Home Fragrance: The Spring Candle Edit

Home Fragrance The spring candle edit

The Spring Candle Edit

Hello friends! It’s that time of the year ago! We can open the windows, hang our washing outside and generally enjoy jacket weather! It really is a joy! Is there anything better than a spring cleaned home and a candle filling the atmosphere with a sense of tranquility or cosines? I think not! Friends, this is my spring candle edit
Acqua di Parma ‘Oh L’Amore’

Acqua di Parma ‘Oh L’Amore’

This is from the new Acqua Di Parma home fragrance collection and my-oh-my, it’s beautiful! Filled with notes of black pepper, clove, benzoin and tonka bean, it’s sweet, sensual and romantic. Beautifully presented and effortlessly elegant in any home. Also, this is a fragrance your man will love as much as you, AdP is always a favourite of my boyfriends, he’s a huge fan of their colognes and grooming products. Also, if you haven’t seen this post about their latest fragrance, check it out here. Perfect for the summer months and really energising for the home office!
Cire Trudon 'Les Belles Matières'

Cire Trudon ‘Les Belles Matières’

When the day draws to a close and the curtains close, that’s when it’s time to light the Cire Trudon! This legendary French candle brand (they made candles for Marie Antoinette, don’t you know!) smell as fancy as they look! This one is filled with notes of Bergamot, jasmine, mandarin, mimosa, iris and botanicals. It’s rich, opulent, classic, and oh-so chic. It smells like wealth!
Roja Parfams ‘Bluebell Of England’

Roja Parfams ‘Bluebell Of England’

The latest candle release from Roja Parfams is a joy to behold! It smells of slightly, vintage wild bluebells in a beautiful woods. It’s filled with notes of Hyacinth, Bluebell, Rose de Mai, Jasmin de Grasse, Heliotrope, violet leaves, Galbanum, Cinnamon and clove. It’s very usual, it’s really romantic and fresh and woodsy and it’s got a stunning vintage twist!
Diptyque ‘Centifolia’ candle blue jar pink writing hipster candle

Diptyque ‘Centifolia’

I LOVE the scent of roses and Diptyque ‘Centifolia’ ticks all my rose-filled boxes. It’s a joyful blend of roses, just before they harvest; fresh, opulent and slightly spicy. It’s the most beautiful packaging because it’s Diptyque and it’s stunning for the bedroom… or the guest bedroom to give your loved ones a real treat!
Fornasetti 'Fior Di Lina '

Fornasetti ‘Fior Di Lina ‘

One of my all time favourites, not just because Fornasetti Candles smell like a dream (my favourite fragrance is Fior Di Lina filled with notes of lily, jasmine, tuberose, sandalwood) but the pots they are served in are just as fabulous. I buy these candles as much for the pot to display, as I do for the candles they contain. I justify it to myself by telling myself that they are an investment! No really, the pots are quite the collectors item! Honestly, I’ve spent more than I care to admit to on these candles and I don’t see it as any kind of waste! Put it in your hallway where it can be seen by all!
Goutal ‘Un Air d’Hadrien’

Goutal ‘Un Air d’Hadrien’

Oh la la! As you might know, Goutal is a french brand, but this fragrance takes inspiration from the rolling hills of Italy. Un Air d’Hadrien is a green and citrus filled bundle of freshness. Effortlessly chic and wonderfully warm and citrusy. The perfect candle for the kitchen.
MOR 'Peony Blossom'

MOR ‘Peony Blossom’

I was expecting MOR Peony Blossom to smell like soft pretty pink florals, but actually, it’s more like powdery sugar violets, macaroons, lush bath bombs, sweet roses and pretty pink florals. It’s delightfully sweet and fun and it’s got a real vintage lipstick and cake shop vibe to it, which conjures up images of Laduree and Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. Fun and fabulous for the bedroom!
Miller Harris 'Cassis en Feuille'

Miller Harris ‘Cassis en Feuille’

This is one of those candles which I’m pretty sure is more of an Autumnal fragrance but I love it at all times of the year. It’s the perfect cosy night in candle, rich with green leaves and vintage, juicy blackcurrants, a touch of pear and plenty of cedar wood and musk. Cassis en Feuille is part green, part woodsy and part delicious berries. Potentially my favourite candle ever from Miller Harris, it’s a true delight! Especially for cosy evenings in the snug!
…And there we have it! My Spring candle edit! Thank you so much for reading! Come find me on instagram @labelsforlunch for more fun! This post contains some press samples, as always, all opinions are my own!


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