December Favourites

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Chanel Hair Clip

Oh lordy! Where did the year? I literally don’t know! Also, shout out to my immune system who failed me this month, I was one of those idiots that got sick over christmas which is definitely not one of my favourite things. But hey ho… on to my actual favourite things! This month I dug through my wardrobe and discovered my first ever Chanel purchase. This dreamy hair clip! I wrote a blog post about it and I actually filmed a quick YouTube video about it too… if you fancy watching!

airbnb margate christmas


I’ve had SO much fun decorating our house this christmas! I got out my rainbow tinsel tree and put it in the Airbnb and we got a big beautiful tree for our hallway which we covered with oodles of colourful baubles and lights from Paperchase! It’s beautiful! I’m totally going to buy more in the January sales. I like to prepare nice and early, y’know! also, the super cute cat cushions are by Vinnie Boy Vintage on Etsy. His shop is AMAZING!

IT cosmetics CC cream fair light

IT Cosmetics CC Cream

I know I bang on about how much I love the IT Cosmetics CC Cream, all the time, but this month my obsession reached a new level when I found myself cutting open the tube to get the last few drops out of it. It’s true. I have about 15 other perfectly good foundations in my drawer, but instead, I cut this one open and scraped the dregs out for about a week. Truth is, I just love this foundation more than any, it’s bloody brilliant and I know that it’s going to last all day long and never cake or fade or feel gross on my skin. This my friends, is my forever favourite foundation!

urban decay cherry palette

Urban Decay ‘Naked Cherry’ Palette

Oh lordy! I had no idea I wanted cherry coloured eyeshadow until I saw the Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette! I love these warm tones which are playful, pretty, unexpected and surprisingly wearable. It’s fabulous! Personally, I’d say it’s more essential than the classic Naked palettes and almost as epic as Heat… which TBF cannot be beaten as it’s the best palette in the world! Oh and to get the full cherry look, there’s also lipstick, highlighter palette and a setting spray. Thank me later, this is everything! If you are tempted…. do it!

roja dove london candle

Roja ‘London’ Candle

Fact: Roja make the best scented candles, ever. They are SO good that I almost wish I had never discovered them because now I only want to burn Roja Candles and everything else kinda pales in comparison to these bad boys! This Winter Roja released three candles, each one based on a different city; Paris, London and New York. I love them all, but I’m going to stay loyal to my former home and say I love the London one the most. It smells of Bergamot, Lavender, rose, orange blossom, violet, heliotrope, vetiver, vanilla and leather… it’s a DREAM!

vq radio lulu guinness kiss print


This month I have been listening (and loving) the new series of Heavyweight. This is by far one of my favourite podcasts, I urge you, go listen! Start with Gregor and move along the series. If you fall in love with Gregor like I did, then you are in for a surprise, he makes some appearances later on in the series! I’ve also been loving Believed, which is a little tricky to explain without sounding like a weirdo, but feel free to give it a google, or a subscribe, or both, but it’s really good and really interesting. If gas lighting fascinates you, you’re gonna like this one. Finally, This Is Love is back for a new series. It’s such a good podcast, brought to you by the makers of Criminal, it’s a real winner, there’s an episode about Prince which needs to be heard! I also tried the Lily Allen book on Audible, I really wanted to like it, I think she’s kinda brilliant, but her super dry delivery didn’t work for me, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want my Lily Allen chirpy, and I don’t want a hired narrator, but it just didn’t work for me. I just think it’s one I’m going to have to read, rather than listen to. In case you were wondering! Oh and another podcast I’m loving is Sinisterhood.

