The Autumn Candle Edit (The Bold & The Beautiful!)

Curionoir 'Cellar Feels' candle

The Autumn Candle Edit

Hello friends! It’s well and truly Autumn and damnnnn it’s cold out there! My body is so confused at 4pm when it’s dark and but hours away from dinner and bed. I feel like I’m constantly fighting hibernation with bright lights, plenty of music and coffee. I also love to burn scented candles to fill the house with uplifting scents for the day and comforting cocooning scents for the evening. 

jo loves christmas trees candle

Jo Loves ‘Christmas Trees’ 

OK! Let’s start this with a bang shall we? Christmas is 6 weeks away and I’m ever so excited! I’m ready for christmas trees, baked goods, decorations and Home Alone movie nights! Even thought it’s a little too early for a christmas tree, it’s not too early for christmas tree themed candles! This Jo Loves Christmas Trees candle will trick you into thinking you are sat next to a huge holiday-movie style christmas tree filled with treats, tinsel and oodles of baubles. It contains notes of lush pine, soothing lavender, smoky incense and a touch of addictive amber. Just like all Jo Loves products, it’s SO beautiful and I can’t urge you enough to go visit her store on Elizabeth Street in London! 

anya hindmarch candle washing powder

Anya Hindmarch ‘Washing Powder’

The coolest candle collection in town! Who doesn’t want an Anya Hindmarch candle in their home!?? There are oodles of fun scents to choose from, but I need to be honest here, I went for the one with the cutest sticker on the front. Yep! The rainbow! Just like my doormat! It is scented to smell like washing powder, but don’t worry, in reality it smells like calone, violet leaf, cucumber, watermelon, galbanum, mimosa, Hyacinth, pine, crocus and honeysuckle. Whilst it does have a fresh laundry vibe, it’s also really luxe, floral and lovely! Less festive… more fun! 

Orla Kiely ‘Fig Tree’

The scent of fig is always a favourite of mine and as far as I’m concerned, there isn’t enough fig-scented joy out there! Orla Kiely Fig Tree is a candle I bought over and over again because it’s so beautiful, inside and out. Plus it’s really affordable, this larger size is around £25 which makes it a great gift (to yourself, as well as others!). It smells like fresh figs with a hint of woody bark, zesty lime and spicy cardamom. A lovely scent and such a pretty candle for any shelfie! 

crabtree and evelyn windsor forest candle

Crabtree & Evelyn ‘Windsor Forest’

Another leafy green candle, but this time it’s winter pine rather than fresh fig trees and this one holds so many dear memories for me! When we first moved into our house it was a mess. It was like living in a cave with boxes all around us, with limited heating and no kitchen. Worst of all, we didn’t even have wifi! We did our best to make things lovely and cosy with lamps and Netflix (streamed via 3G. RIP Data!). On the first night that we were there, I lit this Crabtree & Evelyn Windsor Forest candle (they release this candle every year) and it instantly made us feel a million times more cosy and our shack a little more homely. I burnt the candle almost solidly for the next 2 weeks and because of of this, this candle always brings back so many memories. It’s delightfully warm, woodsy and pine-y and I think this years simple matt black pot is my favourite one so far! Also, if you are more into sweet orange and spice scents for christmas then their other christmas candle Noel, is really lovely too!

beautitude candle comfort

Beatitude ‘Comfort’

I’ve featured Beatitude Candles before and whist I fully admit their packaging doesn’t excite me much, their scents do! And before anyone say anything about how you shouldn’t buy candles just to look pretty, I personally love to scatter them around my house as ornaments as well as burning them. This Comfort candle smells of mandarin, bergamot, geranium and lavender. It’s comforting, warm and relaxing, but also really uplifting and revitalising, it’s especially perfect for burning whilst in the bath. It really adds that ‘something something’ to your spa-bath experience!

lumira candle la primavera

Lumira ‘La Primavera’

If I had to describe Lumira La Primavera, it would go something like ‘Minimalist branding with a maximalist floral fragrance’. It smells of jasmine, rose leaf, lily, lemon and patchouli; fresh, floral, super luxe and oh-so stylish! It’s fabulous and a real gem of the Selfridges candle selection. Also, there is a whooping 80 hours of burn time with this gorgeous candle, if you need some help justifying buying yourself one! Lumira are a new discovery of mine and I can’t wait to explore their collection a little more!

diptyque new york candle

Diptyque ‘New York’

Did you know that there are special Diptyque candles which are made for special cities and only sold in those cities? It’s true! You can go around the world collecting these special candles and come home to enjoy the cities individual aromas. I have the New York candle and it smells of rich, dark smoky incense, with sandalwood and patchouli. It’s really warm, dark and intoxicating, very old New York. I love it, I love Diptyque and I love New York! This candle feels SO special to me, even more special than their regular collection because I have to go all the way to NYC to buy a replacement!

flamingo candles hungover club

Flamingo Candles 

Forever my favourite fun and (relatively!) thrifty candle brand! Flamingo Candles always nail it when it comes to both fun packing and delicious fragrances! I think my favourite scent is their Rose & Oud, the rainbow wax candles are super fun and of course, this Hungover Club design is pretty much the best design ever!!

esscentual candles red sky at night candle

Esscentual ‘Red Sky At Night’

Esscentual are a tiny handmade candle company hailing from the borders of Scotland and unsurprisingly, a lot of their candles have quite an earthy, rural Scottish feel to them; Red Sky At Night, Thunderstorms, Wood Walk, Moon Howl and so many more. I’ve tried and tested a few candles in the range and I think my favourite thus far has to be Red Sky At Night for it’s warm woodsy silverbirch and fresh, green eucalyptus.

Curionoir 'Cellar Feels' candle

Curionoir ‘Cellar Feels’

Don’t let the name Cellar Feels fool you! This candle is divine and quite possibly my favourite of the whole collection in many ways! Firstly, the glass pot is beautiful and hand blown. It has a real organic feel to it, perfectly imperfect and far too beautiful to discard once the candle has burnt down. Secondly, and most importantly, the fragrance! The fragrance is divine! Inspired by fruits and dust in the cellar, it contains notes of apple, black tea leaves, orange, lavendin, mate, leaves, nutmeg, cedarwood, moss and so much more. It makes me think of sweet incense and antique shops, it has a real sense of nostalgia too! Stunning! Please! I beg you! Go into the Conran shop and discover the Curionoir collection soon! It’s amazing!

….And there we have it friends… my Autumn candle edit! I hope you enjoyed!



  1. November 10, 2018 / 4:54 pm

    That New York one sounds like my ideal candle. I love patchouli

    • fashionforlunch
      November 10, 2018 / 4:58 pm

      It’s really beautiful! Very special!!!!! I wish I didn’t love it so much as I will have to go a very long way to get another! Xxxx

  2. November 12, 2018 / 7:56 pm

    I’ve been meaning to try Flamingo Candles since they came out years ago! Maybe I’ll final get the chance to. 😛

    My favourite candle to burn at the moment is my Sea Salt Caramel one by WoodWick. 😀

    • fashionforlunch
      November 13, 2018 / 12:26 am

      They are sooooo nice! you need to try them and hey have a sale section on their website too!!!!! I don’t know woodwick but I look them up! Xxx