Perfume: Jo Malone ‘Wild flowers & Weeds’ Collection 

Jo Malone London ‘Wild flowers & Weeds’ Collection

Perfume: Jo Malone ‘Wild flowers & Weeds’ Collection

Let me tell you about the Jo Malone ‘Wild flowers & Weeds’ collection… it’s wonderful!

“Introducing Wild Flowers & Weeds, a collection of limited edition scents inspired by the unruly weeds and wildly-wonderful plants and flowers that line its banks. Surprising concoctions, breaking through the cracks with no rhyme or reason. A tangy sting of kettle. The weeping willow, gently draping across the water. Hemlock’s deadly allure, amidst a array of lupin flowers. Unexpected beauty lies at every turn.”

Nettle & Wild Achillea

One of my favourites of the collection for it’s zesty green notes, smoky citrus bergamot and soft, sensual musk. If you love fresh, green fragrances which are bright with leafy green notes, then this might be the one for you! It’s really lovely and perfect for spring, plus it’s so hard to find ‘green’ fragrances and this is perfection!

Willow & Amber

If you are into no-fragrance fragrances, then this could be the one for you. It reminds me a little of Wood Sage & Seasalt because it’s very soft, aquatic and earthy. Containing notes of cashmere wood, vetiver and amber, it’s a little too soft for my personal taste, but dreamy for men and women who like their fragrances less intense.

Cade & Cedarwood

Whilst the rest of the collection has a very spring-inspired day-time feel, Cade & Cedarwood has more of a dark cosy, evening vibe. It takes inspiration from those early spring evenings which are cool and dark enough to enjoy a wood burning stove before summer hits. It’s slightly smoky with accords of cedar wood and warm, sweet vanilla. It’s really rich, sensual, cosy and comforting. Again, I think this could be a great fragrance for both men and women.
Jo Malone London ‘Wild flowers & Weeds’ Collection sofa chair flowers all around

Hemlock & Bergamot

Hemlock & Bergamot is very unexpected, the hemlock and heliotrope work together to give it a very soft, powdery and sweet side, but it’s contrasted with smoky bergamot and crisp, fresh, green cucumber. It’s unique and really interesting, but perhaps a little too pretty and youthful for my personal taste. However, it’s well worth trying and it’s really different to any other Jo Malone London fragrance I’ve ever tried before and when I was at the launch event, for many this was a real favourite of the collection.

Lupin & Patchouli

Finally, my personal favourite of the collection, it reminds me a little of Poppy & Barley from last years’ spring limited edition collection (I hope one day they bring that fragrance back!). It’s everything I love about Jo Malone London, pretty, floral, elegant and unexpected. A delightful blend of rose, patchouli and mandarin. It’s impossible not to like this one, I have a feeling it will be the first to sell out!

Fragrance Combining

All Jo Malone London fragrances can be combined with other fragrances in the collection to create something a little more bespoke and layered for the wearer. It’s a great way to take your fragrance from day to night and also create something a little more unique to you. All the fragrances in the Wild Flower & Weeds collection can be worn alone, or layered up with another fragrance in the collection. Personally, I’d love to try the Hemlock & Bergamot with the Cade & Cedarwood as I think the powdery sweetness of the former might mix beautifully with the smoke and woods of the latter. It’s fun to play the perfumer!

The Jo Malone London ‘Wild flowers & Weeds’ collection includes five colognes, each one available only as a 30ml cologne and each one with a painted style bottle design to represent each individual fragrance. The collection will be launched in March 2019 and priced at £49 each. You can shop Jo Malone Fragrance online at Jo Malone London or John Lewis. I was gifted two of these perfumes at the event. All opinions are my own. It’s also worth reading this post on the longest lasting Jo Malone Perfumes.

Go Shopping!

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  1. January 26, 2019 / 10:01 am

    I love the sound of these. I’ve never bought any Jo Malone but this sounds much more interesting and unique than their regular offerings!

    • fashionforlunch
      January 28, 2019 / 11:35 pm

      Oh susie you should pop in! I can see you liking the nettle!! Xxx

  2. January 26, 2019 / 10:12 am

    I love the sound of Lupin and Patchouli. Will have to pop in to my local store and have a sniff! Love the bottles x

    • fashionforlunch
      January 28, 2019 / 11:34 pm

      Oh Lucy! That’s my favourite of them all! It’s sooo pretty xxx