Five Chatty Podcasts Which Feel Like Hanging Out With BFF’s

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Five Chatty Podcasts Which Feel Like Hanging Out With BFF’s

I’m such a podcast addict. I listen to them to learn, for entertainment and sometimes… for a little company! No really! Sometimes when I’m working from home or taking photos, I want to listen to a super fun, chatty podcast, kinda like when you when you watch a chatty YT vid, but without the visuals to distract me! Today I wanted to share give super fun chatty podcasts which will make you giggle and make you feel like you are hanging out with your BFF’s! Y’all ready for this?! Also, in case you are wondering, the radio is from VQ, who I love. It might look look vintage, but it’s DAB and connects up to my phone to play my podcasts out of… yep!

Sweet Teen Club

I LOVE this podcast, they seem to be on a bit of a hiatus at the moment, but there’s plenty of great episodes to catch up on whilst we wait for newer content. This is a podcast ‘for all of us who can’t leave the 90’s behind’. Yep! They chat teen movie, Sweet Valley High books, Friends, Britney and SO much more! It’s so much fun and honestly, I’ve burst out laughing on a bus listening to this one before. It’s a lot of fun and quite frankly, I can’t leave the 90’s behind, so I love it!

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Big Mouth

Big Mouth is co-hosted by my good friend Simon Glazin and if that doesn’t convince you then lemme try harder.  Sometimes I listen to this podcast to hang out with him… he is hilarious, as is Gurd and so is this podcast. You need to subscribe, pronto! Chatting all things pop culture, london, fashion and general fabulousness!

Lizard People: Conspiracy & Comedy

I found this podcast by accident and I quickly became hooked. I tend to dip in and out depending on the theory and truthfully, some of them legit win me over, whilst others are just really fun listening. There are so many great episodes, but I especially liked, ‘Vampires are Real’, ‘Suge Knight Killed Tupac’ and there was a great one about how Jean Bennett Ramsey never died and instead escaped and became Katy Perry. Compelling! Oh and there was a really fun call in show with listeners conspiracy theories. Also, a lot of the guests are also podcasters, which is how I discovered…

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We Need To Talk About Britney

Disclaimer: I’m not a Britney fan. In fact, I’ve never really been a Britney fan. Sure, I like Toxic as much as the next person and Oops I Did It Again is an instant party, even after all these years. Plus, it’s like the mugs say ‘If Britney can survive 2007, I can do this’. She’s really battled through the tough times and come out the other side. Anyyyywaayyyy, this podcast is filled with Britney fun and a whole lot of 90’s nostalgia around her haircuts, MTV performances and of course, her low slung jeans and long-sleeve crop tops. It makes me lol and honestly, listening to WNTTAB is like hanging out with friends and chatting about 90’s pop stars. It’s great!

Generation Why

Finally, we have a controversial one here! When it comes to friends discussing true crime, I know a lot of people love My Favourite Murderer, but quite frankly, I’m all about Generation Why. I love these two guys! I find their podcast so interesting and they go deep with theories and questions. It’s less funny and more interesting, but still. I wanna hang out with these guys and chat about obscure murder cases with them!

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… Also comment below and lemme know which podcasts you love!!

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