January Favourites

Vinnie Boy Vintage Cat Cushions

Hello friends! I’m back again with my January favourites! Can you believe we are kicking off 2019 and already heading into February?! OK! So I got these cushions a while ago and I’m still so obsessed with them that I think I’m gonna get some more! They are super kitsch and retro and they are by the amazing Vinnie Boy Vintage who you can find on Etsy!

vq radio recommended podcasts sweet teen club generation why


This month I have been binge listening to my new favourite podcast, Sinisterhood. Make sure you go and subscribe, it’s brilliant! Each week they chat creepy cases, murders, cults, demons and more, they also do some really fun minisodes where they go to Dallas Physic Fair and then discuss the readings and what went on at the fair. They invite listeners to join them and if I lived in Dallas, I would be totally there! The production quality gets way better as time goes along, I’ve listened to them all, but I would recommend starting at episode 29, which is a two parter talking about the case of JonBenet Ramsey (and it explores evidence and theories I hadn’t heard before) or episode 12 which is about the Winchester Mystery House was great too. But to be honest, they are all great, so you may as well start with those episodes and then binge the rest! I’m also very excited that there is a new series of We Need To Talk About Britney coming soon too. I also listened to the Audible exclusive, Last Days Of August, which is the follow up The Butterfly Effect by Jon Ronson. It’s very good! If you are an Audible subscriber, you should give it a listen! And if you aren’t an Audible addict already… it’s time you subscribe!

Shay & Blue 'Mandarine' Skin Scent

Shay & Blue ‘Mandarine’ Skin Scent

I am a HUGE fan of Shay & Blue perfumes already, I’m sure regular readers will have noticed this already! But I’m currently obsessed with their super cute handbag-friendly skin scents which are available from ASOS. There’s four to choose from, but my absolute favourite is Mandarine which is a DREAM! It’s fresh, zesty and a tiny bit woody. It’s just lovely! It’s only available from ASOS, but I highly recommend popping one in your shopping basket next time you make a purchase!

Maison Margiela Replica By The Fireplace Candle

Maison Margiela Replica By The Fireplace Candle

URGH! Could this candle smell any better?! It’s Maison Margiela Replica By The Fireplace Candle and it smells just as wonderful as it looks! I got it as a christmas gift from the lovely ladies who look after the brand and honestly, it was the most wonderful surprise because it smells so incredible!

navaibi dress uk curve blogger fashion

This Dress!

Look how happy I am wearing this dress!!! I’m all about the floral midi dresses right now and this one is a real favourite of mine! It’s from Manon Baptiste at Navabi and it’s currently on sale! As for my boots, they are from Matalan (also on sale, for a crazy cheap £12 and they are uber comfortable!!) and my handbag is the Coach Rogue. Also, this photo was taken in my kitchen, if you want to see the before and after photos of my kitchen, I published this blog post earlier this month and I think you might agree the transformation is dramatic!

Filorga Eye Cream

Filorga Eye Cream

Apparently this was the most googled beauty product of last year. No really! The hype for this product was so huge that even my mum was telling me about how good it is! It’s Filorga Eye Cream and so far, I’m loving it, my skin and eye area have been really dry this winter (central heating, cold weather, you know the score!) this this has been keeping my eyes feeling alive and I have to admit, my lines do look a little better thanks to this cream!

gallery wall


I’m embarrassed to say I’ve watched SO little TV recently, despite being ill. Which is crazy because that’s ALL you are meant to do when you are ill. However, I did watch Seven Days Out on Netflix, which is kinda amazing, it’s about the 7 days leading up to a huge event, one show featured the reopening of the Worlds’ Best Restaurant, another a space mission to Saturn?! I think it was Saturn, how embarrassing! And of course, my favourite of all the shows featured the 7 days leading up to the Chanel Couture show. It’s really interesting, well worth watching! PS. I also LOVED the FYRE Festival documentary and I *may* be rematching old episodes of PLL.

L'occitane Rose Shower Gel

L’occitane ‘Rose’ Shower Gel

Rose scented products are my absolute favourite and this L’occitane Rose Shower Gel has been keeping me happy every morning! It’s beautiful! Oh and I’ve also been adding it to my baths, a little of this and a handful of detox salts and I feel like a queen!

Jo Malone London ‘Wild flowers & Weeds’ Collection

Olympus 12mm Lens

I love my Olympus Pen camera, but for the longest time I’ve been rotating my 17mm and 45mm, however, I’ve recently been loving the 12mm for every day shots, filming and interior shots. It’s such an underrated lens and I’m really loving it! Above is a shot I took with it, simple but effective. Although, believe me, this really doesn’t illustrate it’s magic!

Lanolips Lip Balm 

Lanolips Lip Balm

Essential for the winter. Do I need to say any more!?!?! It’s thick, super nourishing and protective and it’s amazing. Lanolips is a lifesaver! That’s all you need to know!

Prada Sunglasses

The chicest sunglasses in town… always Prada Sunglasses! I love everything about these glasses; the shape, the size, the old school tortoiseshell… everything is perfect!!!! And the best part is, they are on sale at Smart Buy Sunglasses. I check this website out often as their really do have the most incredible stock of designer sunglasses! Aren’t they cool?

Dream Big Flag

Something else I’ve had for a sweet time, but I’ve recently hung it in my office and I love it so much!!! Again it’s from Etsy… so many of my favourite things are!

Busy B Stationery

Busy B Stationery

This year, I’m doing my best to try and get organised and most importantly… stay organised! When this Busy B Stationery popped through my letterbox I felt a wave of excitement. It’s cute and perfection designed so I can see everything I need to see a week at a time, all my plans, all my notes and to do lists… all in one go! I’m a nightmare for turning to the page and forgetting every job I intended to do the day before. This way, I get to see my weeks to-do list and it feels GREAT!

glamglow good in bed

Glamglow ‘Good In Bed’ Night Cream

Ok, so this name is a bit embarrassing, especially if you keep it on the bedside table… I’m pretty sure it could be confused for lube of something if you didn’t know. But regardless, it’s a great night cream! My skin is super sensitive and dry at the moment, thanks to all the central heating, but this bad boy is keeping my face nourished, happy and healthy. My last night cream I had to give up on because the smell reminded me of meat and the cream before I gave up on because it wasn’t hydrating enough, so I’m super happy to have Glamglow ‘Good In Bed’ cream in my life… even if the packaging and name does sound a bit like sexy juice!

boden coat and joanie clothing dress

This Coat…

Lordy! I never expected it to be such crazy weather! I’m SO glad I have this beautiful teddy  bear coat from Boden! Isn’t it the cutest?! FYI, my dress is from Joanie Clothing, bag is from Coach, the Boots (and the basket on the floor next to me) are both from Matalan. Also, I 100% swear that I didn’t make Gordon sit with me to take this photo, he kinda photobombed me, which is why he’s only partially in the frame! I love little Gordon!

Oh and one more thing I love… completing my tax return, it’s such a relief to get it out of the way!!!! I hope you’ve all had a lovely month! Roll on spring!



  1. February 1, 2019 / 12:28 am

    I’m dying over your decor! Your house is so cute!

    • fashionforlunch
      February 1, 2019 / 4:28 pm

      Aw thank you! that’s so incredibly kind of you! thank you! xxxx