Be Your Own Valentines: Treat Yourself To A New Fragrance

Cacharel 'Yes I Am'

Treat Yourself To A New Fragrance

I have a theory that too many people save perfumes to special occasions. Like they have a ‘work perfume’ and a ‘weekend perfume’ and not because their weekend perfume is too sexy, but just because they want to save their favourite perfume for special occasions because it cost a lot. Well, I’m not into it! I’m of the opinion that if we can find the money for mundane things; Rent, council tax, overcrowded buses and overpriced filter coffee, then surely we can find a few extra pennies to replenish the perfume we love, rather than using up the perfume we don’t particularly like. Personally, I think a good fragrance is a huge part of self care, when we smell good, we feel good. I’m sure there’s some scientific research to back my statement up, but seriously. It’s a real question I’m asking you… Why are you wearing a perfume if you don’t love it!?? My friends, valentines day is around the corner, there’s no better way to practice a little self love than buying yourself a brand new bottle of perfume, ‘To me, From me’. Not for anyone else’s benefit, not because you are single or coupled up, but just because we should all be a little nicer to ourselves! And with that in mind, let me walk you around the fragrance counter…. Spoiler alert, there’s a lot of rose in this fragrance!

Jo Malone London 'Red Roses'

Jo Malone London ‘Red Roses’

OK! Let’s start with a bang and my favourite Jo Malone London fragrance has to be Red Roses. I just love it! It’s a delightful blend of rich red roses with a hint of fresh lemon and violet leaves. It’s floral, timeless and oozes opulence, honestly, it’s perfect! Just an FYI, my mum bought this bottle for me for Christmas a while ago, it’s still going strong, but if you want your initials etched into your bottle, I think you have to buy it direct from Jo Malone London and I think it costs a tiny bit extra too!

Mugler 'Alien Fusion'

Mugler ‘Alien Fusion’

Next up! An iconic scent reimagined, Mugler Alien Fusion is an unusual but delicious blend of cinnamon, ginger, tuberose, orange blossom, vanilla and amber, but if I’m honest, I think the most dominant notes are cinnamon and vanilla. I didn’t think I would like it, but there’s something so delicious and warm about it, that’s just really fun and yummy, it’s a mood lifter for sure!

By Terry 'Be Mine'

By Terry ‘Be Mine’

I LOVE this perfume! It’s the latest fragrance to be added to the By Terry collection and it’s aptly named; Be Mine. It’s rose with a hint of raspberry, black pepper and saffron. It’s got a warm, heavy leathery base and the rose has a slightly powdery twist. It’s deep and slightly dark twist on rose with a much heavier base than any of the other fragrance and I adore it! PS. I love Terry de Gunzburg so much that when I had the chance to meet her, I hid! Nerves got the best of me! What can I say, she’s amazing!

Chloe 'Love Story'

Chloe ‘Love Story’

If you are looking for a super pretty, simplistic and elegant blend of beautiful sunshine drenched orange blossom, jasmine and cedar wood, then look no further, Chloe Love Story is an absolute dream. It’s the fragrance equivalent of a Coachella inspired shoot in Lula magazine. And isn’t that how we all want to smell!?

Embrace perfume Vera Wang 'Embrace Rose Buds & Vanilla'

Vera Wang ‘Embrace Rose Buds & Vanilla’

There’s a few fragrances in the Vera Wang Embrace collection, but of course, my personal favourite is Rose Buds & Vanilla. It’s really pretty, fresh and bursting full of slightly dewy green leaved roses. The dominant accord is rose, the vanilla is really soft and subtle, it just adds a hint of ‘cream tea’ to the roses. It’s also got a really beautiful base of sandalwood and musk which gives it subtle but sensual dry down. Oh and for £24.50 for a 30ml bottle, it’s a really affordable pick-me-up treat or travel friendly perfume! Of all the rose fragrances in this list, I would say this one is the most youthful.

Armani 'In Love With You'

Armani ‘In Love With You’

This one is a little too sweet and youthful for my personal taste, but if you love Si, then you NEED to try this new Armani In Love With You fragrance! It’s filled with notes of black cherry, jasmine and patchouli, with a hint of sparkling rosé champagne. It’s intense, addictive and super flirty. Plus the black cherry makes it really unique!

L'Occitane 'Rose' Perfume Water perfume review

L’Occitane ‘Rose’ Perfume Water

L’occitane Rose Fragrance Water is a light-weight fragrance which can be used as either a body mist or a super light perfume. It’s like a ray of sunshine on a field of roses with lots of delightful fresh fruits, it’s really pretty and uplifting, but it’s also got a really translucent. If you find EDP or even some EDT’s too heavy, then this could work for you, alternatively, if you love to mist perfume on like it’s a body spray, then this is a great one for layering up without it becoming too much. It also makes a great room spray, also there is an EDP from L’Occitane which is also called ‘Rose’ and that’s a stunner! At £32 for a 50ml bottle, it’s a great ‘everything’ spray!

Cacharel 'Yes I Am'

Cacharel ‘Yes I Am’

OK I’m fully going to admit that I was drawn to this fragrance because the bottle is amazing! However, aside from that, it’ is a really nice fragrance, not 100% my personal taste, but it’s nice. Cacharel Yes I Am contains confident fruity-floral notes of raspberry, mandarin, white florals and has a creamy, woodsy base.

Elixir perfume Roja dove Parfums 'Elixir'

Roja Parfums ‘Elixir’

I blogged about this fragrance a few weeks ago, but it’s so lovely I had to include it again! It’s the spend-iest of the bunch, but can you put a price on love?! I think not! It’s Roja Parfums Elixir and it’s just a dreamy blend of super pretty florals. You can read more about it here, and you can shop the fragrance here.

And there we have it! Now go treat yourself to something wonderful! Also, just an FYI, most of the perfumes in this edit were sent to me by the brands, just so you know! As always, all opinions are my own.

L'Occitane 'Rose' Perfume Water



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