Super Cool Christmas Crackers (+Why They Make Your Christmas Table Even More Special!)

Molton Brown Cracker

Super Cool Christmas Crackers (+Why They Make Your Christmas Table Even More Special!)

When it comes to traditional christmas crackers, I’m left feeling a little cold. All that plastic foil is destined for a land-fill as is the plastic toy inside. We generally know the answer to every joy and the crowns get removed within a minute. For the past few years, I’ve instructed my mum not to buy over-priced traditional supermarket crackers and instead, leave the crackers to me! I love choosing individual crackers for each member of my family (and a few spare for unexpected guests!) and surprising everyone with beauty treats instead! Not only can the treats inside be used and enjoyed for weeks (or months!) to come, but the cardboard packaging can be easily recycled. They also feel really special! Want to see my favourite beauty crackers for 2018? Let’s go!

This Works 'The Big Bang' Cracker

This Works ‘The Big Bang’ Cracker

If you have a troubled sleeper in the family, then this is the cracker for them! It’s the This Works The Big Bang Cracker  containing a sleep mask and their iconic Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. It’s clinically proven to work (and believe me, it does!) this is enough to give them enough of a taster of the product so they can see if it works for them. I have given so many bottles of this away and honestly, I think it’s such an incredible product which I wish I had discovered years ago, actually, I did discover it years ago, but I wish I had discovered it even longer ago than I did! If that makes sense! It’s a must-have product for me and honestly, it’s the best cracker for anyone who has issues sleeping!

This Works 'The Big Bang'

Winky Lux Surprise Cracker Kit

Ohhhh this one is fun!! So with this Winky Lux surprise Cracker Kit, you literally don’t know what’s inside! Why? Because Winky Lux believe half the fun is the surprise! There’s three possible options, a Glimmer Balm, Flower Balm and Disco Gloss. All super fun products and all react to your skins PH balance to create your perfect shade of pink!

M&S Natures Ingredients selection of Four Crackers

M&S Natures Ingredients selection of Four Crackers

Here’s one for the bath lovers in the family!!! The M&S Natures Ingredients Set of Four Crackers, perfect for if you have a big family or if you need some extras for last minute guests! Inside these crackers you will find; Sugared Cranberry Bath Foam, Orange & Ginger Foam Bath, Spiced Fig Foam Bath and Cocoa Butter Foam Bath. These are fun, affordable, foamy and thoughtful! Enjoy!

Margaret Dabbs Fabulous Cracker

Margaret Dabbs Fabulous Cracker

If you have never tried Margaret Dabbs Hand & Nail Serum, I urge you to! It’s fabulous! Fast absorbing, super nourishing and generally just a great hand cream, especially for the gal on the go! You could buy a tube of it, or you could buy this Fabulous Cracker which contains a 15ml tube of it and keep your fingers crossed that you win!

Bulldog Original Moisturiser Cracker

Bulldog ‘Original Moisturiser’ Cracker

No joke, every year when I help lay the christmas table and I spread around the christmas crackers, I ALWAYS give the Bulldog Original Moisturiser Cracker one to my brother. He LOVES this stuff! It’s amazingly affordable, great quality, all natural and it’s just a brilliant product which seems to be a bit of a skincare secret – maybe because the boys don’t talk about which lotions and potions they love?! Anyway, at £6, this is a great cracker and comes with a 100ml tube of the classic Bulldog moisturiser. Brilliant!

Beatitude 'joy' Cracker

Beatitude ‘Joy’ Cracker

This cracker existed last year, but it’s packaging has since had a little make over and now it looks as luxe as the product inside! The Beatitude Joy Cracker contains a 15ml bath oil in the uplifting scent of Joy. Which contains essential oils of mandarin, bergamot and grapefruit. Delightful!

Crabtree & Evelyn Feeling Sweet Cracker

Crabtree & Evelyn ‘Feeling Sweet’ Cracker

And for the sweet tooth of the family, how about this Crabtree & Evelyn Feeling Sweet Cracker! Instead of beauty products, it’s packed full of Crabtree’s delightful and luxe toffee and fudge! Also, in case you didn’t know, Crabtree actually have a pretty big selection of teas, biscuits and treats, their shortbread is particularly amazing! If you are more into Crabtree beauty products, there’s also this cracker which contains hand creams!

Emma Hardie 'All Is Bright' Cracker

Emma Hardie ‘All Is Bright’ Cracker

Inside the Emma Hardie All Is Bright you will find two travel sized versions of their cult-classics; Moringa Renewal Treatment Mask. It’s the perfect cracker for all the skincare junkies in your family, or anyone who has super sensitive skin who likes to try mini’s before committing to their new skincare regime. PS. Once they try Emma Hardie, they will probably be hooked! Just so you know!

ClarinsMen 'Festive Treats' Cracker

ClarinsMen ‘Festive Treats’ Cracker

Here’s another for the men in your lives! This one is a little more luxe and perfect for the man who travels a lot, as it contains two luggage-friendly ClarinsMen products, the Super Moisture Balm and the Shampoo & Shower Gel. This cracker gives you two treats for the price of one!

Molton Brown Cracker

Molton Brown Cracker

Saving the best, or at least, the most luxe til last, this Molton Brown Cracker contains a whopping four bottles of bath & shower gel, each 50ml big. I’m honestly, so impressed that this cracker contains so much and it costs £15. That’s brilliant right?!?!

…And there we have it! beautiful crackers around the table, all with hidden treats inside!


  1. November 26, 2018 / 11:06 am

    I think I’m going to put all of these on my Christmas list!

    • fashionforlunch
      November 26, 2018 / 2:01 pm

      Aw thank you lucy! I’m so glad you like! xxx

  2. November 29, 2018 / 11:27 pm

    Love this post! I’m especially smitten with those plates OMG, I need those in my life!

    • fashionforlunch
      November 29, 2018 / 11:30 pm

      Aw thank you Lauren! They are from fornasetti! Just so you know! I got them from Amara which is an amazing online store for homewears xxzz

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