Braun epilator epil silk

I’m Hairier Than Gordon

It’s true. I’m hairier than our Labrador Gordon! I’ve long been a fan of the epilator (shaving is too much up-keep, waxing is too costly…) and I’ve recently gotten myself a brand new Epilator from Braun which is doing the job in half the time. It’s bloody brilliant! If you aren’t a hairy monster like I am, you might not realise how frustrating it is having to deal with hair removal, so being able to save some time here is a godsend. I have the Braun Silk-Epil and it’s brilliant! PS. Much like waxing, the first time you do it, it will hurt like a beast, but I swear, it gets so much easier.

harvey jones kitchen navy blue fashion for lunch blog kitchen with gordon the dog

Kitchen Reveal

I finalllllly did my big kitchen reveal! This room is the reason I haven’t bought any Chanel in forever and why I haven’t been on holiday! I totally think it’s worth it though! You can read my blog post, or check it out on the Harvey Jones website, they did a full interview with me! I hope you like it!!!

matalan unicorn ligh fitting

Unicorn Light

Erm… can we talk about my new lamp shades?!!? I love them!! I have two of them, both are hung in my office and the light they cast is SO pretty, I got them from Matalan who are KILLING the homewears game… still! Oh and the red and black floral dress I’m wearing in the photo above is from Matalan too. I bloody love them!

the rose deal hotel

The Rose, Deal

This month I jumped in the car and met up with my friend, Danielle (AKA Fashionista Barbie) to go for a lunch at The Rose in Deal. I had seen this hotel / cafe / restaurant on Instagram and it was even more beautiful (and delicious) than I could have hoped for. I took oodles of photos, so I will post them soon, but for now, enjoy the sneak peek and if you are in Deal or want to go to Deal for a weekend break, than I can’t recommend The Rose enough!

boden dress leopard print

Boden Alba Leopard Print Dress

I normally avoid leopard print because I’m not cool enough to pull it off, but there is something about this dress which is so lovely, that I think I can rock this one no problem! It’s currently on sale and I can’t recommend it enough! Lordy, what would I do without Boden!? Half my wardrobe is from this place!

pixi beauty glow tonic personalised

Personlised Pixi Glow Tonic

I got the coolest christmas gift from my wonderful friends at Pixi! It is a HUGE bottle of their amazing Glow Tonic (which was amazing timing as I had just finished a tub of their pads!) and it is personalised! I honestly feel so luck! I’m a huge fan of this product, so a new giant personalised bottle is a legit dream! Thank you Pixi!

never grow up givftstation phone case

‘Never Grow Up’ Phone Case

When I was challenged to design my own phone case, I was a little overwhelmed with the idea of it. I honestly had no idea what I should go for. I wanted something that would represent me, but also look really great on a phone case, which is harder than you would think as it’s quite a long, thin shape. Eventually I decided to use this image I took about a year ago as it’s a great motto to live by and also looked great on the case. I shot it with my Dreamphone and Mrs Pott’s teapot and together I thought it made a really fun image! If you fancy trying your hand at designing a phone case, then head to, lemme see what you create!

roger and gallet perfume

Roger & Gallet ‘Rose Mignonnerie’

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of rose based perfumes, but I do feel a bit bad that most of the ones I recommend are inching close to £100 and some of them are way over… oops! Which is why I’m super happy to share that this month I have been loving Roger & Gallet Rose Mignonnerie perfume. Is it as beautiful as my beloved Jo Malone London Red Roses? No, but it’s also a quarter of the price, which means I can mist it on as much as I like and enjoy that rose, pink pepper, mandarin and basil goodness!

simply be kiss tee shirt

Kiss Tee Shirt

I’m still obsessed with all the super cool pieces I got from Simply Be in December. I love this lips top, my sequin dress is AMAZING and I’m just about to order myself this little cutie! Oh and I’ve worn these boots LOADS because they are super super super comfortable!

Ta daaaaa! And there is everything! I can’t believe what a whirlwind December has been! Happy New Year Friends!



  1. Erin
    December 31, 2018 / 6:47 pm

    I’m loving the personalised pixi too! And the CC cream! Your Air B&B is looking SO good! I love the cushions especially!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    • fashionforlunch
      January 3, 2019 / 11:14 pm

      Thank you so so much Erin!!!!! I’ve been loving your blog lately! I’m so proud of you for everything this year xxx