A Few Thoughts On The Coach Callie Foldover Chain Clutch Handbag

coach callie handbag bag foldover clutch bag black star embellished crystal

A Few Thoughts On The Coach Callie Foldover Chain Clutch Handbag

Hello friends! I thought it was about time I jumped right in and told you a little about a Coach handbag I’m really loving right now… The Coach Callie Foldover Chain Clutch Handbag… I betcha can’t say that fast three times over?! I always think of this bag as the Coach equivalent to the Chanel Wallet On Chain handbag (which I also have, read all about it here) as it’s a similar size, and the inside of the bag is basically a wallet and it has a chain strap. And whenever I use either one of these bags I often think to myself, ‘Shall I take this one or the Chanel one?’, as in my head they are interchangeable and my answer is usually whichever is closest at hand. Although I would say that because of the crystal star embellishment, I tend to use the Coach one for fancier occasions and I’m a little more careful of because of the crystals. The Chanel Wallet on Chain handbag has been on dog walks with me, it may have even been on beach dog walks. #PleaseDontJudge

Let’s Talk Function

It’s at this point, I realise I should have taken some snaps of the bag from the inside, but I didn’t, so bare with me and I’ll explain instead. The Coach Callie Foldover bag has eight credit card slots and two slim compartments for your receipts and notes (full length notes FYI!). It has a zip section (perfect for change) as well as an outside slip pocket on the back of the bag (perfect for oyster cards / easy access for your bank card). As for the chain strap, it’s completely detachable which is great as if you want to use it as a wallet / clutch bag, as the chain won’t weigh you down or take up valuable space (Just so you know, the Chanel WOC strap isn’t removable, you have to tuck it inside) and finally, the bag can be worn over your shoulder or as a cross body bag. Phew!

coach star embellished coach handbag bag black nappa leather foldover clutch callie handbag bag

Let’s Talk Design

So, I have the Coach Callie Foldover clutch in the black nappa leather (it’s super soft!) with art deco-inspired crystal star shaped embellishments. However, if this isn’t your style, there are oodles of other options (I’ve shared a few below) including metallic leather, grain leather, embellished with flowers and crystals, classic block colours, limited edition Disney designs and so much more. Personally I LOVE the quilting of this black leather bag and the super soft leather is stunning. As for the crystal stars, they give it a bit of a rock ‘n’ roll finish. Very New York, think skinny jeans, lashings of eyeliner, dark bars and hanging out with the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s! Oh and on this bag, the Coach hardwear is in black gunmetal, which I think looks very cool, but on some of the other bags, the branding is in gold or silver metal. With so many different design options, there’s something for everyone!

Let’s Talk Quality

I know you must be bored of hearing me say it, but honestly, Coach handbags kill the game when it comes to quality! It’s off the charts how beautifully made they are and how good the leathers are for the price you pay. Other brands charge double, if not triple the price of this level of quality and some high street brands who try to tap into the luxury market charge almost as much for a bad which is poorly made using low-grade leather! My friends, I truly believe Coach are a brand worth investing in right now, it’s only a matter of time before people realise how good they are and the prices soar! Side note: Stuart Vevers has only been Creative Director for a few years now and since he took the wheel, Coach have become so much cooler and the quality is better than ever! Things are on the up and it’s always worth investing earlier rather than later.

coach callie handbag bag foldover clutch bag

Let’s Talk Money

OK! Here’s the exciting part! The Coach Callie Foldover clutch is actually one of the most affordable Coach handbags, which is kind of amazing as although it’s small, there is a lot of work involved in all the interior pockets and sections for cards. Full price, my handbag was £375, but it’s currently on sale for £262.50. Speaking of the sale, there’s also some amazing versions of this bag discounted to less than £100! No, really! There’s this yellow one, this pink one and this dreamy plum one. But even out of sale time, you can pick up a rather lovely Coach Callie Foldover clutch for about £200-300. Which is pretty amazing! If you are thinking about taking the plunge and buying yourself this bag, I say go for it! It might not be the biggest most useful bag which you can cram your laptop and lunch into (consider the Rogue if this is what you are looking for!) but it is a really useful grab ‘n’ go style handbag. I keep mine by the side of the door and I pick it up as I’m nipping out to the bank, post office or for a coffee, and if I were to go out clubbing, I’d be swinging this bad boy off my shoulder! It’s small, lightweight and fits the essentials in, without ever being overstuffed with junk. It’s the kinda bag you never know you needed, but once you have it, you use it all the time. Plus, if you buy it on sale, it’s a real steal!

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