Ten Awesome + Ageless Gifts (That Every Woman Can Enjoy This Christmas)

VQ X Joules vintage style radio

Hello friends! Today I want to share ten awesome and ageless Christmas gifts because we should be celebrating life, health, self care, happiness and culture, rather than buying age specific gifts!

Kevin Murphy Hair Care

Kevin Murphy Hair Care

I’m a true believer in my own personal theory that if your hair looks good and you’re wearing red lipstick, you will feel good! Whilst buying someone the perfect shade of red might be a tricky task, buying their haircare is a lot easier. Kevin Murphy makes amazing hair products for every age, hair type and concern. My 24 year old sister loves Angel Hair which is great for fine hair which needs a little thickening up and my mum loves Young Again which is richer and from lated for hair which needs a little more help.

floris candle gift set 1

Floris Candles

Show me a woman that doesn’t like candles, impossible right?! I think we all enjoy that flickering light as our homes fill with fragrance and these Floris candles are beautiful because they contain three dreamy travel sized candles: English Fern & Blackberry, Cinnamon & Tangerine and Rose & Oud (my personal favourite), there really is something for everyone in this set!

Elizabeth Arden 'Eight Hour Cream' Lip Balm

Elizabeth Arden ‘Eight Hour Cream’ Lip Balm

The perfect sticking filler for every woman. It’s a handbag essential! This Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Balm is such a long lasting and effective lip balm, it’s perfect for the winter. And whilst their regular packing is nice, this limited edition casing is a dream! It was created especially for them by street artist J. Goldcrown known for his love walls. Adorable right?!

Bobbi Brown 'Starlight Crystal Eyeshadow Palette'

Bobbi Brown ‘Starlight Crystal Eyeshadow Palette’

Oh Lordy! How dreamy is this Bobbi Brown Starlight Crystal Eyeshadow Palette? It’s part of the Birchbox Christmas shop (where there’s a beautifully edited collection of gifts) and it’s perfect for every woman of every age. Bobbi Brown’s eyeshadows are richly pigmented and come in beautiful shades and stunning finishes. This Starlight palette is dreamy because it’s perfect for the party season and beyond. Not only that, but Bobbi Brown eyeshadows are a firm favourite of mine as they have some really bold looks, but at the same time, the powder glides over my lids and doesn’t seem to accentuate my wrinkles and slightly looser skin on my eyelids (trust me, some just seem to highlight it!) A beautiful gift which can be applied sparingly for every day or layered up for a more fabulous finish!

BareMinerals 'Starswept' Make-up Brushes

BareMinerals ‘Starswept’ Make-up Brushes

It’s important to invest in the tools of the trade and these BareMinerals Starswept make up brushes and the creme de la creme! I used to be as guilty as the next person for applying make up with my fingers, a tissue or a cotton bud (I know, how embarrassing!), I honestly didn’t think it mattered and then I got a good set of brushes and I realised what a game changer it is! These bad boys are the best and beautiful to use as they are to look at!

vq radio lulu guinness kiss print

Audible Subscription

I’m such a huge fan of Audible! It’s the best way to enjoy all the books you want, on the go! It’s £7.99 a month and that entitles you to a audiobook per month which is yours to keep forever, although each credit can be exchanged for another book up to 20 times, so you can use it more as a library if you are an avid listener. Perfect for anyone who commutes, works out, walks the dog or even artists or crafters who like to listen to something as they work. You could get a gift voucher it 1, 3 or even 12 month subscription to Audible. I’m a subscriber; so is my younger sister and my boyfriend. My mums really tempted to join too!

Malava 'Your Beauty In Good Hands' Set

Malava ‘Your Beauty In Good Hands’ Set

Because healthy hands and great nails are important at any age! Also; I’ve recently become the biggest Malava convert, they nail polishes are amazing! The colours are stunning, they dry fast and they outlast pretty much every brand I know. Plus I love the smaller sized bottles as I rarely get to the end of nail polishes before they start to go gloopy anyway! These bottles still last for ages, but feel so much less wasteful.  That being said, there’s no actual nail polish colour in this set, instead, it’s everything else you need to beautifully manicured hands; Cuticle Remover, Nail Hardener, Protective Base Coat, Colorfix Top Coat, Oil Seal Dryer and Hand Cream.

VQ X Joules vintage style radio

A Really Good Mug

I’m encouraging a nationwide mug amnesty! Chuck out your chipped mugs with stains all over them! It’s crazy that we are starting our days with a crappy ol’ mug when we have 10 non-chipped mugs in the cupboard and the ability to buy a beautiful new one for around £5-10. This mug is by Joules and I use it nearly every morning and it makes me feel really happy! My friends; mugs are a great (and super affordable) gift for everyone for everyone from students sisters to elderly grandparents!

Charlotte Tilbury 'The Gift Of Magic Skin'

Charlotte Tilbury ‘The Gift Of Magic Skin’

Ah! The gift of good skin! I often recommend buying skincare as a gift, as good skin is so important for confidence and not everyone can afford to splash the cash on a great routine. That being said, it can be tough to choose a regime for someone else. Personally, I recommend choosing products which has a strong cult following and buy a set of minis or travel sized products so that your friend / mum / sister / grandma can try them for a while and see how they get on with them. I’d of course recommend this Charlotte Tilbury ‘The Gift Of Magic Skin’ because it’s the best and includes her iconic Magic day cream, night cream and eye cream!

'The New Garconne' by Navaz Batliwalla

‘The New Garconne’ by Navaz Batliwalla

Finally, as much as I love audiobooks and podcasts, I adore buying beautiful art, fashion and interiors books. I have them in pretty much every room, on coffee tables, in my office and even in the kitchen (seriously, not a single cookery book in my kitchen, but there is a Chanel catwalks book instead!). The New Garconne is a beautiful and insightful book on life, style, fashion, interiors and more by Navaz Batliwalla, AKA Disney Roller Girl. It’s a great book featuring interviews from brilliant women and it’s hip enough for your younger sister and intelligent enough for your art curator aunt!

So, there we have it, I hope you enjoy and let me know if you see anything you like or if you have any good suggestions of things I’ve missed!



  1. r0llergirl
    December 11, 2018 / 10:25 am

    THANK YOU so much for the mention of The New Garconne Kirsty! What a lovely round-up! xx

    • fashionforlunch
      December 11, 2018 / 8:42 pm

      I’m so glad you liked it and thank you for reading!!! i love your book! xxxxx