A Christmas Gift Guide For All The Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed Commuters!

le creuset mug

A Christmas Gift Guide For All The Bright-Eyed & Bushy-Tailed Commuters!

Hello friends! I’ve created a gift guide for all those who fabulous ladies (+gents) who rise early, battle a hefty commute and somehow arrive at work looking perfectly pulled together and ready to slay the day! It doesn’t happen by magic, it takes a lot of early nights, morning coffees and probably some pumping tunes too! If your BFF, sister or mum is a commuter, then I have the idea gift guide for you! Let’s go!

teapigs matcha green tea

Who Needs Coffee When You have Matcha?

No really! Teapigs Matcha is LIFE! This stuff is truly amazing! Even the most seasoned coffee drinker can massively cut down or quit coffee if they have matcha to drink instead. It’s naturally filled with caffeine and it gives you so much energy and it does all the good things that green tea does too (like improves your metabolic rate, high in antioxidants etc) but one cup of matcha, is like having ten cups of green tea because it’s ground up tea leaves so it’s super-charged. It’s possible your commuter is going to want to cut down on coffee in the new year, so help them out with a teapigs matcha kit. Once you go matcha, you don’t go back!

vq radio Audible Subscription

Audible Subscription

For those long commutes, an Audible subscription is EVERYTHING! It turns a long, lonely train journey into an adventure where you are free to get lost in long-form stories. For £7.99 a month, you get a credit which entitles you to any book on audible which is yours to keep forever (even after you cancel your membership) and if you don’t like the book, or you want to try something new, you can exchange each book up to 20 times. It’s a brilliant service, I’m a HUGE fan of Audible and honestly, it’s a dream for any commuter!

this works deep sleep gift set

This Works ‘Dream To Sleep’ Gift Set

Early starts call for early nights and sometimes, we all need a little help getting to sleep, especially if you are stressed or you find yourself getting a boost of energy just as you know you should go to bed. Don’t worry, I have just the solution! This Works create the most amazing natural sleep aid products, including their iconic Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. Honestly, this stuff is like magic! It really helps me get to sleep and stay asleep. I swear by this stuff so much I have given away bottles upon bottles to friends and family who complain about their sleep patterns and they have ALL come back and said ‘I had no idea it would work so well, but it did’. This gift set contains an eye mask, night oil (which leaves your skin super soft and also helps you sleep) and the pillow spray I mentioned earlier. This set is magic for any commuter, especially one who needs help getting those all important early nights!

ghd straighteners glacier blue limited edition

Good Hair In A Jiffy!

There is always SO much to do in the mornings and SO little time to do it in, but luckily ghd have their fast-heating, hard-working, super-effective ghd platinum stylers to help us all out! From neat fringes to ironing out that morning frizz, or even creating a few curls (if you have the skills!). These stylers will shave valuable minutes off your commuters routine every morning and quite frankly, who doesn’t want to wake up to a new pair of ghd’s on christmas morning!?

Ren Skincare

Healthy Skin & A Glow From Within!

Early mornings and long commutes really take a toll of the skin, which is why Ren Skincare makes a great gift! Their natural, hard working products are suitable for pretty much every skin type and they cleanse, nourish and hydrate skin so you can look and feel skin confident. Plus they feel incredible on the skin and smell spa-like, which makes for a really indulgent and relaxing evening ritual.

liz earle bright eye gift set

For Brighter Eyes

I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes when I wake up, my body is tired, my brain is foggy, but my eyes… my eyes feel glued together!!! However, if you have ever tried Liz Earle’s Soothing Eye Lotion, you will know what a miracle worker it is. It’s cooling, soothing and refreshing, and after just a few moments, even the most tired of eyes will feel naturally pepped up and wide away! Pair with their accompanying Superskin Eye Cream and you’ve got a recipe for bright eye’d success!

charlotte tilbury starlight palette and brushes

Charlotte Tilbury Handbag-Friendly Eyeshadow Quad & Handbag Sized Brushes

For even brighter eyes, you need Charlotte Tilbury’s new Starlight Eyeshadow quad. It’s filled with super-lustrous colours which will make eyes pop! It’s just a quad, so it’s handbag friendly and this set of brushes is the perfect partner for all those day-to-night make up refreshes too. Oh and if this Starlight quad sells out super fast, let’s be honest, her limited edition products never linger long on the shelves, then try the Vintage Vamp quad instead, it’s also stunning! Also, Charlotte Tilbury has some amazing handbag sized brushes which are amazing for travel. They are neatly stored in a tiny clutch and they feel super special to use!

