Perfume: Shay & Blue ‘White Peaches’

Shay & Blue 'White Peaches' review perfume fragrance

Shay & Blue ‘White Peaches’

“Enjoy the essence of summer with the delicate, cooling fragrance of white peaches”


Top Notes: Peach

Heart Notes: Elderflower

Base Notes: Silver Birch Wood

Perfumers: Dom De Vetta & Julie Massé

Shay & Blue 'White Peaches' perfume review

In Review…

Before I start this post, I need to tell you something… this perfume isn’t out yet, but I wanted to share it sooner rather than later so you can be ready to pounce on it when the time comes! My friends, this perfume is a DREAM and it’s SO different to everything else on the market. I’m talking about Shay & Blue White Peaches. As many of you might already know, I’m a huge fan of Shay & Blue, their perfumes are stunning for their simplicity, freshness and closeness to nature. If you love brands like Jo Malone London and Atelier Cologne, then you need to try Shay & Blue, their quality is just as flawless and their compositions are also clean and elegant, but their price tags are far friendlier. I honestly can’t rave about them enough!

The latest fragrance from Shay & Blue is White Peaches, which is a divine blend of, well, juicy white peaches, elderflower and silver birch wood. It’s smells like spring, but it’s also really unexpected. There’s not many perfumes out there which are peach based, so this one kinda takes you by surprise, it’s familiar, but it’s also unusual. The peach is delicious and sweet without being candy-like, the elderflower adds a touch of elegance and the silver birch wood gives it a long lasting earthiness. It’s really special and delightful! If you love your perfumes playful, flirty and filled with spring-time joy, then you are going to love this one, it’s impossible to resist! And if peaches aren’t your thing, then I highly suggest you check out Blood Oranges , Sicilian Limes or Dandelion Fig for the Spring / Summer months, all of which are also stunning! Whatever your fragrance tastes, you need to jump on board the Shay & Blue train!

Shay & Blue ‘White Peaches’ is released on the 1st March 2019, ready for the Spring / Summer season! Enjoy!

Shay & Blue 'White Peaches' review perfume fragrance