter leather, which quite frankly, is WAY better than mine! Lol! No really, the pewter one is amazing, but it didn’t exist when I got mine! The Coach Grace Bag will set you back about £395, but I think that’s a pretty great price for a luxury work bag. Don’t you?! This one is pretty much discontinued now, but it’s still a good one!

Coach Camera Bag handbag red leather quilted review leather strap

Camera Bag

Finally, the Coach camera bag! Always classic, always amazing and perfect for work, weekends and so much more! It’s a brilliant Coach bag; simple, timeless, amazing!!! Highly recommend this one!

Why do people like Coach?

People love Coach because their bags are stylish and well made. They are also affordable and fashionable and if you do ever decide to move them on, then they will keep their value well so you can invest in a new style Coach bag!

…And there we have it! So many bags, but which do you think is the best? Personally, I love the Callie and the Rogue, but it’s up to you.. Which Coach Bag Is The BEST?? This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. May 31, 2019 / 10:43 am

    So many nice bags! I think the Grace one is my favourite. Yes definitely a good price xx

    • fashionforlunch
      May 31, 2019 / 9:46 pm

      Such great prices aren’t they??? And the rogue is my fave!!!!! I love it so much xxx