Elizabeth Arden Handbag-Friendly 8-Hour Cream

Elizabeth Arden Handbag-Friendly 8-Hour Cream

From dry hands to chapped lips, messy brows to flailing cuticles, Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream solves every beauty problem you have! It’s a multi-balm cream which can literally be used all over your body and works wonders on hands, face, cuticles, nails, lips and can even be used to add a little highlighter to your skin before a dinner date. It’s a handbag essential and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a brilliant multi-use product which is an essential part of any commuters handbag. Oh and this one, is limited edition packaging, isn’t it cute?!

annick goutal rose pom pom gift set

The Perfect Perfume Gift Set Which Includes A Handbag-sized Atomiser!

Everyone loves to get a new fragrance gift set at christmas, but why settle for a matching shower gel or body lotion (which lets be honest, we rarely use!) when you could get a gift set which contains a perfume and a travel sized / handbag sized atomiser! No really, this Goutal Rose Pompom eau de toilette perfume is the most beautiful fragrance, filled with notes of Rose, Pink Pepper, Blackcurrent, Raspberry, Peony, Cedar Wood, Patchouli and White Musks. It’s the most delightfully fresh and pretty rose-based fragrance and the fact that it comes with an extra 10ml of fragrance in a handbag sized bottle is pretty much the best idea ever!

le creuset mug

Beautiful New Mugs

Hands up who else is guilty of drinking their morning tea / coffee out of a 10 year old chipped and stained mug?! It’s just not the best way to start the day! A really thoughtful (and affordable) gift can be a beautiful new mug, or pair of mugs. They can use it every day and think of you when they drink from it. Personally, I’m a big fan of the simple and always beautiful Le Creuset mugs.

molton brown candle

A Relaxing Candle For Cosy Nights In

Commuting is hard, especially in the winter, so give them a gift which will help their downtime be extra zen. Personally I adore this Molton Brown Russian Leather candle, it is really heady and rich, containing wintery comforting notes of pine, leather and woods. It’s beautiful and super luxe!

red ken redken vibrant vibes only

Hair Care Which Goes The Extra Mile

See what I did there? Just a little commuter pun for you! But seriously, sometimes it’s the once-in-a-while beauty tasks which can be the hardest to keep up with, especially if your work commute eats into your downtime; the waxes (or epilator sessions) the hair dyes and hair cuts, pedicures etc. Which is why if you are looking for a beauty gift, you should consider going for something super luxe, but also really affective. For instance, this Redken Vibrant Vibes Only set is not only great hair care, but it’s great for coloured hair which can be prone to fading fast!

bobbi brown eyeshadow and lipstick set

Bobbi Brown Essentials In Handbag Friendly Compact

And finally…. The Bobbi Brown Palette which is perfect for handbags! It’s everything you need, right there in one handy compact; lipstick and 4 colours of eyeshadow which can be used for day or night. In case you didn’t get the memo, Bobbi Brown make amazing ageless make up and if you don’t love this little set. I’m not sure we can be friends! Wait no! I take that back, we’ll always be friends, but still, this little compact is great!

…And there we have it my friends, I hope it was of help! As always, comment below or tweet / instagram me if you have any feedback or questions!


  1. December 13, 2018 / 9:56 am

    Great picks and I’m also rather intrigued by that amazing white/gold tea set in the background!!!! X

    • fashionforlunch
      December 13, 2018 / 11:06 am

      oh its such a good tea set, i think it’s by TSE at Pad lifestyle, you should look them up! xxx

  2. Erin
    December 13, 2018 / 9:41 pm

    You have me really wanting the yellow Le Cruset mugs!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    • fashionforlunch
      December 14, 2018 / 1:00 am

      OMG! They are so you!!! You need them!! I have 1 yellow one! Xxx

  3. Logan
    December 17, 2018 / 4:13 am

    Oh my goodness, I loooooove Ren and Audible! This is such a good list girly.

    xo Logan

    • fashionforlunch
      December 17, 2018 / 10:40 am

      Aw thank you so so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!!!!!

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