Five Great Gift Sets (So Good We Won’t Want To Give Them Away!)

Elie Saab ‘Girl Of Now’ Gift Set

Hello Friends! As Christmas shopping starts, I want to share five great gift sets that are so nice, you won’t wanna give away! No really, I’ve got christmas shopping fever and so far they are all for me! And of course… I wanna start with perfume! There are SO many amazing Elie Saab perfumes out there, in fact, I would go as far to say it’s a massively under-rated fragrance collection, but that’s a post for another time! This year I really fell for Girl Of Now, it’s such a beautiful perfume, filled with notes of almond, orange blossom and patchouli. It’s floral, gourmand, classic and addictive. I think La Parfum will always be my all-time favourite Elie Saab, but honestly, this one has stolen my heart! This gift set is beautiful because not only does it come in the most beautiful star spangled presentation box (this alone is a keeper!) but it contains a 90ml perfume, a body lotion and also a mini 10ml perfume which is perfect for travelling / handbags! Why don’t more perfume gift sets do this?! It’s such a good idea!

Christophe Robin Hair Care

Orla Kiely Trio of Mini Candles

Oh la la! How pretty are these Orla Kiely mini candles?! I love this gift set! Not only are they super pretty to look at, but they smell like a DREAM! At £28 for the set, I think they are a great little treat, maybe we could buy a set, split them up and wrap two of them up for secret santa / teachers / neighbours gifts and keep one for ourselves?! That seems like a good plan right!?

Christophe Robin Hair Care

Christophe Robin Volume Hair Care Set

This morning I used hotel shampoo and conditioner… what an error! It feels dry and looks frizzy and no matter how hard I tried to style and de-frizz it, it lacks something. Rubbish haircare products are such a false economy which is why (most of the time!) I use Christophe Robin. It’s great hair care which leaves my hair looking and feeling good with minimum effort. This set costs a fairly mighty £52 but it’s worth £62, but for me it’s priceless. Again… I don’t wanna give this one up! Fun fact, my boyfriend has a grade 1 ‘hair cut’ and he insists on using both shampoo and conditioner. My biggest fear if him using all my good stuff on his stubble!

Aromatherapy Associates Gift Set 

Aromatherapy Associates The Power of Rose Travel Gift Set

Technically this set should be an easy one to part with… I mean, it’s just three mini travel products. Right? Wrong! The Power Of Rose set is TOO GOOD!! Firstly, Aromatherapy Associates know a good rose when they smell one and these are the creme de la creme of floral joy! Secondly, these products are formulated so that they leave your skin (and your soul) feeling  soft, hydrated and uber-oppulent! I don’t want to give them up and nor will you! PS. This set costs £28 but it’s worth £38. #ThankMeLater!

Crabtree & Evelyn Boogie Wonderhands Hand Cream Vault

If you don’t know why this set is so special, then you have clearly never tried Crabtree & Evelyn’s hand cream! It’s iconic for a reason! It’s rich and nourishing, fast absorbing, non-greasy and smells incredible. If you are on a mission to find the perfect hand cream you can stop right here…  It’s SO good! This Boogie Wonderhands hand cream vault is too good to give away, you could share it with a partner / housemate if you really wanted, but to give them all away would be tough! It contains twelve, yes, twelve, tubes of hand cream, all in different scents. You can put one in every room of your house and every handbag and use them throughout the year! Wanna know my faves? Gardeners is always amazing for those days when you think nothing will fix your sore, dry hands. Pomegranate & Argen oil is divine and Rosewater and Pink Peppercorn is always a slice of heaven!

Ta da! Five dreamy gift sets which are almost too good to give away!! Now you get to decide if I’m way too selfish for this christmas malarky, or if I’ve given you inspiration for your loved ones!



  1. November 9, 2018 / 11:19 am

    I love the play on words some of these gift sets have! Feeling A bit festive now!

  2. November 9, 2018 / 5:27 pm

    I love the vintage vibe of those candles!